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  1. People, did not even realize I posted in the wrong area. Sorry guys. Hahaha. And chuctanunda, thank you for your constructive criticism. I will definitely use your tips. :matte-motes-kiss: ~ Deglamour
  2. Sorry, but my intention was not that this topic was transformed into a Quiz or just to answer my questions. Actually I wanted to hear from all of you. Disseminate their ideas. ~ Deglamour
  3. So you want the game to pass to have more interactions with real life? A good idea. ~ Deglamour
  4. Hi people, As you know Second Life is no longer in its golden age and fame. And the game to the time, in most cases, has changed little. What do you expect them to change in Second Life? Change the graphics? Renew the game? Change the interface? Put more functions? What do you think Second Life needs to get back to fame and be noticed? ~ Deglamour :matte-motes-kiss:
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