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  1. Please contact me I run my own photography company in SL and take quite a lot of nude shots (including for an SL magazine) Selina Winterwolf - Owned Photography
  2. Why not come to the people's republic Glint (look up PRG or Glint in search or I will send you a LM when I am online) not only is the RP great but they run a certificate programme which helps you to learn the art of RP while developing a character of your own. Everyone is friendly and the Sim has existed for a long time I first started playing there in 2009 there is lots to learn and explore its an adult sim but the only way you can see what it's like is to explore it The PRG also often runs RP classes to teach basic RP technics so if you join the group your be able to look out for those classes and join in and yes you can do the classes even without actually taking part on the sim but honestly come have a look what have you got to loose? Selina Winterwolf
  3. Entertaining reading thank you Sorry your having a bad time of it...I can understand your frustration relating to lost inventory items We are all aware that there are issues that need fixing like any gaming platform issues crop up and what looks like simple fixes in some cases appear to be slow coming and in the meantime many people like yourself suffer I doubt that a Linden will be reading the post I hope that wherever you move on to play in the future offers you the security and support you the time that I have been on SL (just over 3 years) anytime I have had an issue Linden Labs have been very helpful and supportive I wish you well for the future
  4. As a mother of 5 adopted children I can honestly say that with SL adoption centres especially MAW and Next Generation the process for adoption takes place by both the child and potential parent filling out and reading NC's on each other of basic information where each party can point out things about them and what their looking for. Read the profile of the other party as well and if the other person is to your liking or seems to be a match you then enter a trial with them. That trial is designed to allow both parties to get to know each other to ask questions etc...if it works out your adoption is completed...either by finishing the trial 14 days or if you resign your panels early. Use the trial to really get to know the people your with parents and siblings...if during the trial the family are not for you be honest and head back to your panel and end the trial and look for another parent/family Good luck
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  6. Actually I think what your looking for is the lands they are auctioning off this is something you can get to via the main second life website under buying land most lands abandoned are either sold or auctioned
  7. Package deals extended due to the high interest and take up till 20th December...remember you just need to book now and pay the deposit to save the dates for weddings and events and for everything else just pay the deposit to confirm your booking...the dates can be anytime in 2012/2013 so if you have a wedding next year now is the time to book Also if your a model and want to update your portfolio there is never a better time to do it...I also am happy to set up payment plans for anyone who wants to spread the cost and I do gift cards to IM me in world or via private message or reply to this thread Link to my Website above Selina Winterwolf CEO and Photographer Owned Photography
  8. Thanks everyone I'm not sure anythings any clearer lol but I did find some great tutorials I guess I just need to learn blender more I'm having issues with shrinkwrap thing after another huh lol Thanks for your replies
  9. Hi I'm Selina Winterwolf I have my own photography company contact me I have sent you an application for my Adult Magazine too thank you
  10. Contact me Selina Winterwolf in world
  11. The stories so far on here are both moving and powerful and I thank you all for sharring. So let me see if I can share my moment with you. I joined SL in November 2009 it was a way for me to escape my unhappy RL...I had been part of SL before that but it hadn't worked then but now here I was giving it another go...I got into some RP sims and eplored other places...I met a man on one sim enjoying the adult naughty side of SL and after a couple of weeks we found ourselves sharring our RL stories, both of us realising we were escaping for similar reasons...we spent all our spare time together in a world we created for us doing things we wanted to do while exploring ourselves and growing. We slowly fell deeply in love and admit now that had we met in a bar somewhere in RL we may well have passed each other by but here in SL we were learning about the other person in detail and enjoying the deep connection that we had. 11 months after we met he left his partner my own relationship had already broken down and a few weeks after he moved out I traveled half way across the world and went to see him. As part of our RP in SL and through exploring our RL to we both found that facets to our personalties that we never knew existed. I won't bore you with all the details about our SL/RL D/s relationship but what I will say is this...A year after I went to see him he came to see we are stronger as a couple than we have ever been yes we still live in different countries and use SL as our home communicate though voice email text messages and calls and yes we hope to be together in RL next year. SL has allowed us to make many wonderful friends in many countries and the one thing we always make sure we do is remember the real person behind the AV after all that was how we won each other hearts. These days SL is a very busy place...we have 2 SL daughters who we adore and love to bits...I have a busy photography business with my daughters as we have more time in SL than my partner and I'm training as a model in world while doing their photography. My partner in RL hasn't been very well but is on the mend and SL allows us to be close together when in RL it's impossible so once more we understand the power and source of comfort SL can be to anyone who uses it. SL is a place where dreams can be made and lived and enjoyed its a place where you can make friendships that last a lifetime or it's a place that can be lonely it really does depend on what you put into it...for me I have a family I love a man who has rebuilt my life in and out of SL who I love and support...our AV's got married in July 2011 and one day we hope to do the same...SL brought me the love of my life...our AV's will always be a part of us...everyone says we are very lucky to have what we have and we count ourselves as November we celebrate 3 years together and in SL terms that's already a lifetime together Thank you SL for being there in good and bad times...just remember to get to know the people behind the AV's because they have feelings and their lives can really touch you Thank you for reading
  12. Still looking for a photographer? Please contact me in world Selina Winterwolf
  13. Contact me I'll try contacting you I can do that for you Owned photography is my company - Selina Winterwolf
  14. I'm an in world photographer IM me Selina Winterwolf
  15. I just wanted to say...YES it can and does work. My Partner both SL and RL lives in America and I am UK we met on SL we have been together 2.5 years and it was love from the moment we met we have been to see each other twice and our SL AV's have been married almost a year...we hope to move in together later this year when I hope to move to America Communication Love and friendship is the key...sure long distance can be hard work, we keep things going through Email Telephone calls and Apple IM as well as SL and it has brought us much happiness. Would we change it? Sure we would love to be closer now in distance but that will change in time we wouldn't have met had it not been for SL...SL and our AV's will always be a part of us a special part of us