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  1. Recently loaded Firestorm for the 1st time. Can someone tell me how to prevent the Firestorm viewer from minimizing every time I attempt to use another application simultaneously? I Dj in SL and its a downright behind the scenes fiasco. Thanks for any help at all.
  2. I am a merchant and club owner in SL. Recently, had an encounter in a club in which one person received 6 votes and the nearest competitor had two. This is almost always an indication that cheating has occurred in one form or another. Either alts are voting for the primary owner or there has been some sort of consortium between several AVI's to vote for one person (and split the winnings amongst themselves). Anyway, in this case it was 6 people all visiting on Skype and agreeing to vote for their friend. I don't know what their intentions were regarding the winnings. Perhaps they just wanted their friend to win. Perhaps not. My question is, according to LL guidelines, do I have a right to remove them from the contest? I consider this stuffing the ballot box and unfair to the rest of the guests as well as the sponsor of the event. Would like to know what my legal options are for future events. Thanks.
  3. Why would I suddenly be unable to view media of any kind in world. This changed without any prompting. All was fine then suddenly I can get sound of the media playing but not the visual. This is the case regardless of computer used (desktop & laptop), regardless of viewer used (SL viewer & Firestorm) and regardless of sim. I am now at a complete loss. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Inventory list disappears since updating SL viewer. Enter search term and list disappears. This happens about half the time and once it does it can take many attempts to just get the inventory list to appear again. Any ideas as to how to remedy this?
  5. Can someone tell me of a device that will play radio streams locally and not change the stream URL for the entire parcel? I am leasing out skyboxes on my sim and would like to stack the skyboxes but don't want everyone changing the whole parcel URL. Any help or advice would be appreciated.Thanks.
  6. Have been logging and reloading. Seems that the sky is black regardless of what I do. I have tried changing thru the environment editor and the lighting changes but the sky remains black. Anyone have any info or suggestions regarding this? Thanks.
  7. Coby Foden wrote: Lex Solari wrote: Am I the only one who thinks that shceduling this type of thing during the day is rediculous? Who wants to login in the morning hours? Go to work! :smileytongue: It's 7:23 am in the west coast of USA. Here in Europe it's 5:23 pm and we cannot login. :matte-motes-frown: /me goes and reads a book while Linden Lab is banging things... I'm trying to go to work but the office has shut down for scheduled maintainence! :matte-motes-evil-invert:
  8. OK...this is an arguement that i can buy.....still bites though. This is MY day off! LOL
  9. my guess is at 40% we ARE the largest single market.
  10. Ahhh...not debating peak times. Asking why this isnt done at the slowest part of the 24 hr day cycle.
  11. Am I the only one who thinks that shceduling this type of thing during the day is rediculous? In the name of customer service why wouldn't this be done during the night like any other well run organziation would do? I realize that SL is international and it is always prime time somwehere but I also know that the vast majority of SL account holders are in the US. Thanks for allowing me to vent.
  12. I have been having this issues for 3 weeks now and have been unable to arrive at a solution. All viewers have the problem, and frankly it is sucking the enjoyment out of my favorite pastime. Fortunately. I have the most success at log in. Often my avatar will rez correctly (or with an intial rebake) but any change of textures such as clothing or skin will send me invisible again and the only solution is to relog and hope for the best. By invisible, I mean in whole or in part, often with teeth. hair, and eyes being the only thing visble. Perhaps a month ago...i realized that the blue irises of my eyes had suddenly become brown and the whites invisible. Some fiddling at the time fixed this but i realsize now that this was probably the beginning of my issues. Loading other eyes has not helped the overall problem so I tend to think that they are not the source fo the problem. I also have had some luck by creating a naked outfit and rezzing it when i have become invisbile. This is best done only at home though Hoping there are some clues in my story above that would provide some tech savvy individual enough info to help nail down a solution here.
  13. All the profile pics that would normally show in the task bar as profile pics when having conversations are now black. What's the fix?
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