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  1. The broadcaster is corrected. Someone had removed the receiver and thus broad did not work.
  2. UPDATE: weird but I do belief while we were on hiatus for a week - we had some mischief on the land. Seems my broadcaster was missing the receiver. Rezzed a new one and voila - everything works again on the board AND for the manager. Talk about Freeky! Whew. Thanks everyone. A small thing and it's not big enough to notice it but was the issue.
  3. and I have the DGX-1000 Broadcaster which has ALWAYS worked and then after January 1st boom - it blew up. Frankly, when I have an intuitive Broadcaster that will identify the live performer and my hosts/manager can access the "manager" tab on it - NO ONE need to drop streams in the land. That's why I bought it. But suddenly between 12/27 and 1/3/21 her role abilities went out the door. I do have a ticket in with my premium support now - so maybe we can discover why. It is simple mystifying and frustrated. Thanks Molly for all your help.
  4. I'm sorry the putting stream in land was not needed at that time - but when the boards weren't working then we discovered that. I honestly think the land needs to be deeded on that parcel. This morning the boards are working voila to an extent. I do want to have my premium ability to chat with support but I cannot find that link. It is slowly working it's self out but I am convinced that between 12/27 when everything worked perfectly (other then the untested putting streams directly in the land) and then after the new year the board and other minor things went BOOM!
  5. Well the role ability she has had since she came on board over 30 days ago but until our board developed an issue - she did not have to try to put the stream directly into the land. Here's the thing: our last event was on Dec 27th - we do not run 24/7 - so the next time we had live events was on Sunday January 3rd. My boards were working! No issue. There is a manager button on the board where the host can put in the performers stream efficiently. NEVER a problem. On Sunday we tried and even I couldn't do it - the code was internet exploded(response: 200) a connection issue. So logically and rationally WHAT happened between December 27th and January 3rd? I do have a support ticket in to the creator to find out if/what happened to his board. Then we discovers she could not put the stream in the land. I am not a noob and I am very computer savvy plus I have always had venues (sure that doesn't count for a lot but. . . and with some of the issues the past few weeks in SL . . . well I am grasping for answers. Now if I try deeding that parcel to the staff group, can I undo that - I have never never had to deed any parcel I've ever had. So sign me perplexed, befuddled, (still calm and rational) but . . .
  6. No that I have not tried that - would I do it to the Staff Group I can try can always change it. thx
  7. I realize that the personal perms have nothing to do with this. I never have had a Manager before but common sense is to give them the right perms/abilities and they are all appropriate for the level of her role. I have owned land and rented land always have had music venues. And even the sim owner checked to make sure nothing he had setup should interfere. Hopefully someone will know the answer. Thanks everyone.
  8. The venue group is for guests only NO staff. My staff group is for hosts, artists (I have galleries) and live performers and spoken word hosts. That is only for staff and my manager is on that group. AND she also has my perms to change my physical stuff and I have her's. And never do I deed to the land but when I setup the groups I use me and the main staff group. Hope that makes sense.
  9. yes just set to group and yes I verified that it was the right role in the right group. Yup she definitely is using the right group for the right parcel. I am so baffled. I know there have been several issues the past week or so in SL but did not see any alerts for this kind of thing.
  10. No the land is not deeded to the group. As far as I know she can do everything else.
  11. I just hired a new manager - set the role abilities which I would think appropriate for a manager to have including being able to change the stream on the land. I rent several parcels and one is for a music venue. Unfortunately, she is not able to put a new stream in the land. What am I missing? Does my manager have to be an officer? I do not want my manager to be an owner. What am I doing wrong or not seeing? Thanks for any help.
  12. I wish they would give us a heads up - guess I missed out on a Stilt home for now!
  13. Been awhile since I did this - how to I get a new house with my premium account.
  14. NO - I put in two new performers - the one was fine but the second was not. Not a glitch in the board - trust me I am not a noob. And I may not be a programmer but it is something with the AV name - so I will file a case on it. Thx everyone - I thought I might put it out here. BUT it simply is not the board. YES and that was when Daffy had to issue new boards to everyone which these are those boards. I have a couple other minds I will be talking to because it simply is very weird.
  15. Trust me it is NOT the board. I have used the same boards since Daffy created them AND UNTIL this moment never an issue. Something about the name of the AV
  16. It is bizarre - no the name that inserted was close to the avatar name! A mystery for sure. When I resolve it, I will share what happened. A fluke or a flaw in his name. The boards are updated when updates come along and never never has this ever happened in all these years.
  17. No this started over two weeks ago and means I have to manual put the stream in. So very very frustrating and why would it change the way I put the name in? NOW if I was a noob just starting to use boards for broadcasting.... Yes, it makes every DJ and live performer able to log in without having to have anyone there (when I cannot get inworld - the show must go on.. The Board is working fine. I may just have to submit a ticket since I am a premium member. Thought I would see if anyone might know the answer. thanks
  18. thx so much - glad I am not alone!
  19. I have been in SL 9 years. In that time I have used Live performers and put them on my Broadcaster board which is one of the best. Other then in the beginning missing very few times when it did not work (but found the answer) and works. NOW I have a live performer and (this is not a question for the maker of the board) when I put the name in as it is shown on the profile - suddenly it adds resident. And I even copied the name directly from the profile and the name was totally change. NOT his Avatar name at all. OK I am perplexed. The performer gave him his login name - still not working. HELP!!! I try to make it easy for my performers to logon to the board if by chance SL is wonky and I cannot get inworld. HELP HELP HELP!
  20. I always keep my dashboard up on my Browser so I can see who is inworld - the last two days my dashboard show not one of my friends is online. Well I know that is not the fact. How do I get that back?
  21. Been so long that I changed premium houses I cannot remember how to do it? HELP
  22. I am a permanent resident of Canada but carry a USA passport - I am living with my sl partner who is also my legal husband and we are in Canada. Am I good or do I have to comply with the USA laws. I use my Paypal acct currently and/or my bank card? Help I am confused
  23. First time I've had this happen in all the times I have run contests. I was told by someone at midpoint the names of cheaters that have been banned from other venues. We did close the contest and had voting for a minute or two and then ended the contest. Now we are being accused of having alts so that we win!
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