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  1. Thanks, lol.....I knew it was something like that but I couldn't remember.....not in here often enough, .....
  2. Looking all over but don't see how to post a question to the "Forum" section.....a little help with that anyone? :P
  3. Hello, we are just finishing our Shops up....preparing for Renting. We also have "Kiosks" for rent and a "Special Events" are for hourly rental. However, we also rent space for "Vendors" and this is an option you may want to consider as it is less costly but still highly effective way of selling. Then we also have a warehouse for the placement of "Xstreet Magic Boxes" of which there is a rental fee. Feel free to contact myself "McClickit Resident" or "KadieTyme Resident" in world for more info and a Landmark to the Shops, ......have a great day!
  4. Hello, we are just finishing up our new Shops for rent, which vary in size and fees. You can contact myself "McClickit Resident" or "KadieTyme Resident" in world for a LandMark and Rental info. There is also a "Special Event" area available for rent on an hourly basis (up to 12 hours max period). Lastly....there is also a Warehouse above the shop are with rental spots for placement of "Xstreet Magic Boxes". Feel free to contact us at your convenience....and have a great day, .
  5. Hello, we are just finishing the set up of our Shops and ready to start renting.....you can contact us in world, myself "McClickit Resident" or my partner "KadieTyme Resident" for the LM. There are different size shops available in your price range and very nice. We also have a "Warehouse" in a different location for "Xstreet Magic Box" storage/rental. Then there is also an "Event" area which is rentable for any Special Events. Best of Luck!
  6. Hi, where to start?? .....let me suggest that the first thing you do is joing the Builders Brewery Group. There you will find people who have been building all sorts of things in SL for a long time. They also have classed daily that you can attend. But...once in the group....just as people for "LM's" to place for info and you will be give lots of them!! They will also give you plenty of freebie tools and you can find out about the best tools you can purchase in SL....or which ones are best out of SL. Some places of interest for you would be like....the LSL Scripting Library, the Particle Lab, Builders Brewery Sandboxes, ...and feel free to IM me inworld....I can give you plenty of landmarks and tools myself, . Oh....and yes....most people don't use external programs for making houses or skyboxes. Most external programs are for more detailed "Sculpting" of finely detailed items.
  7. Hmm....how to say this? As far as I've been able to determine.....the SL system is missing some needed updates. So unless you can figure a way out to get them to install the updates....I don't know how anyone is going to be able to work around it. The message that I've seen come up "inworld" is that the browser used by SL is outdated and has to be updated, the acceptable browsers are Firefox, Google, Safari and one other off the wall browser I haven't heard of before, lol, (I have no idea what browser they are using). I tried playing media "inworld" but it failed repeatedly....even though I could play them on my computer without a problem. I do remember seeing a post by SL tech support also stating that they needed to do updates......apparently they haven't gotten around to it.
  8. I've had that problem before on different occasions....and yes, it is very annoying. There is one way around it that I found will often work. When it won't let you TP from where you are, try TPing to someplace else and THEN try to TP to the place you want to go. This will usually work. Example: Say you are at HOME, and want to TP to a place called ZOO.....but SL won't do it. So....TP to hatton ( a real SL Sim).....and it lets you TP to there.....THEN once you are in hatton...TP to the ZOO. I know it's not a perfect solution.....but it will probably get you to where you want to be. This makes me wonder if you are using the Phoenix or Firestorm viewer, .....as I was using those viewers when I had this problem.
  9. Land is designed by the owner. Many Sims do have fish, dolphins, sharks and much more aquatic life. If you own land you can "create" sharks yourself, if you learn a few building techniques. But if it is just places you would like to visit to Scuba Dive, then you can start by doing a "search" for related places by using the "search" tab in your viewer, .
  10. Hello Usive, I'm only commenting on part of what you asked here. As for SL Libraries, there are several, but not sure the type you mean. In theory...you could "LEND" a book, if it was full Perms or Permissions, or at least allow it to be copied and Transferred. I'm not sure what you mean by "books to keep"....if you mean a physical book here in SL....there are a couple of different makers selling Books on the Marketplace....one is Intellibook (something like that) and I forget the name of the other at the moment. You might want to have a look at them, I have. I also have "made" my own book and intend to make it available in the MarketPlace eventually, (mine is best, hehehe). There are differences in books though. Intellibook works off of a "texture changer script" from what I saw, and I don't use this method, I apply the textures to individual pages. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method. The biggest difference is that technically a texture changer is using a single prim and changing the texture repeatedly as you "turn the page"....the problem is you have to wait each time for the image to "rez"...which to me is very annoying and distracting.....but...it has the advantage of using unlimited pages on a single prim. This is oversimplifying a bit, but is basically what takes place. The method I chose uses actual pages, so one page is one prim. The advantage of this is that you don't have to wait for each image to load....when the book rezzes..all the images are visible almost immediately and stay that way. Each page turns, like a normal book, you can add text, photo's, drawings or what have you. The disadvantage is that prims count against your land and if I make the book 50 "prim" pages, which would be 100 pages (front and back of the prim), the 50 prims goes against the land, unless of course the book is "worn" by your avi (which it can be). If the book was "worn" it wouldn't count against the land. The reason I mention all of this is because we also intend to write stories and make them available in SL and it is something I would also like to see developed in SL. Not trying to advertise here...but to provide you with some background and ideas. I also have a system which a friend developed here in SL which is very interesting. Feel free to contact me "IM me" if you want to know more about these things.
  11. Hi, as mentioned with Firestorm I think the default setting for LOD is like 1.000, not sure which version you have but set the the LOD to 4.000 minimum, no need to go above that. One version of Firestorm will only go to 4.000 anyhow since that is really the max for noticeable effect, (if for some reason you decide to switch to V3 viewer, you would go to "Advanced--Debug Settings--(type in "RenderVolumeLODFactor)" and it will pop up an adjustable number box, set it to 4.000. As a side note: You may also want to increase your "Draw" to like 128, this will extend the distance to what you can see in your viewer, but also means it will load more items.....so potentially "may" cause lag. You have to use a bit of common sense here. A setting of 128 won't give you much trouble in high traffic areas.....but if you go much higher then that it may. However, if you have your own Sim...or a half or quarter sim, you can safely turn this up to like 250 to 500. This depends a bit on how good your computer is, meaning how fast, . LOL....another side note: You may want to check your "Particle" settings under "Preferences" also, because in some Phoenix/Firestorm viewers this is set to zero so you cannot see any effects of particles. Change this at least to the bare minimum of 256 so your viewer can show particle effects when used.
  12. Hello Lulu.... The "egg" as you call it is also referred to as a "cloud". This usually occurs because if inventory loading issue which is a SL problem and can happen with other viewers too. I list the ways to solve this issue starting with the easiest and quickest to the more difficult. First, if your inventory is fully loaded, (check this by opening up your inventory, type the letter "A" in the white search box in the inventory box and you will see the "number" of items or count). This will show you if inventory is still loading or is finished loading. If the inventory is fully loaded, then you want to click on "Rebake or Rebake Textures", normally found under the "Advanced" heading (upper tool bar), the location can vary a bit from viewer to viewer but is almost always under the advanced heading. After clicking Rebake this can take a few seconds....and you may try to click it a couple of times. If that doesn't work go to the next method. Second....check your inventory to see if it is fully loaded using the method mentioned earlier. If the inventory is loaded, go to "outfits" and select a different outfit from what you have on and click "replace outfit". This will often force your avi to appear. Again....try this a couple of times if it doesn't work the first time....and with this method it may take up to 30 seconds or so for your avi to rez...so be patient. Third, if the first two methods fail...the next simplest and fastest method is to log out of SL and relog into one of these Sims, either "hatton" or "aiche". These are empty Sims and you will rez under water, no need to worry about that, it is normal. Empty sims allow items to load much faster to your inventory, and the quicker your inventory is loaded, the quicker your avi will appear. Usually if items are missing from the outfit you had on when logging in....your avi will not rez....you cannot "wear" what you do not have. Open up your inventory and check to make sure items are loading and it's not just idle....if it isn't loading items....type the letter "A" in the search box and this will start it loading. Once it is finished loading or close to it your avi will rez all on it's own. Fourth, if the first three methods still haven't worked..then you most likely have some corrupted files and will have to clear your cache, log out of SL and then relog (to hatton or aiche). the "clear cache" button will most likely be found under "preferences" in the SecondLife window, exact location depends on the viewer. Once you find the clear cache icon, click it...then log out and back in. Logging in to hatton or aiche allows your cache to reload much faster. If after all of the above have been tried and haven't worked......ummm, I hope you like being a cloud, hehehe......(just kidding).
  13. McClickit


    Hello.....I will start with the things you should do first to last, simplest to hardest. Most of the time, the reason you are a cloud is due to inventory related issues....meaning a slow loading inventory. You can't "wear" something that isn't there and this is essentially what is happening. The first thing you can do is to click "Rebake or Rebake Textures" and give it a few seconds. (This will often work if all you inventory items are loaded but your still a cloud). Rebake is found normaly under the Advanced Menu someplace, depends on the viewer your using. Second....go to your inventory, click on one of your outfits and click "replace outfit", ...here again if all the pieces to the outfit are in your inventory....this often will force the clothes onto your avi and fix the cloud issue. Third, exit Secondlife and relog to one of these Sims, "hatton" or "aiche". These are empty sims, and you will actually be underwater but don't worry, you won't drown, . Empty Sims allow your inventory to load faster, so once your in the sim, open up your inventory and type the letter "A" in the white search box at the top, (no need to hit enter or type anything else). Now you should be able to see the number of items in your inventory and if it is still loading items or if it is finished. Once your inventory is loaded fully or close to it....your avi should appear on it's own without you doing anything else. (You should always try this method before going to the trouble of clearing your cachefor and relogging). If none of the above methods works then you probably have some corruupted files. The way to fix that is to clear your "cache" and then relog (to hatton or aiche is preferable as things will load faster). You will find a "clear cache" tab to click probably somewhere under "preferences", the location can vary with different viewers, just look through the preferences, it will be there someplace, . You will get a "feel" for knowing which method to use and when after a while. But, after all of this....if somehow you're still a cloud....ummm....take your place among the stars....cause I don't know how to fix it after all this, lol.....good luck.
  14. You didn't say which viewer your using.....but this is most likely because your particle settings are set to zero, zero particles means you will see..."zero" or nothing. Set the particles to at least 256.....or mayb 512.
  15. Can anyone tell me the correct terminal code to clear the cache in Linux Ubuntu, (Natty Narwahl)??
  16. How do you DL the "Proprietary Drivers"....I'm very new to Linux....thanks
  17. I'm not the expert on scripting, lol. But something you might want to think about. Your right, different vectors can be used to represent each "Die" position. The vector numbers are determined by which "axis" the measurements are being taken from, X, Y or Z. So.....you may have to use something like "getPos" after each roll of they dice. Oh...and if your not already a member...you might want to seriously consider joining the "Builders Brewery" Group. There are many good to excellent scripters there who can help.
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