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  1. So i bought the Ylanya's Texture Change HUD for mesh shirts i followed all the instructions it worked but as soon as i make the hud copy no trans which is required to be able to sell it with my items i send it to my alt to test it out and this pops up [ Could not find texture '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'. ] Anyone no why that's happening or what i might be doing wrong i tried putting the textures in the content folder as well but there were still script errors works fine when it's copy and trans but as soon as a take away trans or vice versa it does it
  2. rockerX0X0X

    Mesh Feet

    Went to The Shops got a male body demo just wondering are there any realistc good looking feet not made by the shops that are compatable with the body. Because the TheMeshProject (BETA) Free Feet(m) guessing the M like most feet means size medium? it came with no offense were short in length looked like hobbit feet or kids feet. Tried Slink And the good looking mesh Jomo Feet i Already own but they didnt work idk if it's because it's the demo version of the mesh shape or if it really means no feet in sl are compatable with that stores shapes and only the feet it comes with are ! ?
  3. SL can't be to easy that it wouldn't be fun anymore!. But there are a ton of videos on Youtube to help begginersif they have the patience also depends what viewer you use if its not the linden labs viewer then it probably would be hard to get used to i remember i had to get used to firestorm when i switched over. in some ways it's easiar now then when i joined SL cause now you can buy freebies off marketplace unboxed unlike when i first joined and when you got freebies as a noob you had to find good sandboxes or rez areas on sims to unbox stuff if you could find them in search and knew what they were
  4. Would be really Nice to be able to have better specific searches like i want to shop for only mesh apparel only or mesh avatar acessories hopefully some day mp has better catagories Also something that would be a hugely significant help would be to have a catagory just for demo's so when you search for things like L$0 - L$5 a million demos don't show up anymore
  5. No matter how fast your comp is you can never fully escape lagg you could have a $10,000 gaming pc if that's even possible but still have lag because lagg isnt usually the persons computer it's the servers and if they have stuff like sculpted rocks, mesh stone walls, mesh roads, and them huge tropicle islands sculpted rocks water falls type things that create epic lagg
  6. Avartar shapes you can edit to make your avatar look the way it does or look like the spitting image of your real life self. Secondlife is compatable with windows 8 i have it on my laptop. You can rent land for so many lidens a month or get a membership they give you a house with so many prims plus you can buy land as a member. Ways to earn lindens Create Clothing to sell, Build Houses/Furniture to sell, win lindens from club contest and photo contest Lastly theres no way to perminantly stop lag because even if you are not running high scripts etc. You could be in a club or place that's crowded and if everyone has their ao's turned on all in one area that's a possible lag creator also also jewlry and hair if the risizing scripts are not deleted from them that can cause lag because of each strand of hair / peice of jewlry has a resize script. So many different variables that could cause lag you can have the most bad@ss gaming pc and still lag that's just how it is.
  7. Theres all kinds of stuff on sl now that there is mesh like darl dixon, killer klowns from outerspace klown, link from nintendo's zelda, nightmare before christmas characters as avatars and others etc etc yea theres tons of stuff that are copywritten that ends up on sl but if it's catagorized as costumes or ment for role play then theres certain loop holes people can get thrue i guess certain people may not mind it either they think of it as free advertising also unless they are making tens of thousands of lidens a day i don't think they could transfer that into much rl money if that's even still possible anymore
  8. So i have sleeve tattoos and well they are full arm and colorfull but it's mirrored image like both arms have the same tattoo. Just curious if i made a full arm sleeve tattoo myself for my right arm but made it an undershirt layer!. Would it cover the existing tattoo since it's a clothing layer thus making it look like i have two seperate sleeve tattoo designs making it look more realistic would that work?
  9. Reinstall your viewers and if that doesn't work see if sl works on another user account on the computer and if that doesnt work don't know then good luck!
  10. what are some good stores to check out that have mesh outfits in the 99-200 range that look good and easyly fit most besides the store called fashionNatics any other good ones to check out?
  11. i see used games from like Kr etc being sold on marketplace all the time andi just recently was given a free simopoly table but when i try to upload it to merchant outbox says error everytime anyone know why?
  12. Most Clubs i know of that i used to go to closed down or changed to much like The Galaxy closed down Bound addictions changed from bdsm to some roadhouse only club i know of now thats open pretty much almost 24/7 is Big daddies 80's club
  13. Anyone no where i can find the tamplate to make shirts like this http://oi43.tinypic.com/99ghes.jpg
  14. Mesh is a risky thing to begin with always demo demo demo cause its really hard to fit in mesh unless your shape was specifically made for it
  15. Somtimes Eye's Hair or clothing prims can make an avatar show up as cloud and can be fixed by changing the eyes hair etc
  16. Any know where i can find these scars/whipped marks http://oi42.tinypic.com/334ngar.jpg asked person and he said it was xcite but i couldnt find it in store or on marketplace
  17. anyone know what outfit or store these shoulder spikes might be from i was thinking adn but didnt see any http://i40.tinypic.com/4r9mci.png
  18. Anyone know what store this short hair might be from https://d44ytnim3cfy5.cloudfront.net/assets/5119023/lightbox/Kaoru%20Shape.jpg?1329697812
  19. Never noticed but ive only ever seen two people whos rez dates were 2004 and 2006 never noticed them being noobish lookin.
  20. i know a laptop with at least core i3 processor and 4 gigs of ddr3 ram 500 gb hard drive without a graphics card can run sl on medium graphics pretty good even better if it's on low graphics but avatars are set to medium graphics however if your wanting to play sl on high graphics then you would need a graphics card i myself play on low graphics with the avatar graphics set to medium
  21. could be a number of reasons for lagg sim is to scripted theres tons of people running high scripts you have graphics set to high when your pc isn't powerul enough to run sl on high graphics you could have to many scripts running on your avatar while on an alredy laggy sim etc etc
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