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  1. Well I was very impressed on how their dog avatar looked, even better then the normal pets we buy.
  2. lol not what that this falls into in forums, I overheard a conversation I became very curious about it. This person was playing as a German Shepherd, which the avatar was fantastic looking btw, but they also play as a human too...I guess half dog and half human kind of thing but it seemed they were enjoy themslves playing that way. Anyway..this person had asked if there was such a thing as being adopted. I know their is kid adoptions etc Now I know many plp buy pets. But would anyone adopt a dog avatar that a person is playing as?
  3. Still an issue going on, not with the card but the sites. Must be sl acting up again..
  4. Is it just me or is Linden lab not letting us buy L$$ from here? because I tried a few times now and there not letting my credit card go through or something. Bad enough they took the other third party exchanges away.
  5. haha well sometimes I'm just comfortable playing my male avatar all the time.
  6. Yes i agree what your saying. Others cannot seem to understand that it is not real life, but they get so serious with bringing real life into second life.
  7. Just writing what came to my mind. And I know it is not a blog so I fixed it so it won't be. No I prefer not to have to tell my RL gender to all but it seems now these days too many want to know about RL since to me its silly.
  8. I do notice some people need to require alot of rl information.
  9. I agree that some people might not be comfortable with it. On the other hand I know some females actually like the idea of dating a male avatar"if they fall in love with that person" because they have a softer side to them.
  10. I know some are transgender and who also feel that they do not belong to their body, if its a male or female. I for once know others make a male avatar just to know how it is being in a guys world. But I have no problem with anyone choosing what they want to be. Second life is full of experiences.
  11. So I am writing this about opposite sex because Ive seen this a lot lately about some people judging others very easily. But anyways I hear a lot about others playing the opposite gender but..the problem is others start asking too much about our Real life information, such as our gender in the outside world. Yes some will keep that private and not voice, and others are willing to give that information. But end up lying to those close to them causes much more problems to friends or lovers. Some will accept or not accept since most are so interested in finding out your RL gender then become
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