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  1. Hola, Romi. Es más probable que alguien puede ayudarle diagnosticar el problema si ud proporcione mas detalles especificas del problema. ¿Cuál fue el mensaje de error exacto que recibió? ¿Cual es el sistema operativo y la marca y modelo de tarjeta grafica que esta empleando? ¿Con cual visores ha experimentado el problema?¿Qué pasó en el momento anterior que recibió el mensaje de error? ¿Que pasó despues? Por ejemplo de cómo los detalles importan: si descargó los drivers usando Windows Update, y estas usando Windows 10, es posible que te dieron drivers incorrectos. Mejor usar drivers descargad
  2. Hi, Deglamour. You posed an interesting quesion, but as others have noted, you posted in the "General " section of the Land Forum. Confusing, isn't it? There is another "General" section in the People forum. I think you might want to re-post there: https://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/bd-p/GeneralDiscussionForum To get a good discussion going, try narrowing your question so people know how to respond. Are you asking for predictions about LL plans,or are you trying to find out what features people would like to see in future? You might also explain your purpose in
  3. Hi, Terri. Congratulations on your store. Ah, that elusive mermaid. I hope this doesn't mean that all virtual mermaids turn into smoothies when they de rez. Natalia Zelmanov was done with her mermaid blog nearly a year before my first rez day in the Summer of Mesh.** What a sad surprise to learn today that that wonderful, if antiquated, resource has disappeared. Even back then her excellent tutorials were drifting into legacyland. But when I was a noob her blog was one of the first and remained one of the best resources I found for learning the basics of building (or making clothes anyway) fo
  4. Hi, Sylvia. Welcome back to SL. There have been a lot of changes since you have been gone. I hope you are enjoying the new developments. I have recently begun to experiment with machinima, so I am not in any way an expert. But this is what I have found out so far. RECENT MACHINIMA TUTORIALS Here is an excellent series of tutorials from Erythro Asimov. They are only about 7 months old. I found them extremely helpful and easy to follow. One thing I learned from the tutorials that made a huge difference is that you can shoot your video using a smaller window size, for example, if you have a
  5. Thank you for your suggestion, Aquila. Now I see that I have been going about it the wrong way. I will try your suggestion.
  6. Thanks for the clarification, Nalates I meant to say that Avastar seems to be more related to making clothing than Primstar. And probably "have to" (buy one of them) is too strong a word. But I have not so far found a way to export something from Blender, and import it to Second life without some intermediary, like Primstar or Avastar. I see in your clothing tutorial that you do export a collada file from Blender and import it to SL. But you are using an Avatar model. So what if you are not making clothing? What if you want to make a tree, by extruding the branches, instead of making it in
  7. Making mesh clothing requires a whole set of skills, I think. Like using 2D image manipulation programs like GIMP or Photoshop, and 3D, like Blender. There are also quite a few useful techniques to be learned in the old school, ie prim manipulation way, like using flexiprims, making tiny prims, or torturing prims (ouch!) for accessory creations, and sculpt maps. For using Blender in SL, you will need the Primstar 2 Addon. To learn how it works, Gaia Clary, one of the creators of Primstar has a whole series of tutorials at blog.machinimatrix.org She is also involved in developing Avastar, w
  8. Hi. Besides Builder's Brewery and the Ivory Tower, which are excellent, there is also the Happy Hippo Building School (Kinetix (201, 137, 21), which has sandboxes you can work in, and a gallery of free tutorials, w/ supplies included.There is also a building store, like at the brewery, with lots of supplies you can buy, along with the more advanced boxed classes. Like the Brewery, they also have a great line of freebie building materials to get you started. There are often friendly people there to help you out. Sometimes they have live classes, but they don't seem to do as many as they used to
  9. Lovely script translation. Very instructive, and works beautifully too. Thanks Innula.
  10. Thanks to Irene Muni and Rolig Loon for their very helpful responses to my request for guidance on specs for a new system in a previous post . With their advice, and lots of research, I finally felt confident enough to ask someone to put together a system for me. His first proposal was my absolute dream machine, but way over budget. His second, which I post here, is a negotiation between the dream machine, and a spec I had put together on Newegg, which fit my budget, but maybe all the parts didn't go together. To make a long story short, I would be grateful for a second opinion or two on thi
  11. If you are using Windows, look in C:\Program files\Qavimator, for xp and for 7, look in C:\Program Files (x86)\QAvimator. (You can type the string into your search box) An alternative is to search your system for .avm and .bvh files, and note where they are located. An important thing to know about Windows, is that it has an annoying default behavior of hiding system files, and file extensions, which makes it difficult to find anything. You might need to go into Windows Explorer ( ie open a folder) Click Tools/Options. On the View tab, scroll through advanced settings, and click Show Hid
  12. I am researching to buy or build a new SL capable PC. I notice that the recommended NVIDIA graphics cards: 9000 Series, posted at http://secondlife.com/support/system-requirements/ are now obsolete. At least you can't find them for sale on the nvidia site http://www.nvidia.com/object/graphics_cards_buy_now.html I don't want to buy an old GPU for a new build. It would be helpful if the post had a date on it, and if the model numbers were updated to reflect what is for sale now, and if there were some basic characteristics of components listed that work with SL, rather than specific models, wh
  13. Hi,Valerie. thank you for your concise and very helpful answer to my question. I couldn't find this information anywhere on the viewer download page.
  14. When updating to the newest version, currently 3.3, 1. Is it necessary to uninstall the previous version, or will setup install over the old one. 2. Is it necessary to back up settings, etc before installing a newer version? If so, how is this accomplished? Thank you
  15. Dear Chose Few. Thank you for your excellent suggestions for overcoming my difficulties with Sculpties. I finally got fed up with the Wings/Rokuro routine, and decided to bite the bullet and learn to use Blender. I have been making some progress, but it will take a while. I found these excellent tutorials, which gave me a good starting point, in case anyone is interested: This is a whole series, which has a collection of pdf tutorials, video explanations of the Interface, and concepts, and then some more advanced projects. So, if you hit a wall with one modality, you can jump over to anothe
  16. It seems no one has had an answer to this issue since July, 2011. This is unfortunate. I am having the same problem as Batty Raymaker, with one exception, which is, when I save the file as .bmp as instructed, it ignores the bmp, even if if I specifically give it a .bmp extension. Wings saves the file, instead, as a tga file. I am also having problems with the earlier part of Ms. Zelmanov's tutorial, in which she explains how to create a basic Rokuro image of a "messy candle," and to import it into Wings3d to finish the image, by adding dripping wax effects, using the tweak tool. My problem is
  17. Hi, Luca. Thanks for your tips. I have been by several campuses, but I haven't run into any actual people yet. I guess I also got caught up in the building and scripting. I will check out the conference, thanks.
  18. Hi, I wanted to respond to this, because I had a similar problem. I solved it by installing the Phoenix viewer and using that. It seems to be much more compatible with my system, which is 64 bit Win7 and ATI HD 4200, which, according to SL viewer documentation, aren't really compatible with the Linden viewer. So, if you have a sub-par graphics card, an older compu, or a 64 bit OS, I recommend trying Phoenix. It can't see mesh, but word has it their new Firestorm viewer will be mesh ready eventually. It's in Beta now.  For the first time, I can see where I'm going when I fly, and I can see
  19. Hi, Jane and Kayleigh, I am fairly new to SL as well, and I am also interested in teaching in SL. I am learning to build things and do some scripting. I have pretty good technical skills, but as I said, I am new to SL and still have a lot to learn. I would like to build my own space to bring my students to, and I would love to network with people who are teaching in SL, or who want to build a space, to share ideas. Jane, I will answer any questions I can. Thanks, chuctanunda
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