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  1. On the other hand, with all the rubber-necking from people who are morbidly interested in watching a train wreck of a thread, she's managed to attract nearly twice the thread views of any other thread in the forum. Exspiranced promoter indeed!
  2. I've been maintaining this script set for a while now, but just released a new version. This is Menu Helper, a script that does a number of things, like: Reads menu descriptions from notecards.Generates menus that multiple users can use at the same time.Handles nested menus and submenus automatically.Builds scrolling automatically if you have more than 12 items.Autogenerates menus from inventory or nearby people.Manages interactions involving both button dialogs and text boxes.Automatically hides options unless the user is the owner or is in the group.Uses declared local names to link up menu
  3. Please join us from Noon to 4pm SLT, today, for games, races, live music, and fireworks in the town of Willowdale. MUSIC performed live by Bluemonk Rau, Todd Rumsford, and the Country Bumpkins!RACES and GAMES: Three legged race, frog race, pie eating contest, tug of war, and more!PRIZES: Gift certificates to a number of SL stores, especially for child avatars!FIREWORKS to enjoy together.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old%20Willowdale/203/58/22 Remember to bring sunblock and a picnic lunch!
  4. Hi there! I'm looking for a live musician for an event on July 1st, for some or all of noon to 4pm SLT. It's an outdoor event with games, races, and fireworks... so I think something like folk music, bluegrass, country... but I'm open to suggestions! Anyone interested, please let me know (in-world IMs are preferred; my IMs don't cap, but a notecard is fine, too)
  5. Hope Harbor School is a school role-playing environment for child and teen avatars. We are looking for candidates for school principal and vice principal, with a salary of 2000 L$ / week (1000 L$ for assistant). The right candidate will: Be excited about and have considerable time and energy for promoting and building the role-play setting.Balance in-character interactions with students and staff and OOC hiring, promotion, etc.Have a positive view of role-playing with child avatars, and take role playing seriously.Have considerable experience in Second Life, with at least 6 months on the c
  6. Hey Loki. The problem is that you're using recursion... every time you call anim() without finishing the previous call, the system saves off where it was on the stack, and starts a new one. After a while, these saved off states on the stack cause it to get too large and collide with the heap. The solution is to use a loop instead: while (TRUE) { ... stuff you want to happen over and over ... }
  7. Lake Willowdale is more than a sim full of open water available for exporing, water sports, and other fun. All completely free, no ads, no demo versions: just a place to have fun and relax. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Willowdale%20Farms/125/39/22 * Explore the lake in a free canoe. * Go for a swim in the open water. * Sail on the lake with the high quality Nemo sailboat. * Zip around and race your friends on jet skis. * Grab free scuba gear and explore sunken ruins, shipwrecks, and underwater caves. * See the lake from above in a hot air balloon. * Make a splash with rope swings or d
  8. Yeah, not really so much about my avatar; I wasn't doing that in-character and the picture was in a profile window, not in-world. But at some point one hopes that it would be possible to do some things from the office, or around family... not all of us sneak off, lock the doors, and close the window shades before logging in to SL!
  9. Is there a policy on nudity in profile pictures? I'm asking because I'm getting spammed by some network of objects advertising land all of a sudden, and in the course of muting the people responsible, I opened a profile and suddenly there's a picture of a nude woman on my screen. Ugh. I don't even have adult locations enabled in the viewer... but apparently people still post nude photos in plain view in their profile pictures?
  10. I'm really not sure how to react to the idea that people should change their social behavior to suit your business models. If people are at infohubs instead of your business, it's because for some reason they prefer to be there. Perhaps it's because they are too lazy to look for other locations and there's nothing you can do to get them to your business, but that's FINE. They have a right to be that way.
  11. Nice! Always good to see new family role-playing areas.
  12. Objects can't contain themselves indefinitely far in... so breedables all come from a centralized server somewhere that makes and sends out new ones... that server could be implemented as just scripts in a prim, but it can also involve servers outside of Second Life. The actual breedables all talk to that server to get "offspring" delivered.
  13. Hope Harbor School is a role-play school environment for child and teen avatars in SL, with around 4 years of history, nearly 200 members, and running over 30 classes or activities per week. If you know your way around SL and have an interesting idea for a class or activity, shoot an IM to Camille Yorcliffe and let me know. Our classes run the gamut from pure role-playing to games to useful SL or RL skills. Teaching in either voice or chat is fine. We appreciate (and pay) our teachers, and would love to add more thoughtful and creative individuals to our selective staff. Sound interesting?
  14. Hi Sage! Role-playing in SL means about as many different things as there are people doing it. You can find role-players and role-playing communities at all places on a number of scales. For instance: Combat versus Story Telling: Some role play zones are nothing more than a thin veneer over open combat zones with HUDs showing health and other stats. Some don't allow violence at all. Others resolve combat based on what tells the best story instead of everyone doing their best to "win". And there's everything in between. Fictional versus Expressing Yourself: Some role players are definit
  15. Interestingly, I think these places DO exist, but they are mostly popular in the family role-playing and child avatar communities. For example, check out Willowdale (Search for the sims Old Willowdale or New Willowdale or Willowdale Farms)... or Pleasantville, or Little Wonders or any of a bazillion other similar communities. My guess is that Willowdale is probably the least child avatar focused of these communities that I'm familiar with, but I don't know them all. These places have houses arranged in neighborhoods with roads, and community-supported activities and spaces to interact toget
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