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  1. On the other hand, with all the rubber-necking from people who are morbidly interested in watching a train wreck of a thread, she's managed to attract nearly twice the thread views of any other thread in the forum. Exspiranced promoter indeed!
  2. I've been maintaining this script set for a while now, but just released a new version. This is Menu Helper, a script that does a number of things, like: Reads menu descriptions from notecards.Generates menus that multiple users can use at the same time.Handles nested menus and submenus automatically.Builds scrolling automatically if you have more than 12 items.Autogenerates menus from inventory or nearby people.Manages interactions involving both button dialogs and text boxes.Automatically hides options unless the user is the owner or is in the group.Uses declared local names to link up menus in interesting ways.Allows you to escape to choosing options and text in code when needed.Does all this with a simple link message protocol that doesn't mess with your main script.I mostly maintain this for my own use... but I'm happy to share. The scripts are offered with full perms and placed in the public domain. I'll answer questions in IMs as time allows. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Menu-Helper/2821835
  3. Please join us from Noon to 4pm SLT, today, for games, races, live music, and fireworks in the town of Willowdale. MUSIC performed live by Bluemonk Rau, Todd Rumsford, and the Country Bumpkins!RACES and GAMES: Three legged race, frog race, pie eating contest, tug of war, and more!PRIZES: Gift certificates to a number of SL stores, especially for child avatars!FIREWORKS to enjoy together.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old%20Willowdale/203/58/22 Remember to bring sunblock and a picnic lunch!
  4. Hi there! I'm looking for a live musician for an event on July 1st, for some or all of noon to 4pm SLT. It's an outdoor event with games, races, and fireworks... so I think something like folk music, bluegrass, country... but I'm open to suggestions! Anyone interested, please let me know (in-world IMs are preferred; my IMs don't cap, but a notecard is fine, too)
  5. Hope Harbor School is a school role-playing environment for child and teen avatars. We are looking for candidates for school principal and vice principal, with a salary of 2000 L$ / week (1000 L$ for assistant). The right candidate will: Be excited about and have considerable time and energy for promoting and building the role-play setting.Balance in-character interactions with students and staff and OOC hiring, promotion, etc.Have a positive view of role-playing with child avatars, and take role playing seriously.Have considerable experience in Second Life, with at least 6 months on the current avatar.Candidates should write a notecard explaining their background and interest in the position, and send it to Camille Yorcliffe. Please do not respond in forums, as I don't check here often. I am also willing to show anyone the school environment prior to deciding whether to apply. Thanks!
  6. Hey Loki. The problem is that you're using recursion... every time you call anim() without finishing the previous call, the system saves off where it was on the stack, and starts a new one. After a while, these saved off states on the stack cause it to get too large and collide with the heap. The solution is to use a loop instead: while (TRUE) { ... stuff you want to happen over and over ... }
  7. Lake Willowdale is more than a sim full of open water available for exporing, water sports, and other fun. All completely free, no ads, no demo versions: just a place to have fun and relax. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Willowdale%20Farms/125/39/22 * Explore the lake in a free canoe. * Go for a swim in the open water. * Sail on the lake with the high quality Nemo sailboat. * Zip around and race your friends on jet skis. * Grab free scuba gear and explore sunken ruins, shipwrecks, and underwater caves. * See the lake from above in a hot air balloon. * Make a splash with rope swings or dive from rocks. * Hang out in an abandoned smuggler's hideaway. * Go fishing with either 7 Seas or NeoRealms.
  8. Yeah, not really so much about my avatar; I wasn't doing that in-character and the picture was in a profile window, not in-world. But at some point one hopes that it would be possible to do some things from the office, or around family... not all of us sneak off, lock the doors, and close the window shades before logging in to SL!
  9. Is there a policy on nudity in profile pictures? I'm asking because I'm getting spammed by some network of objects advertising land all of a sudden, and in the course of muting the people responsible, I opened a profile and suddenly there's a picture of a nude woman on my screen. Ugh. I don't even have adult locations enabled in the viewer... but apparently people still post nude photos in plain view in their profile pictures?
  10. I'm really not sure how to react to the idea that people should change their social behavior to suit your business models. If people are at infohubs instead of your business, it's because for some reason they prefer to be there. Perhaps it's because they are too lazy to look for other locations and there's nothing you can do to get them to your business, but that's FINE. They have a right to be that way.
  11. Objects can't contain themselves indefinitely far in... so breedables all come from a centralized server somewhere that makes and sends out new ones... that server could be implemented as just scripts in a prim, but it can also involve servers outside of Second Life. The actual breedables all talk to that server to get "offspring" delivered.
  12. Hope Harbor School is a role-play school environment for child and teen avatars in SL, with around 4 years of history, nearly 200 members, and running over 30 classes or activities per week. If you know your way around SL and have an interesting idea for a class or activity, shoot an IM to Camille Yorcliffe and let me know. Our classes run the gamut from pure role-playing to games to useful SL or RL skills. Teaching in either voice or chat is fine. We appreciate (and pay) our teachers, and would love to add more thoughtful and creative individuals to our selective staff. Sound interesting? Contact me in-world, please, as I check forums occasionally at best! It will help if you have an idea that can be taught interactively in an engaging way. Or if you'd like to chat, learn more, and brainstorm with me... go for it!
  13. Interestingly, I think these places DO exist, but they are mostly popular in the family role-playing and child avatar communities. For example, check out Willowdale (Search for the sims Old Willowdale or New Willowdale or Willowdale Farms)... or Pleasantville, or Little Wonders or any of a bazillion other similar communities. My guess is that Willowdale is probably the least child avatar focused of these communities that I'm familiar with, but I don't know them all. These places have houses arranged in neighborhoods with roads, and community-supported activities and spaces to interact together. Outside of the child/family community, I rarely see big residential areas like this succeeding, though; everything gravitates toward the model of grids of plots separated by narrow ditches with a foot or so of water.
  14. Like role-playing around child avatars? Are you mature, responsible, reliable, and patient? Then we want you to teach or work at Hope Harbor School! HHS is a free role-play setting for child and teen avatars in SL. Teaching positions pay 200 to 500 L$ per class (classes are 45 minutes to an hour). We are seeking: - Substitute teachers! If you're around a lot but not constantly busy, be willing to jump in when you're free. - Sports/activity coaches! Have a favorite game, sport, or activity that you'd like to share? - Enrichment teachers! Want to teaching making clothes? Photography? Any other SL skill? - Core teachers! If you're purely in it for the teacher role-playing, this is for you. - Supervising! Are you excellent at help others have fun and avoid boredom? Try running lunch or recess! - Your Idea Here! Want to do something you don't see above? Then suggest it. IM or send a notecard to Camille Yorcliffe to express interest.
  15. Come live in the family-friendly town of Willowdale! Willowdale is the longest-running family role-playing community in Second Life, offering SL families homes and an active town since 2008. Come experience a realistic living experience, with plenty to do for everyone! Homes, shopping, restaurants, bowling, a movie theater, parks and games, ballet school, hospital, sports, town dances and activities, roller skating, a dance club, and of course Hope Harbor School -- an active neighborhood school -- fill out this detailed and realistic three-sim community. Three parcels are currently available: 103 Lakeview Drive, New Willowdale: This cozy waterfront property offers 702 prims and 1536 sqm (double prim!). Only L$1350 / week.103 Spruce Lane, Willowdale Farms: A perfect moderate-sized home, outside of town but with plenty of neighbors. Offering 936 prims on 2048 sqm (double prim!). Only L$1800 / week.333 Spruce Land, Willowdale Farms: A large private residence, perfect for bigger families and those wanting a bit more privacy while still living in a community. 1874 prims on 4096 sqm (double prim!). L$3600 / week.Looking for something smaller? Try Willowbrooke Villa, a small rental community located within the town of Willowdale, with homes starting at 500 L$ / week for a house and 200 additional prims.
  16. Just wanted to let everyone know about Willowbrooke Villa, a new rental neighborhood located within the town of Willowdale. Surprisingly Affordable. It's never been this inexpensive to rent a home in the Willowdale community. At only 500 L$ per week for a comfortable brick home with 200 prims for decorating, this will fit well within your budget.Perfect for Small Families. These nice four and a half room houses boast a cozy layout that keeps everyone connected. Just the thing for small families.Part of the Town of Willowdale. Willowbrooke Villa itself is a quiet, peaceful neighborhood, but you'll be within walking distance of the activities, attractions, and role-play settings of the three-and-a-half year old, three sim, bustling Willowdale community. Amenities include shopping, parks, bowling, church, hospital, library, movie theater, an active role-play school, ballet dance academy, roller skating and dance club, and more.Come take a look! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20Willowdale/213/56/22. And please IM SabrinaGrace Afterthought with any questions... it's her project, I'm just excited about it and asked if I could come tell you all!
  17. We are now no longer looking for high school teachers. However, we are still hiring for substitute teaching, sports or activity coaches, and an assistant principal.
  18. Oh, I meant to mention that you can also fish (7 Seas), fence (En Garde) and play Zilch (aka, Greedy or Farkle), among others. So find your favorite classic SL games here, as well.
  19. Hey everyone! Just wanted to mention I've been making a lot of classical playground games and sports at Hope Harbor School's playground. It's not just limited to people in the role-playing setting, either: anyone is welcome to come play here or grab some of the objects that you can play with anywhere! And there's never a charge to play (well, except for 7 Seas... because that one isn't up to me) Here are some of the games and activities I've built uniquely for this playground: Half-Court Basketball: Pass the ball around and shoot hoops, play Horse, and more on our outdoor basketball half-court.Slapjack: A simple but exciting children's card game that tests your reflexes as everyone tries to be the first to slap the jacks (sometimes known as Snap in the UK).Egyptian War (Ratscrew): A less widely known game, but a cult classic in many U.S. high schools, this game combines the rules of the centuries-old game "Beggar My Neighbor" with the reflexes of Slapjack.Tetherball: A common playground game. A ball hangs from a rope, and the goal is to hit the ball in such a way as to wrap the rope around the pole in your direction.Frisbees: Throw and catch frisbees with your friends. A relaxing low-pressure game.Baseball: Grab a ball, a glove, and a bat. You can play catch, bat the ball around, or even play a full game (stadium and scoreboard not included, so you'll have to keep track of your own scores!)Soccer: A working soccer field, including a game timer, scoreboard, and ball.The activities here are the product of an immense amount of scripting, animation, and building but several people, all offered for your free enjoyment. Hope you have fun!
  20. Hope Harbor School, located in the community of Willowdale, is hiring for the following positions. Experienced role-players and anyone with experience in kid and family RP settings are encouraged to apply. Please send a notecard to Camille Yorcliffe introducing yourself. High school teacherSubstitute teachersSoccer coach, or coaching for other in-world sports or activitiesAssistant principalHope Harbor is the official school for the Willowdale and Willows Cove family role-playing communities. Formerly known as Willowdale Elementary, it's been operating since February 2009, and is located in Willowdale, the longest-running family role-playing community in SL. Set your own schedule: Hope Harbor has classes at all times for students around the world, so you can teach when it's convenient for you. Teach what you want: Classes range from pure role-playing to serious building and scripting classes and practices. Family and child avatar role-playing is always central to the setting, but real skills classes fit in, too. Be appreciated: With a salary of 200 L$ per (45 minute) class session, you may not grow independently wealthy, but you'll know your role is valued. The role-playing rewards are great, too, as the Willowdale and Willows Cove communities encourage emotionally real relationships. Ask today about teaching at Hope Harbor School.
  21. Willowdale, est. 2008, is the oldest family-themed role-playing town in SL, and offers family homes at a variety of sizes to fit any family and budget. By living in Willowdale, you get: An Active Neighborhood. If you're tired of sitting at home alone, head down the road for bowling, sports fields and games, movies, parks, a functioning school and dance academy, church services and Bible studies, town dances and celebrations, shopping, restaurants, and plenty more! Real Relationships. Willowdale is a community of people that care about each other, get to know each other, and share experiences and lives. You're not just getting land; you're getting neighbors and a place in a long-standing community. Plenty of Space and Prims. Willowdale can be a community of prim hogs at times, so if you want a lot, you'll fit right in. four or five thousand prims? We can do that! Buying multiple parcels to get more prims is fine. The main residential sims have 2x prim bonuses, too, so you can make your home look great without having to sit on a sim all by yourself. Homes for Any Price Range. If you don't need a lot, though, check out our rentals for homes starting at 500 L$ / week, for a house plus 200 prims. (The town of Willowdale is not the same thing as Willowdale Estates, by the way, which I see also posts here. Incidentally, we think their places look awesome, if you are more of a private type and don't want to live in a town.) Available Parcels: 110 Bluebird Road, Willowdale Farms: 2048 sqm, 936 prims, L$1800 / week 333 Spruce Lane, Willowdale Farms: 4096 sqm, 1874 prims, L$3600 / week 350 Spruce Lance, Willowdale Farms: 2048 sqm, 936 prims, L$1800 / week 103 Lakeview Drive, New Willowdale: 1536 sqm, 702 prims, L$1350 / week IM Jess Patton to ask about parcels or to reserve even more space on an upcoming expansion. Or, check out Willowdale's rental community for rental homes starting from L$500 / week with a house + 200 additional prims.
  22. I've added two more things: A very realistic snowball thrower, that I built to get around the annoying bits of most other snowball systems... there's a 5 second delay between throws so people don't get pelted relentlessly, and the particle effects and sounds are far more realistic. Frisbees that can be thrown and caught by any number of players, letting you play any number of different frisbee games like five hundred, frisbee soccer, etc. Both are my own creations, and you can grab them from the givers here and use them anywhere in SL that allows scripts and rezzing.
  23. Extra, extra! New games at Hope Harbor playground! Hey everybody! Just lettin' ya know that I updated the playground at Hope Harbor School in the community of Willowdale, a role-playing area for families and child avatars, to add a bunch of playable games, some of which I scripted and built exclusively for this area. Although this is a light role-playing area for child avatars, the playground is completely open to anyone that likes games, whatever your avatar's size or appearance (within reason... please no nudity and such, of course, blah, blah, standard disclaimers...). The playground features: Basketball hoops for horsing around with friends.Huge soccer field that rezzes balls, and keeps time and score, and is usable by anyone 24 hours / day. A Hope Harbor School exclusive item!SL's only working, playable tetherball game. A Hope Harbor School exclusive item!Two exciting, action-filled card games built for Hope Harbor School: Slapjack and Egyptian War (aka Egyptian Ratscrew sometimes in real life). A Hope Harbor School exclusive item!Free HUDs for playing tag that work all over SL.Two fencing pistes for the popular En Garde game.7 Seas fishingZilch (a la Greedy/Farkle) table for up to 12 people.Playable tic-tac-toeOne of the most realistic and comfortable play sets to be found in SL.Swing set offering three poses - stand, sit, or lay.Tire swing seating five peopleSee-sawWorking slide. A Hope Harbor School exclusive item!Flag that can be raised and lowered for... well, whatever you decide to do with it!Ultra realistic, with detailed animations and soundsFeel free to drop by, try it out, and let me know your thoughts or suggestions. I will note that most of the games require, or at least are more fun with, two or more people, so bring a friend in case there's no one else around at the moment! Here's the location again. :)
  24. Enjoy doting over kids, watching them have fun, making sure they eat healthy and play safe and nice? Wish you could find the joy of being around children in an SL family role-playing setting? Want to make money doing it? Hope Harbor School, the official school system for the Willowdale and Willows Cove role play communities, is hiring for a lunch and recess monitor. The position requires: A deep understanding of the SL child community.Good off the cuff role-playing facilitation to keep things fun and interesting.A reassuring strong motherly / fatherly / caretaker personality.A knack for encouraging positive attitudes and helping others have a good time.This is a paid staff position at the school, up to L$200 / weekday depending on your time commitment. If interested, send a notecard describing why you'd be a good fit to Camille Yorcliffe, Kethry Triellis, and CeCe Briner. Hope Harbor school is also accepting outstanding applications for teachers at the kindergarten, elementary, or high school level.
  25. Bruce Bonham wrote: My question to you guys is can you help me find a solution that will allow my users to rotate the game board, or will I simply need to distribute it as uneditable and force them to only use the stock orientation? Sure, you're adding an offset to the current position.... just multiply that offset by the current rotation, like so: llRezObject(..., llGetPos() + <xOffset, yOffset, zOffset> * llGetRot(), ...); You probably also want to pass the result of llGetRot() for the new rotation as well.
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