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  1. Voice is enabled in Estates and Parcel settings. This is my only sim with voice problems. Anywhere else voice is fine. Log in on this sim or tp to this sim voice shuts off. TP to a different sim. Voice remains off. Have to relog somewhere else to get voice again. Been working fine previously. Put in a ticket and today I'm not able to get to support history. ~ I will follow up. Just wondering is anyone else having a problem or had a problem like this. Thanks.
  2. I've googled and asked.. and racked my brain for 2 days.. I was given a script but can't figure out how to make the (a scrulpty prim) prim rezz only temporary or how to make them only rezz a maximun number opposed to an indefinite amount? I'm looking for the script that one uses to make a temporary rezzing garden? Not the texture emitter.. but the actual prim emitter? Where it rezzes a sculpty temporarily? Hope this makes sense. Tks in advance. ; )
  3. Hello, First let me say, I'm following the Mermaid Diaries on texturing sculpties and the program I'm using is Wings3D. I'm following a tutorial on Sculpty texturing.. after opening the Outliner Window, I drag the imported UV map to the default texture and select diffuse - then the imported UV map should appear on the sculpty image I have. Problem is.. the map doesn't show on the image. Being new to sculpties and texturing.. I thougth I understood the updates to say the UV map was now automatic. Other than dragging and dropping.. I'm really not sure what that means. But, I don't see the map on the image. It's been suggested I use Blender. I may in the future but I've done so well with this I was hoping I wouldn't have to give up right in the middle of all I've learned. anyone have any suggestions or clues? ; ) Tyson
  4. Hmmm.. didn't work for me on firefox. Went to Enternet Explorer.. just kept getting logged in the dashboard over and over.
  5. Edited .. can't seem to open webpage from email.
  6. Thank you so much Cinnamon! I really appreciate it! I'm on my way to the link now.. and will be checking out my dashboard.. funny.. I forgot about those on there.. Thank you so much again. ************************ Ahhhh!! Thank you!! I see what I was doing wrong now.. I think!! Thank you again!! Message was edited by: Tyson Tigerauge
  7. I'm tired of looking.. probably looking in all the wrong places.. thought I'd post.. I'd like to make some signs and bring them into SL.  Maybe.. signs that say Welcome.. etc.. to .. For Sale or even the signs that are used in the stores.   Are they (anyone) making those signs in Photoshop and importing them into SL? If they are can anyone give me the url to a tutorial.. or if not what are they using? I always appreciate the help I get here.  Thank you all so much.
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