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  1. I am sorry you can only use pictures and not articulate anything meaningful.
  2. I think the point being not every member has access to a new linden home, for obvious reasons. It is just my opinion that we should not have the same premium if we do not have the same and equal options. If at some point linden labs can offer all premium members the same options then of course the premium should be equal. and I do appreciate what they are trying to create and the new areas are lovely but at the present not all premium members can access them equally.
  3. We can all see they are working and to date the new areas are very nice; I would prefer NOT to have to pay an increase until they deliver and no one can be guaranteed when and if they will receive one.
  4. They will keep telling us 'Soon' as long as we continue to pay premium. Why should anyone continue to pay premium with no date in sight?? Fool be us if we think we will see a new linden house boat in out future any time SOON!
  5. I do not see one reason to pay an increase for less benefits, especially when those benefits are not equal for all premium members. I think the premium should be based on what we have access to, and if I do NOT have access to a house boat, as many premium members do not, why should I continue to pay even more??
  6. Yes, many disappointed premium members right now, especially in light of an increase without the ability to provide news homes to all members at the time of that increase. We know they are doing their best and the new areas are really lovely and so well done, we just wish they could time the premium increase to when the new homes will be available to ALL premium members paying that increase. Perhaps they could delay the increase until that time.
  7. I think I have expressed my appreciation for what Linden Labs have been able to do rather than only adding criticism for what others may say...
  8. and to add to this topic: I think the creators and engineers at LL is doing a wonderful job to create the new space; it's really quite lovely. I do hope they will consider changing the premiums so they are based on what they are actually able to provide for each member, knowing they can not possibly provide every premium member with access to a new LL home or house boat.
  9. Everyone is entitled to voice their opinions and concerns. I am certainly happy to pay a higher premium if I am given access to the same new homes as ALL other premium members. If LL can not possibly offer it ALL members at the same time then ALL members should not have to pay the same amount of premiums. No need to be hateful to me for voicing my opinion; I did not ask for your rude response.
  10. It is only my opinion that people that have a new home should pay more than those that do not.
  11. So now we have more bad news today: They are raising premiums. If I had access to a new linden home I would not mind paying a higher premium at all, but since I do not have one I will be paying for those that do have them. I think premium should be based on what you have access to and nothing more. If you have a new house boat then you should pay more than me and thousands of others that do NOT have a house boat.
  12. We are all very happy for you that you have been lucky enough to get a new linden home! So great for you!
  13. but we are bringing light to this topic so the this is all great!
  14. You can think or say what ever you would like about me; has no never mind. As long as we continue to generate new posts regarding this topic.
  15. That's exactly right; it is the sole purpose of every blog, every forum, every social media output. Bringing light and yes attention to a topic, good or bad.
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