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  1. I cant login either for many days I keep an eye here https://status.secondlifegrid.net/incidents/8qssywpq44nv but its been many days no? I also tried to submit a ticket here https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/home , it asks to login first, but you know.... lol I really dont mind to wait for it to be fixed but its taking longer than expected, I cant remember any other issue taking that long.
  2. Hello, I read about the new Environments system, yet I can't make it work with my parcel. I have a skybox at 1000m, so I chosen Customize, clicked on Sky 1000m, then changed the ambient color, clicked apply to parcel but right after the sky returns back to where it was. It supposed to remain based on my settings, is this correct?
  3. Hello everyone, there is a problem with my walking ao. Almost most of the times, when I start walking, the walk animation initiates but right after a second it stops. That's 2 days I noticed that. Could anyone tell me what might be wrong? Thank you.
  4. Ok I found it under Privacy->General 3rd checkbox. Case closed Thank you Wanderer.
  5. I was thinking about "only friends can im you" as well, but seems I can't find it in the settings
  6. Hello all, a friend of mine who is new has a problem with IM's. When someone (not in her friendlist) sends her an im she doesn't receive it but only if she restarts her viewer (firestorm) Is it a setting or something else? Thank you. PS If this section isn't the right to ask, my apologies and please move it to the appropriate one.
  7. Hello Qie, Im also looking for something similar, I read about the control box but what is it? A box containing example script files? Thank you
  8. Sometimes, when I move the Z arrow to the bottom, my avatar gets higher lol
  9. Hi Fritigern, unfortunately Im not the creator of the furniture. Its really weird because yesterday I was able to adjust normally
  10. Hello, not sure if this the right place to ask but since its about a script I guess its ok. Im trying to adjust my avatar's position on a furniture by using the helpers. But when I hit the [SAVE] button, my avatar moves lower on the z axis. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?
  11. I will have 2 copies, one for left leg and another on for the right. What will always change will be the position and rotation, and I guess there will be many different, so what about adding a listener in each copy and send the position/rotation from the attaching object?
  12. Ok I get it, need some copies of the same object for setting different points. About setting the position and rotation, how can I manipulate them using the same script which does the attach? I mean how to tell "set the rotation of the object1", "set the rotation of the object 2" etc?
  13. Hello, I made a little script which attaches an object (located inside a #RLV folder) on the avatar. My question is this, before attaching, is it possible to change the attach point (example right leg or left leg) and then when attached to change the object's rotation? Thank you.
  14. Ok my bad, I missed something there, its working now. Thank you all!
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