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  1. That's just being horrible "law enforcers". But you can't prove it was done because they were racists. Maybe there were, maybe there were not. Like I said, plenty of people have been killed by the police, from all ethnicities. What if the cops were black and he was white? I think we both know this wouldn't have been blown out of proportions. What happened was horrible, but don't make it racial issue. This is used by certain groups to destabilize USA.
  2. https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/4762-social-injustice-has-no-place-in-the-physical-or-virtual-world/ Pure cringe. And possibly a hypocrisy because I read LL is sued by ex-employee for discrimination at work. (Kavyanjali Pearlman, you can look it up) How on earth anyone can possibly know the guy was killed because he was black? Police brutality is against everyone. Not the first one ever killed by police, neither black or white. But hey, lets protest against police brutality against black ?! Why not just in general. And without breaking windows? And while we are at it, already 2 black cops were killed...sure thing black lives matter. Not to mention the daily black-on-black violence. Hope the next building with broken windows is LL's, then maybe they will reconsider their dumb blog posts. I'm not donating to bail out people who violate other people's property. Oh, sorry.. I mean...peacefully protest! Ask George Soros to fund them with another 500 million dollars. Absolute clownfiesta.
  3. Apparently, you got lucky and this is purely anecdotal. But that's not the case for most people who have to use numbers in their name because name is taken. Unless you think people generally love to have numbers in the name like some robots or products. Just go to a busy sim and look around - all those names are evidence the system is bad. Not only that but it brings RMT(real money trading). People sell old names for money on certain forums. You will see threads like selling legacy name Michael XXXXX. But it's alright, now newcomers can pick whatever name and pay for a premium and 48$(20% VAT included) to feel normal. Yay. Also I remember something about free name change for selected family names but maybe I'm mistaken?
  4. Try to use a single name, not something made of joined words So did I. But for me had to be made of one word, not to sound completely outlandish, to sound beautiful and had a preference for the first letter. It's not easy...but it could be if we had second names which expands the available pool of options by .. infinity
  5. I just mentioned this is not a viable option...for me personally. I don't find it aesthetically pleasing. Look at your ID card? Do yo see names "spliced" together" No, you don't. We had a good system, it was removed for unknown reason, now they introduce a name change but leave the single name back. Yeah, definitely not a cash grab. Gotta pay for Sansar's failture(again...) Linden Lab need to fix their mistake they made 10 years ago.
  6. What? I think you didn't really understand what I mean. So let me phrase it better and in more detail to avoid more confusion. Good luck finding a name that's not taken when you make A NEW account. People are still forced to choose names like xXxYoloSwagxXx420 because EVERYTHING* is taken I made one recently, took like 2-3 days and tried about 1000 names until find something available and usable. So yes, this is absolutely disgusting on LL's part not to enable second names in the account creation form. It's obvious what are they trying to do. Shame on them for creating artificial problems and charge for their solution. * Pretty and usable names that don't consist of two words
  7. So they didn't solve anything and the problem remains...unless you pay 15$+40$ to fix their artificial problem. Gross. Good luck finding a name that's not taken. But you can add xxx and numbers to it! Right?! Thanks for the daily "oRaNgE mAn BaD". How could I live without political partisans everywhere?
  8. Because SL is blooming and bursting at the seams, Linden Lab is going to stop supporting OS used by over 33% of userbase. Just like when some smart.ss decided it's a good idea to disable second names and force people into using numbers just to finally find available name. Or when wasted tens of millions to develop a dead platform..known as Sansar :) Source: https://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/Steam-Hardware-Software-Survey-Welcome-to-Steam
  9. LL coming with the big brain ideas again. So it's going to cost money(which is understandable) but also will have to pay Premium membership. Insane double dipping!!11one Sure, I love dumping money into Sansar. Going to lose more money because of that, not the other way around.
  10. So you are implying I'm lying but you are accusing me of snitching which by definition means I'd be relaying insiders information(the truth). Oh, and that's not snitching, it's a public group.
  11. lmao. This is funny considering the creator can't stop calling people "fu...s" and "cu...s", calling LL fascists, nazis, communists....you can't be those two things at the same time. Yeah I can see who is being spiteful. Gotta say, the entire group chat is a gold mine of astonishing stupidity and ignorance of how real world and laws work. I see no reason why LL should save this place, it's not more important than other places and after LL getting such treatment... Seriously, if you are mentality unstable don't do drugs, and if you do, get off the interwebz before you become a meme. I legit started to feel bad after reading so much non sense
  12. I'm not sure what's the point of this thread. LL should change ToS so non-profit sims can still do rentals and maintain the self-cost? LL should pay for HL because "it's piece of history" and "used to promote SL"? Many things are history, many are used to promoted? So LL should just suddenly set the cost of"important" sims to 0. Right, I can see how LL would create this precedent just so everyone can start demanding free sim. And after seeing the coke fueled rage in the HL group chat and the amount of toxicity spewed by the creator - no thank you. Oh, and her ego seems to be way over inflated.Need to get off that high horse.
  13. Still crashing as much as before... Don't know what kind of a hotfix that was but clearly it's not working.
  14. No but it's time LL to stop wasting our money and beating the dead horse called Sansar. It's dead, Jim. It was dead on arrival. Now stop taking staff to work on Sansar, stop firing competent devs and start working on improving SL. Is the CEO utterly clueless? edit: SL is not on Steam because LL is ashamed of the adult content here. They are trying so hard to not to be associated with their child, it's embarrassing.
  15. welp, yes, but when something huge is happening is actually can be seen. But has to be really bad.
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