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  1. LL coming with the big brain ideas again. So it's going to cost money(which is understandable) but also will have to pay Premium membership. Insane double dipping!!11one Sure, I love dumping money into Sansar. Going to lose more money because of that, not the other way around.
  2. So you are implying I'm lying but you are accusing me of snitching which by definition means I'd be relaying insiders information(the truth). Oh, and that's not snitching, it's a public group.
  3. lmao. This is funny considering the creator can't stop calling people "fu...s" and "cu...s", calling LL fascists, nazis, communists....you can't be those two things at the same time. Yeah I can see who is being spiteful. Gotta say, the entire group chat is a gold mine of astonishing stupidity and ignorance of how real world and laws work. I see no reason why LL should save this place, it's not more important than other places and after LL getting such treatment... Seriously, if you are mentality unstable don't do drugs, and if you do, get off the interwebz before you become a meme. I legit started to feel bad after reading so much non sense
  4. I'm not sure what's the point of this thread. LL should change ToS so non-profit sims can still do rentals and maintain the self-cost? LL should pay for HL because "it's piece of history" and "used to promote SL"? Many things are history, many are used to promoted? So LL should just suddenly set the cost of"important" sims to 0. Right, I can see how LL would create this precedent just so everyone can start demanding free sim. And after seeing the coke fueled rage in the HL group chat and the amount of toxicity spewed by the creator - no thank you. Oh, and her ego seems to be way over inflated.Need to get off that high horse.
  5. Still crashing as much as before... Don't know what kind of a hotfix that was but clearly it's not working.
  6. No but it's time LL to stop wasting our money and beating the dead horse called Sansar. It's dead, Jim. It was dead on arrival. Now stop taking staff to work on Sansar, stop firing competent devs and start working on improving SL. Is the CEO utterly clueless? edit: SL is not on Steam because LL is ashamed of the adult content here. They are trying so hard to not to be associated with their child, it's embarrassing.
  7. welp, yes, but when something huge is happening is actually can be seen. But has to be really bad.
  8. http://www.digitalattackmap.com/#anim=1&color=0&country=ALL&list=0&time=17836&view=map Doesn't look any different than usual but of course these maps are not entire accurate.
  9. Oof. I know it's sunday, that's barely an excuse for any business these days. Please don't try to explain how IT works, that's my job. I'm not even asking to know what has gone wrong but to have an update they are still looking it, not a complete silence.
  10. 6 hours after the issues begin to occur they finally wake up and post in the status page. 6 hours later not even a small update. Classic LL. Maybe it won't have been this bad if they didn't pull most of the staff to work on their dead project.
  11. If LL needs money for Sansar so desperately, why not just make another Patterns game and disband the project because "we are too busy working on other projects" and refuse any refunds? True story, ayyy.
  12. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/dec/09/nsa-spies-online-games-world-warcraft-second-life You can get the head out of your a* now.
  13. OP... if you only knew your question with gather all SL fanboys around and "tech gurus". Did it? lol Problem is not OpenGL. Problem is bad, very bad coding and optimization. And that new lighting feature just literally eats FPS. From 90 to 15 even less. I bet now some fanboy already used the usual "but games like crysis and bf are 'prebaked' and SL is dyamic". My God... 3000m in sky, only my ship and stuffs, everything is downloaded, nothing moves and I have same issue. But no! It's clearly not LL's terrible code. Love opensource but honestly if they have to rewrite everything, close it and use paid technologies I will not mind at all.... for the sake of normal FPS @Chelsea Malibu,When you minimize your both SL clients and open WoW they are "hypernated" with 0% cpu time. Else I don't see you playing WoW who uses lots of CPU but not GPU And btw about Linux - Nobody cares. LINUX/BSD are not gaming platforms. Deal with it. I'm using it and still stand behind this statement. Mac - "a jail for fools" as Richard Stallman said.
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