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  1. I am a permanent resident of Canada but carry a USA passport - I am living with my sl partner who is also my legal husband and we are in Canada. Am I good or do I have to comply with the USA laws. I use my Paypal acct currently and/or my bank card? Help I am confused
  2. First time I've had this happen in all the times I have run contests. I was told by someone at midpoint the names of cheaters that have been banned from other venues. We did close the contest and had voting for a minute or two and then ended the contest. Now we are being accused of having alts so that we win!
  3. Relize it wasn't the move but ..... I have used wireless before in Montana and elsewhere with no issues at all. Is it possible when I did a clean re-install of both SL viewer & Firestorm that a file got removed, corrupted or? Like I say never have had an issue with using wireless no matter where I have lived until I got here.
  4. Everything had been fine. When I relocated in May to Canda now my viewer crashes and it does not matter whether it's SL viewer or Firestorm. Help!!!
  5. the funny part is that in local he saw his name and yummy - which to me was very weird. I will tell him what you have said altho he is not an RLV person and may not even know what that is. And will still file a report. Best to be safe then sorry - thanks
  6. My SL partner was griefed yesterday - he went over to one of our venues and suddenly saw a message in local and then things from his inventory were attached to him. Egads! Is this possible and how did it happen? He will file a report on Monday but will be get his inventory and himself back to "normal"?
  7. well Karen, if you need to test a board come on over and play with our board all you want!
  8. I think it depends on what they use as the Karaoke - now I do have the Monkey Karaoke board inworld - however have not used it yet. There are specific places to use on it like SingSnap.com and some others. Bottomline is that we are becoming more sophisticated SL'ers. And it's the technical aspect that can elude us but dig dig dig - we want it so we will do it.
  9. This information is definitely valuable!!! Thank you. Crossing my pixel fingers. Thanks.
  10. SAM2014 is the broadcaster (shoutcast stream) - broadcasting is no issue at all I am a seasoned DJ the problem is the dual streaming setup. Yes it can be done but I need to understand how to set up SAM to do that.
  11. I use SAM2014 and so does my partner - we want to dual stream strictly using SAM. Anyone doing it now? or if you dual stream using another way, please share. Thanks
  12. IMGypsy

    Lost Inventory

    The clean install was necessary and now all back. Whew. That is interesting about installing the preferred viewer last. And therein could have been the issue with the lost inventory. Live and Learn - again thank you so much Rolig. You are an invaluable resource!!! Namaste
  13. IMGypsy

    Lost Inventory

    sthx - I had done a clean install when the latest FS came out - this morning I downloaded the new sl viewer to have (just in case) and that's when FS acted up
  14. IMGypsy

    Lost Inventory

    Today I had logged another of my AVs into the SL Viewer (download the new version) - no problems. Then took my prime AV and logged into Firestorm (my preferred viewer) - OMG my 75,000 item inventory was suddenly down to 7,906!!! Tried to recreate bridge, cleared cache to no avail. How do I get what is on the SL Viewer over to Firestorm?????
  15. and do have things set for group and the entertainers wear the right tags but only in the last two months has it not worked like before (without deeding)
  16. I guess I don't get why suddenly things have changed when I never had to do that. I would set the land to the group but never deed it - to me too many negatives on deeding.
  17. no renters - what I did was parcel for my various venues to have entertainers sing or DJ and remain within that parcel. This is private estate not mainland.
  18. I used to own the entire SIM I am now renting on. As a sim owner I never had an issue with other ppl rezzing or posting eents on the SL events board (who had the right perms, of course) - then I turned over the ownership to another person. Everything was still ok. Rating changed from M to A - still no issue. Then recenty another owner took over. Rating is now M again. However, now even with proper perms they are unable to rez objects unless I open the parcel to "building". I have never had to deed a parcel or land to a group - it has been suggested tho that it might be necessary. What is the negative of doing that? Help! I'm at a loss why all of a sudden this has changed.
  19. The owner is a RL friend of mine - was his estate manager that did it while he is away from sl. He will make it right and yes having owned a sim I know an owner can do as they please but notification prior is wise as you said and that was what I did always. Thanks for your response
  20. I did not give permission for my boundaries to be altered in any manner. The owner wanted to put a stream of water between my land and his. Result was I no long own my land and the boundaries were altered and several of my venues (clubs & an art gallery were returned to me). What can I do if anything?
  21. Where do I the form to transfer ownership of my sim?
  22. My sim is currently M rated. I have a renter who would not object to changing it to A rating. I have two music venues and several spoken word events on the sim now. My thought were can I rent more land/skyboxes with an A rating. My partner and I have our parcel no cam and group owned and the other renter I know has the same thing. So from that standpoint we are good. Just weighing the pros and cons. The sim has been in existence for 2 1/2 years with me as owner. Just trying to figure out if that change will be of benefit. And, yes, perception is important but not the whole picture either. I would not have common areas with sex pose balls by any means...just looking at it as more options for those wanting land.
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