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  1. I don't mean to stir the pot here again, I know that the whole world is preoccupied by something else right at this very moment, just posting that OP did indeed have a moment, & just so it is clarified, there is absolutely nothing wrong, in my estimation, about Linden Labs products, practices or staff, this is coming from a place of love and attachment to an online game that I thought would be a part of my life forever. Now I feel as though I have to boycott SL, not that I even want to, my little parcel of land has a view of an endless horizon, I could sit in SL building my dream hom
  2. Beta Lifer here, I joined SL ~17 years ago Migrating to Amazon's servers is an injustice. It is a moral imperitive that you do not collaborate with them. You can read about Amazon's corrupt business practice here https://stallman.org/amazon.html I will be boycotting Second Life until this is undone, I do not trust my information being safe on Amazon's servers. You ought to reflect very seriously about collaborating with corporate fascists during this time, history will remember the decisions you made. "Our goal has been to move SL incrementally to give ourselves the best chance
  3. Hi, the service is today @ 7 in Kissling. All are welcome, and I will be putting up a temple. Also to the TOS whiners in this thread:
  4. This isn't an argument or a general discussion. It's about honoring the memory of my dead father. Stop trying to call me out on trivial things and bringing negativity to this space. Don't tell me what's appropriate or not, it's not your place at all. It's about me in a way because I'm the pride and joy of my father and he loved me, what more do you want?
  5. What's done is done. Kids my age & at that time were playing all kinds of more violent and graphic video game content while I was running around exploring and being creative. This isn't a topic about me, so please don't make it an issue here. It's pretty insensitive of you to say like this.
  6. Please accept my humble obeisances. My father left his body about 6 months ago. We joined Second Life together over 12 years ago, and I'm 24 now, so that is half of my life. I remember riding in the very first car, some of the first airships, meeting the first of the great thinkers and explorers. Where have they all gone now? It's funny when you read a novel from an older generation, like 'Snow Crash' where virtual reality isn't something you have direct contact with and actually is a part of your life and your family's life. My dad spent a lot of time in SL, it was his main hobby. He woul
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