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  1. Third Party Exchanges are allowed to sell LS. You will find the list of them HERE The nice comparison of them with price for 1 k LS is to be found here HERE
  2. I have just checked, if anybody is interested. To buy 1000 LS on LindeX I must pay: Estimated Total : US$ 4.35 To get 4,35 USD on PayPal, which I use for SL, I must spend 3,42 Euro. so this is LindeX price for 1K L$.
  3. I buy LS in Podex by sending Euros from my online bank account and occasionally by CC without PayPal and it works.
  4. The new ToS does not say precisely that avatars are not allowed to buy LS from other exchanges as well as from other avatars. What is more 5.3 states that "There are other exchanges that are operated by third parties on which Linden dollars are exchanged" but there are not authorised by Linden Lab. In fact they have never been so there is no big change in ToS. If you look at 1. CHANGES TO THIS AGREEMENT This Agreement may be changed by Linden Lab effective immediately by notifying you as provided in Section 13.4 below; provided that Material Changes will become effective thirty (30) days
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