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  1. I've noticed people would prefer to just talk on here or Twitter. I guess I'm fine with that, but I looove Facebook games so I thought I could have friends on it! Lol. Olivia is definitely my little miracle. I may be young, but I'm not the first or last person to fall pregnant young. c:
  2. I'm sure with my name and age everyone is going to know exactly what goes on in my life and is going to figure out where I live. That made a lot of sense.
  3. I understand what everyone is saying. I just enjoy talking to people because in RL most of my friends dropped me when they found out I was pregnant. Plus my doctor told me to stay in bed. So I'm on the internet a lot, and I thought it would just be nice to talk to people and have somewhat of a social life. Anyone who doesn't like this post, that's fine, it's understandable. I just thought it might be kind of neat to have friends all over the world, I suppose. It's different. Sorry if this post offends anyone. It wasn't intended for that at all.
  4. This is my first post and first time using the forums. This subject is a little (or a lot) off of topic! But I couldn't find the appropiate place to put this so this was my closest guess. Does anyone here like to communicate with your SL friends via something else rather than SL? Example; Facebook. I think it is okay to add people from SL on Facebook, as long as you make another whole account for that purpose only; SL friends. So that way you can keep in touch when you're not playing and still discuss SL and just chat to make friends. So that way also, you can keep whatever information private you want, that you don't want people from SL or the internet anywhere, to know. I made a new Facebook account yesterday. It's for my SL friends only. c: Feel free to add me, anyone who reads this. (I also made a new email account too, for SL purposes only). My email is olivia.penelope@yahoo.com. Here's a wee bit of info about me, just in case you consider adding me. I'm Sam, 18, pregnant with my baby girl Olivia, and I love talking to people from SL. lol c:
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