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  1. Apparently, I seem to get freezing at times to this day, and apparently it occurred while I was on YouTube, and not Second Life. I had a freezing occurrence a few minutes ago, and a pop-up just before the last unexpected crash showed something associated with NVIDIA. Sounds like a graphics card issue, and not my computer. Would I have to update my NVIDIA graphics card, or would I have to get my graphics card replaced? It seems to be pretty clear now what it is on my side. Lucky for me, I can go on Second Life on my laptop for the time being.
  2. When I experienced freezing on three occasions today, I got a message saying that I had a corrupt file associated with Second Life. This was not just with Second Life Viewer, this is with other third-party viewers too. How is there a corrupt file? Is it due to not installing updates manually? Does SLVoice have anything to do with it? What would I have to do to get rid of the corrupt files to prevent further issues?
  3. I have been experiencing problems with SL in the last 24 hours. It happened once a few weeks ago, and in the last 24 hours, it's been happening three times. Yesterday, and a few weeks ago, there was freezing plus a blue screen. In the last hour or two, I got freezing but no blue screen. What is going on? Could somebody please inform me what is going on? Thanks in advance. :)
  4. I just tried to log in now, and I am not able to get in successfully. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  5. I think it's due to the prims on my flexi skirts that fuels the problem as of lately. I just put on a mesh dress, and removed my flexi skirt. I think that may have solved my problem.
  6. I used to depend on Firestorm, but I gave that up as of tonight. I am presently using SL Viewer 3 - the latest version.
  7. I noticed in the last three days that my avatar was slow rezzing, and today, I discovered somebody wearing a mesh dress and it appeared to have gotten bigger. Is it SL trying to fix something that's broken, or is it another SL issue? What's going on?
  8. I was in two regions in Fanci's Deep in the last month, I did discover a shark on two occasions, both in Blake, and the shark appeared to be opening and closing its mouth repeatedly. Does this shark attack avatars? I did remember a shark rotating and swimming towards my avatar, and it looks creepy. I am not certain if I want to go to Fanci's Deep in the future.
  9. But are there sea snakes in Fanci's Deep? Even though they may be harmless, the visual look of them does creep me out. So far, it looks like Fanci's Deep may be a green light for me to try.
  10. I still haven't received a reply from Orca about Fanci's Deep, if there are any sea snakes or attacking creatures underwater there. I tend to have a fear of snakes of all kinds, in fact. Whether underwater or if it's snakes on land, real or fictional. Katzchen, are there any sea snakes, attacking sharks, attacking octopus, and/or stinging jellyfish in any of those sims? Please let me know before I try those places.
  11. Hi, I am wondering if there is anybody looking for a trivia hostess for a mature or PG-friendly club in Second Life? I had a gig as trivia hostess back in 2012, and I have some experience in this field. If anybody is looking for someone to host trivia in Second Life, please send me a private message or send me an IM inworld. Thanks in advance. :)
  12. Orca, I got a question: Are there any sea snakes in Fanci's Deep? Sea snakes give me the creeps, regardless if they are harmless or not. Also, are there any attacking creatures (sharks, octopus, jellyfish, etc.) in Fanci's Deep? I will give Fanci's Deep a try if there are no attacking creatures and no sea snakes in the water.
  13. I am wondering if there are any places in SL where I can do some underwater exploring? I prefer to go somewhere where there are no sea snakes, as the look of them creeps me out regardless if they are harmless or not; plus no attacking creatures (this means no attacking sharks, attacking octopus, etc.)
  14. I learned back in July that the sim that Mermaid Heaven was located was shutting down as of August 1, and shut down it did. The owner of Mermaid heaven did mention he or she planned on reconstructing the sim elsewhere in Second Life in a few months. Why is it iaking this long to reconstruct the sim? What is the status on Mermaid Heaven thus far?
  15. I tried to log in, and I got this message: "Login Failed: Unable to Connect to a Simulator" Is there anything I did to cause this error? Is anyone else having the same problem too as I post this? EDIT: I just got a white screen when I access the login screen on Firestorm.
  16. Count me in as another one of those avatars who always will be barefoot in SL. It's an extreme rarity for me to wear shoes in SL. And besides, it makes me feel so free! I also never will change my avatar hair - Presley hair from Damselfly. Got it when I was a newbie in 2010 and I still wear it to this day!
  17. Is there anywhere on the Internet where I can download mesh outfit templates created using Blender? I tried using Blender, and I got bogged down with a problem with my learning to use Blender lately.
  18. Train wreck. That's all I gotta say. Wish they could do better with the lag issue.
  19. I don't have a problem with young people entirely. I have an issue with some, but not all. It's only when some of them cause trouble that I have issues with. As for the sign-up rate, why is it tumbling? Is it because of competition? I certainly hope this is not the beginning of the end of Second Life - I really would hate to see it go offline.
  20. So maybe the idea of switching back to the 2008 style of grids, where there is a teen grid and a main grid, is probably the best solution. Or maybe the idea of a two-step screening process and users-to-be would have to get approved by the folks at Linden Labs in order to access the grid. On the registration form, have an entry box where a default reason "just felt like it" is shown, and if those users register with that default reason, and not using their own reason (it may prove that people who use their own reason may be a more serious user-to-be, maybe most likely). Or, the idea of clubs having a swear jar at PG-friendly or clubs or sims that do not tolerate swearing is a good idea. If the user swears, they will be required to pay the swear jar a small amount of lindens (one club I go to on occasion does have such jar that charges 10L for each swear word they use). They will only be pardoned if they use a word like "d**k" if it's in reference to a certain person with that name (i.e. Dick Clark, or Dick Van **bleep**, etc.) - they just have to provide a disclaimer, and they will be pardoned, unless it's in reference to a certain you-know-what. If they don't have the lindens, they will eventually leave and go away. Problem solved. If all the clubs play their part and implement a swear jar in their clubs, it will be one step closer to deterring problematic teens and other problem users from such behavior.
  21. Hi, I was in two clubs last night, and in one club, some user (whose name remains anonymous) was causing trouble, and in another, one user was not only causing trouble, but also using racist terms (along the lines of the N-word, the F-word (the other kind, not the one with 4 letters or its other forms), etc.).. I have a feeling that this sounds like the behavior of teenagers who have nothing better to do with their vacation from school except spend countless hours on the computer, playing games and even on Second Life. Summer and Christmas seem to be occasions when times are dire and DJ's and club staff have to repeatedly eject users off the sim, only to create alts afterwards and add fuel to the fire. I personally think the idea of Linden Labs merging the teen grid with the main grid was doing nothing but causing trouble, and I think that idea was proven to be a problem in the long run. Before I joined SL in 2010, I did read in the forum archives that LL was going to merge the teen grid with the main grid. I bet 2008 was better times for Second Life with no problematic teens taking advantage of SL. Then again, the drawback was that teens used a different DOB and got through. It has come to a conclusion that teenagers tend to take advantage of free membership to SL and other virtual worlds, and I think the idea of one-time registration fees for future newbies is a good but vital idea. A one-time fee of $1.95 and requesting immediate payment by credit card or PayPal will deter these problematic teenagers-from accessing such world, if they do plan on entering such virtual world just to harass others. New membership may go down, but anybody can pay $1.95 if they want to seriously join SL. If that's not a good idea, going back to the glory days of 2008 by splitting the main grid and teen grids separately may be in order. If none of these are possible, there's nothing more that I can say other than the fact that I cannot wait for September.
  22. Hi, I have a variety of music, mostly 80s with a few 70s and 90s songs, and radio-friendly material in my collection, and I am wondering if anyone is interested in considering me for a DJ gig in Second Life someday? Please contact me inworld so we could discuss my future employment in SL. Thanks, Darla Hadisson
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