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  1. I have a friend who just ran into this problem this morning. She's on a Mac, so this is not a Windows 10 problem. in case that's useful info. Possibly relevant -- i heard that there are some issue with international network cables, causing disruption or lack of service to many diverse things. If nothing else, such a thing could cause TIMING problems, on some sort of HANDSHAKE that Second Life looks for or possibly a CACHING or failure to clear some intermediate CACHE , -- maybe even one that's not supposed to be there, like an illegal intercept and pass-through hack into the comm
  2. I am trying to send a modifiable box with a no-mod script inside it to another user and cannot get the hoped for result. What I was hoping for is that the recipient could modify the box but not the script. Sadly that is not what happens. What happens is that the user receives the box, and upon opening it, it shows the MOD box checked, and even says "You can modify this object". Good. And, indeed, the user can change the texture of the box, save it to inventory, re-rez it and the texture survives unchanged. Still good. BUT, when the user changes the GROUP the box belon
  3. Getting rid of "Friend can edit, delete, or take objects" as permissions in my FRIENDS tab! partly solved my problem, but not entirely. I will get some other avatars to try to put inventory in this box, to see if this is some peculiarity about my ALT and me. More on that tomrrow
  4. This issue has been resolved and can be closed. The apparent failure of llAllowInventorDrop(FALSE) was because the non-group avatar I was testing with had been given blanket permission in Contacts > Friends to edit my objects. After I removed those permissions and waited 6 hours ( just in case it takes time to percolate through the system) everything is working fine again. ================ I'm a reasonably good scripter in LSL but i cannot get llAllowInventoryDrop(FALSE) to work for me. Symptoms: once I set llAllowInventoryDrop(TRUE) one time in my script i
  5. OK, HERE's one for you. My friend and I are both on Windows 7, 64-bit machines, with the current version of the V3 viewer for Second Life. Regardless of settings, we could not get her microphone to work, or the built in one either, although she coudl hear me just fine in voice. While discussing the issue in Skype, we noticed that second life voice was working for her. We've now confirmed that her microphone ONLY WORKS in Second Life WHEN a SKYPE session is IN-PROGRESS. It doesn't matter if both out Skype mikes are muted, thankfully. As soon as we break the SKYPE session, t
  6. As to what to do, seriously, assuming Linden Labs has no magic fix: 1) Get a product updater in place so that you can at least deal with this issue going forward in time for your customers. I'd recommend the hippoUpdate Automatic product update server. It seems to do the the job about as easily as one can hope. http://www.hippo-technologies.co.uk/products/index.php 2) Assuming the prior products are totally useless, there's no need for the users to return them or destroy them, And if they're no transfer, the couldn't return them anyway. So, assuming you don't have an easy way to
  7. I"m new at Pathfinding tools but familiar with scripting and physics. I'm having trouble getting my pathfinding object to not behave like a bug, sort of sniffing around, turning in full circles occasionally, and in general acting as if it's not sure where it' going, even when it IS assigned a target. I've tried just going to a single distant point, tried solving in advance for the path and then trying to walk the path one step at a time, changing various speed and acceleration parameters, and it still behaves like a bug. I'm not talking animation of the legs. I just want the cente
  8. I'm getting sporadic failures of marketplace delivery, DESPITE the items coming off the queue and showing on your end as "delivered." They are not in inventory, and they never "arrive" with a notification (either.) i know what it should look like, and I can search "magic box" in inventory quite well, thank you. It's just not there. I've tried about ten times a day for the last 4 days. It's getting worse. If I "buy" other products, some arrive, some don't, but money is deducted for them all. I have about 3,000 hours in-world and have spent well ove
  9. I'm in favor of Linden Labs making a reasonable profit, thriving, and growing. Sadly, I don't see how driving away their educational and non-profit users is going to accomplish any of that for them. It looks like a lose-lose strategy, for reasons so many people mention above. I would suggest an architectural change that would make it obvious that educational space, especially low-occupancy space, is a money maker for Linden Labs, at prices BELOW what are currently charged. I would find it fully acceptable if our sim's virtual machine was frozen when no one was on the Island, and the cpu cyc
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