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  1. Like has been said a couple of posts ago - CTRL ALT Studio has stepped up! <3 <3 They have released their beautiful viewer to the public now and it works perfectly for the CV1!! http://ctrlaltstudio.com/blog/2016/07/18/oculus-cv1-support-added-to-ctrlaltstudio-viewer With the right tweaking - I can maintain about 60 fps in a largely populated area and 90 or so without the clutter There is basically NO difference between what you can get in a normal viewer .. and the VR viewer too - it is BEAUTIFUL!!! This is exactly what I wanted for SL - thank you so much! I did have
  2. Looks like there has been some progress! On CtrlAltStudio's blog comments , David has included a link to the video for the alternate viewer meeting that was held last week. The linden lab team is currently hard at work on a update for their viewer to support CV1 - they have ran into some obstacles with the SDK ... but they really do think it will be soon. Very good news - i'm craving this experience! For now - i've been using the steam app 'Virtual Desktop' - which is by no means what I'm hoping for. For now though - that program allows me to put a huge screen close to my face and
  3. Yes please please Lindens <3 People who make this wonderful game - please update for the CV1 ! I did contact firestorm , and they are sending me in the direction of Cntrl Alt Studio , has anyone had any luck contacting the studio yet? Maybe a updated time estimate of when it might work? I've been seeing that a lot of programs and apps are getting the 1.3 update pretty quickly so I 'hope' this one won't take much dev time for everyone. I just am so looking forward to this!
  4. With the launch of the CV1 2 days ago , i'm hoping that i'll be able to use my new CV1 rift with second life. I did try using the current viewer provided : Second Life Project OculusRift Viewer version http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers When I launched the game I did the normal steps and I just couldn't get the display to show up in my rift. Anyone know of any information for this ? Being able to navigate second life on my cv1 is one of my biggest reasons for looking forward to getting it! Thank you!
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