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  1. Hey all! I'm having some strange problem with a mesh (or well, I had this problem happen more often lately but this time I can't work around it). I want to assign different textures to the different faces of a model. I use five different materials in total. In Blender and the mesh uploader on SL everything looks perfectly as intended:  It's after uploading, when I rezz the model inworld that I get this:  As you can see the yellow and white faces have turned green. These faces (the yellow and white) are separately selectable and I can put a different texture/colour onto it. But afte
  2. Hi All, I'm from Europe and I've only just started medieval/fantasy roleplaying. But Whenever I log into a sim (and I've visited a lot by now) there's nobody there. Do any of you know good but most of all ACTIVE medieval/fantasy roleplaying sims? Thanks in advance! Jay
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