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  1. The link is a screenshot when you get the .exe that's gyazo's screenshot program asking if you want it installed,it even asks you if you want to download it or reject,nothing fishy about it. lol Back on topic yeah,I guess I made the big mistake of buying that trusting the MP but at least it wasn't those 3 to 8k "custom work" that she advertises or some massive 4k ship
  2. Yeah I did check on those but it doesn't state any special way of contact,group or time delay and as days I'm saying 48+ hours,It only says that to suggest a new avatar to IM her and now that I check more into her profile I get to see thishttp://gyazo.com/d0f9cdaf04ba0fb93ac050776ff608ea (this is what people posted on her Web profile,so I must guess im not the 1st one either.),so linden labs don't deal with money scams nor copyrighted content being sold at the store? this avatar was said "inspired by" but some others are rigs straight out from games
  3. Well I don't know if this should be here or not didn't saw a proper section but my Issues is that I bought a mesh avatar advertised that you could change hair,clothing and the such to even fit with mesh or prim hair/clothing. The catch is that it's not possible to do it,the textures of the hair are attached to the chest and face all 4 textures in one place and they cannot be selected as a single thing,so even "select face" doesn't work,and I sent a message to the owner about how the hair and etc could be changed as advertised since no instructions at all, but no reply since days, plu
  4. Oh,ok. Had me worried I did google search and nothing came up and most of my friends said they find nothing on forums,thanks.
  5. So,why nobody is talking about that guy who is hacking whole communities on SL throught Skype and changing theyr info,billing theyr accounts for thousands(i.e 100k) and posting theyr personal pictures on a blog plus handing theyr accounts to randoms who visit his blog? I find it surprising that I do not find a post after he hacked alot of communities so far,furries,star wars roleplayers,military community... I had to even block half of my skype due that and its being a big deal around. Tip: Don't accept any item sent to you throught skype,you will find it surprising how much people fell for
  6. Hello Everyone,I Wanted To Know If There Is Another Way To Donate Apart From Credit Card/Paypal,Cause I Have Serious Problems To Get A Credit Card From Here Just To Make A Couple Of Linden,Was Wanting To Know If There Is For Example A Western Union Transaction Number To Make This Exchange To Linden,Its The Only Real Way I Got To Make It From Here.
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