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  1. I Am Looking For Extremely Cheap Places To Rent Inworld Between 0-100 Lindens Per Week And A Few Prims;; Not Many. I'm Looking For The Greatest Deal And I Will Help Out With Advertising And Building And Texturing Work. Please Send Me An NC In World Or Just Reply To This Forum If You Have A Good Place; Thank You.
  2. Trting to find grid co-ordinates to send to people because they asked for them and i dont know how
  3. How can you see the grid co-ordinates on the world map on this website? i really need them but cant see them anywhere please tell me how :)
  4. Hello i am experienced in building and photography and my friends show me a bit of modelling i have a lot of poses i am looking for a job with some pay please comment send me a message or IM me and ask questions about me or send me an apllication :) i don't want to be a dancer or DJ but maybe a hostess if they pay by hours not tips...i have had loads of them jobs but the tips havent gone so well...ty for reading...i am an alt but deleted my other account so this is my main i am actually 10 months old :) so don't worry about that part best regards DaynaG :):):)
  5. Helloo looking for a platform or a house to rent that is inbetween 0L's-200L's per week/month... i know im not going to get much for that but just wondering :)
  6. Hello kind bing is legal in SL buti dont know how to play these sort of games because there are no instructions please can someone IM me how to play inworld or comment on this forum? tyty :)
  7. Thank youu i would love to check it out sorry i havent answered for ages !
  8. Hellooo looking to rent a shop from 0L's-60 per week i know im not going to get much for that but just wondering if there is any available anywhere or a deal like i will advertise for a cheaper rent or work for you and so on :)
  9. Hello i am a experienced builder in houses/schools/offices etc and furniture... i have been trained by top builders and my mentor was once in the top 10 best builders ever in SL :) I will build anyone anything for a cost but you can talk to me inworld or send me a message if you want me to do anything with the cost you are willing to pay. I charge extra for certain textures that i make myself. Building a school at the moment but best days are to contact me on Fridays to start building over the weekend so there is enough time to get it done :) thanks for reading :):):)
  10. yes it is outfits but it happened once by accidently ataching it to the same point but even if it isnt the same point it does it anyways !!! and an example inworld or on marketplace?
  11. Yes i do they are not literal boxes they are clothing add ons to the tops and stuff like that they have never done this before and it is clothing :L
  12. Hello....i dont really know how to explain this but i need serious help....You know in your inventory you have oictures next to the item and you get a picture of an orange box, tshirt,pants,skirt etc...well if i click wear on anything at all in my inventory and im wearing something with the orange box symbol....they all get detached from my outfit...so i have to click add if im ever going to wear anything and i don't know why its doing it....and when it shows what im wearing even if i am definately wearing a orange box item it doesnt show that im wearing it in my what i am wearing bar but it d
  13. I could maybee make you one what price you looking at?
  14. Ty ughh its annoying lol...i wanna get on with it :matte-motes-angry:
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