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  1. When you start buying clothing that mimics the clothes your avatar wears.
  2. Thanks everyone whose posted, I would have gotten back to this sooner but I fell ill awhile ago and I don't have anything at home to keep me asleep for more then an hour or two. I'm mostly looking for hangout places, frisky places are fine too, I some how manage to make some good friends in those types of places anyways.
  3. If the thread title wasn't a clue in, I'm looking for places as to where all the furs hangout. And, I honestly do not know where to go to first, I would love to get some tips on where the best places are, that would be fantastic. Please and thank you.
  4. I'm trying to set up this alt with my paypal account, and I keep getting an error on the billing page that it sends you back to once it says that it's accepted the billing agreement, the error reads An error occurred while processing your request. The use of this PayPal account has been restricted.I'm not sure as to what to do, I looked for other people who've had this issue and tried the suggestion of changing my password and security questions and I still get the error. Is this a problem that's on my end or LL's? It's going through on paypal but it's not confirming on SL.
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