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  1. Since the updated Linden Dollar Authorized Reseller Program was launched, a lot of new companies appeared on the official Linden Lab's resellers list. To wrap my head around it, I've updated my Third Party L$ Exchanges list, included those new companies and organized all of them by the best price offered. My price comparison is based on the final cost of purchasing 1000 L$. I mean - FINAL. I went through the whole ordering process and checked how much they add on the top of official prices listed on their websites. I compared prices in EUR, since this is the most common currency supported by Third Party Linden Dollar Exchanges. Whenever it was possible, I listed the costs of purchasing L$ through PayPal. Is the most popular service used by SL Residents and therefore it is the most relevant one. If PayPal payments are not supported, VISA Card payment price is listed. If VISA Card payment is not supported neither, first cheapest available means of payment are listed. The price range is huge. And what's interesting, the most well known companies turned out to be the most expensive… But what is even more surprising - I've end up with two lists. The second one features almost half of the Third Party Exchanges. They are listed by LL as authorized resellers but they are not operating or don't even have a website… For detailed list on the list go to https://sites.google.com/site/lindensexchange/ COMPANYCOUNTRIESPRICE for 1000L$viagame Portugal3.33 EURPodexworldwide3.40 EUR ZoHaIslandsworldwide3.50 EUR Xchange4LSworldwide3.68 EUR Smenarna Czech Republic, Slovakia3.70 EURGyndex Netherlands, Belgium3.79 EURBudamb worldwide3.83 EURTeleDollar worldwide3.86 EURCrossWorldsworldwide4.07 EUR Virtuatex Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg4.08 EURBulidoEuropean Union4.09 EURCashServicesworldwide4.17 EURVirWoXworldwide4.18 EUR RUexchange worldwide4.51 EUR DXexchangeNetherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, United States, Canada, Poland, European Union4.66 EURAnsheXmore than 1004.79 EUR Third Party Linden Dollar Exchanges listed by LL but not operating or with website errors COMPANYCOUNTRIESPRICE for 1000L$CasperTechworldwideno infoCMJProductionsworldwideno infoCoinekworldwidenot operatingELDEXchangeworldwidenot operatingHhexicolaBrazilnot operating (no website)Luxoryworldwidenot operatingMBKashFrancenot operatingMetabirdsworldwideno infovForExAustralia, Canada, Europe, United Statesnot operatingVireX65 countried in Europe, USA and Africaservice not functioningVMExchangeworldwidenot operatingWoozkashEuropeservice not functioning
  2. Podex Exchange is still operating.
  3. It is not that pointless, sicne you CAN use prepaid credit card in Podex
  4. Since the change in ToS left us all a bit confused, I´ve just visited all the websites of 3rd party exchanges to check on the present situation and I´ve prepared a small summary of their statements. My list is based on the archive version of the article ¨Third Party Linden Dollar Exchanges¨ removed from Second Life Wiki by Jeremy Linden on May 7th, 2013. In the end we really have only AnsheX and Podex still operating. CrossWorlds xchange also provides services but only to their already existing clients. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For anyone intereseted in current situation here is the link to my List of Third Party Linden Dollar Exchanges after the change of ToS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Operating ExchangesAnsheX operating AnsheX Support Team on Live Chat assured that nothing has changed for their company and they are still allowed to buy and sell L$. PODEX operating, applying to become officially registered MSB Despite the dark clouds over independent third party exchanges Podex Exchange continues its normal work selling and buyingL$. The only change is stricter security policy which can cause delays with some transactions. We are sorry for it. We also want to assure our clients that not only their real money and linden dollars are save with us but also their personal data. Our policy of not requiring any registration to use Podex services have always guaranteed maximum security. We just have nothing to be stolen. To remain in total compliance with Linden Lab regulations and The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”) guidance our legal office started preparing application process to become officially registered money services business (MSB). Not Operating ExchangesDX exchange not operating As to all the other third party exchanges Linden Lab has summed us to end all our exchange activities by Monday morning San Fransisco time. It is still our opinion that the TOS gives us a 30 days period after the first notification of the change to prepare us for the reduction of our right to exchange inSL. However we do realize that with blocking our avatars Linden Lab can disable our business within seconds. We also realize that we put our clients at risk to lose their lindens in case we annoy Linden Lab. To avoid so we suspend our exchange activities indefinitely at Sunday Night 0.00 hours by shutting down our systems. We advise our clients to withdraw their lindens at our ATM's right after they have purchased them, but anyhow before Sunday Night 23.00 hours to be sure to get them delivered before shut down. Might there be payments to our escrow bank account for which no lindens are delivered, these payments will be refunded because we cannot execute backorders.Starting to prep for this 'meltdown' we disabled the possibility to sell lindens to us. We also disabled the credit card as a payment option. For these clients it is the easiest to buy at the Lindex. VirWox not operating 2013-05-11: UPDATE regarding changes in Linden Lab's TOS Linden Lab has recently changed their Terms of Service. As a result, we are currently not able to offer our service to Second Life residents. This means that our in-world terminal can currently not accept Linden Dollars from Second Life and there can be no payouts of Linden Dollars to Second Life.Other currencies are not affected. If you have Linden Dollars on your VirWoX account, you may still exchange them to another currency and request a payout. We are working towards a solution and will post updates here as the situation develops. Please refrain from sending us support messages about this issue, at the moment we will not be able to give you more information. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ------------- Linden Lab has recently changed their Terms of Service. Under the new rules, we will no longer be able to offer our service to Second Life residents. Linden Lab insists that our in-world terminals (ATMs) have to be removed. This means that we can currently not accept Linden Dollars from Second Life or pay Linden Dollars to Second Life. Other virtual currencies are not affected. We will post updates here as the situation develops. Please refrain from sending us support messages about this issue, at the moment we will not be able to give you more information. CrossWorlds xchange not operating, open only to existing users to sell L$ CrossWorlds xchange - On May 7, 2013 we were sent notification by Linden Lab that they would no longer allow Third Party Exchanges to operate in Second Life. As per the Second Life ToS we have 30 days to comply. We have contacted Linden Lab to clarify the problem and as of yet had NO reply. Therefore... we will operate until June 5,2013. PLEASE NOTE: if you have not used our service before we WILL NOT accept your transaction via PayPal, you will only be able to buy via Bitcoin! Our service is only open to existing users to sell L$ Xchange4LS not operating As everyone already knows, we had to stop our service because of the updated ToS of Second Life with immediate effect. The recent negotiations with Linden Labs brought little hope for resumption of services in the same manner as before. We are currently thinking about how we can modify our service, so that our customers from SL, who have no credit card or paypal can participate on Secondlife further. We can no longer make payments of Linden Dollars, our scripts were stopped by Linden Labs. Any further attempt would result in the suspension of our avatars. In case of questions or ambiguities please contact of Linden Labs directy. ELDEXchange not operating As notified on 07.05.2013, the new Terms of Service of LindenLab affect the business of Third Party Exchanges as us. It might be that they are not allowed to do business in Second Life anymore with immediate effect. We are seeking for clarification. In the meantime we cannot accept any new orders for Second Life, therefore we have deactivated all our services. Of course we complete orders, which have been placed before. As soon as we get any news, you will be informed immediately. In the meantime please don't send any questions about this issue, since we can't answer them yet. Thank you for your patience and understanding Exchange24 not operating サービス停止のお知らせ (Notice of Service Interruptions) moneyslex not operating Linden Lab has recently changed their Terms of Service. Trading L$ as Third Party exchange Linden Lab interprets as "unauthorized" as "not permitted". This would mean that we can at the moment not offer our service to Second Life residents. We will update you if we get new informations. VM Exchange not operating Linden Lab has change ToS of Second Life, at the moment we are not allowed to sell or buy L$. We are trying to get information from Linden Lab, we will give more information as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. Virtuateq eXchange not operating Zoals jullie wellicht al hebben gelezen heeft Linden Lab op 7 mei de nieuwe Second Life Terms of Service uitgebracht. In het kort komt het erop neer dat wij als 3rd Party Exchange geen Linden dollars meer mogen kopen of verkopen. Maar voorlopig in ieder geval nog tot aanstaande zondag.Zodra er meer nieuws is hierover berichten wij dat op onze website. (As you may have already read, Linden Lab released the new Second Life Terms of Service on May 7. In short, it means that we, as 3rd Party Exchange of Linden dollars, are no longer allowed to buy or sell. For the time being, at least until next Sunday. Once there is more news, we will post it on our website.) Brando Estate not operating No statement, only sad error message: Warning: main(menuepunkte/en/lindenkauf.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/17/d214810556/htdocs/index.php on line 118 Bulido not operating Linden Lab has recently changed their Terms of Service. Section 5.3 states that transactions on Linden Dollar exchanges other than the LindeX are "unauthorized" and "Buying or Selling Linden dollars anywhere other than the LindeX is done so solely at your own risk.". This is not much different that what is was before. However, in a recent blog post Linden Lab interprets "unauthorized" as "not permitted". This would mean that we can no longer offer our service to Second Life residents. We have asked Linden Lab for clarification. Until we know what this all means, we have disabled all transactions. We will post updates here when we know more. Please refrain from sending us support questions about this issue, at the moment we will not be able to give you more information. FANTASYLAND Estate’s vForEX Inc. not operating 8th May 2013: Owing to the changes in Linden Labs’ TOS for Second Life, vForEX Inc. activities have been suspended till further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience to our clients. MBKASH not operating No statement, functionality of the website removed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I´ll do my best to keep it updated. For anyone intereseted in current situation here is the link to my List of Third Party Linden Dollar Exchanges after the change of ToS.
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