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  1. idk but i do know if you have a second computer and an alt you can make the alt a bot and add scripts to it like greeting scripts walking around etc etc
  2. Hooray for solar energy and solar generators completely powered by the sun no sun at night for power? good means more sleep means getting heathier also it would create new jobs cause all around the country people would half to make solar plants/stations and getting power the natural way is better for the planet.
  3. thanks for all the help everyone
  4. So i have the xcite wildcate x4 bundle and i've been getting a message lately saying you have a hud update you need to upgrade. So i go to the main store the kiosk has nothing to do with upgrades when i click it it just returns me stuff like i lost it. Ok so i read the notecard it says press upgrade under options in hud well the hud doesent have an upgrade button any where in it the genitels has an options menu but no upgrade button either. How do i upgrade my p*nis hud?.
  5. cherry pips / double dip / dip me in chocolate / swoon / purple whirl pool or blue whirlpool / now we know / bump n grind /emanule anyone know if there aree in free versions of any of the above dance anims floating round sl i know the multi dance hud 1.0 dont have them
  6. found out if you tele home and relog voice works again
  7. why is my sl voice not working like i cannot hear anyone anywheres in sl all dots are gone even mine i cant click talk because dark grey like it's disabled ive tried everythin restrting comp deleting sl cache deleting ie9 cache deleting flash folder uninstalling and reinstalling sl and it doesnt work i havent had voice since midnight last night and this aint the first time ive lost voice
  8. reason i ask i s cause my gesture that i created on my comp when played on my comp you can hear em fine but when i upload them you cna barely even hear it like if liden labs lowerd the volume of my wave file
  9. if Anyone on here creates gestures what volume level should i make the sound gestures so they can be herd over music at the clubs like normal gestures can be herd or do you edit volume levels in sl
  10. no like i have a sound on my computer its normal you can hear it perfect but then i click upload sound on sl it uploads i click play you can barely hear it in fact if you was to make a gesture go to a club you wouldnt be able to hear it over music at the clubs on sl like every other gesture that has sound and ive looked at all gesture none of them have scripts
  11. how come when i uplload sounds that on my computer have normal volume sl lowers the volume of the sound like once my sound is on sl i can barey here it but every other sound i have from other people i can hear that fine it doesent sound like sl lowerd the volume
  12. allot of color change shes on sl dant have all colors like some that say 116 colors when really there is only 12
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