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  1. I had no idea, after the RZ ban, there were others still doing the same. Thanks for the link Irene!
  2. I think that dissabling media autoplay is enough. Personally I have the autoplay dissabled because my internet just is not so fast and when I tp to an overloaded sim, this seems to add to the rezzing time it demands. But it has been said, if you are in doubt about a certain place, turning off your media previous to teleport to a suspicios place would be a good idea. Also, if you use Phoenix, each time you go somewhere, even with your media enabled, if the stream you are about to hear isn't in your "white list", it will ask you if you trust it, you can just allow it temporarily, refuse it temporarily, add it to your white list or add it to a blank list that would mean you'll never have your media enabled for that particular stream. But if you have resons to believe someone, or in somewhere, ips are being collected or alt accounts are being tracked somehow, you should report this.
  3. Since you have doubts about it, I would answer you that there is no hurry or need to spend money, Most activities you can do in SL are for free, there are a few that requiere smaller investments, like equipment to get involved in certain roleplays. You can modify your avi, and get free clothes, skin, hair, clothes, etc., just for free. I would think that spending money is something you do when you reach certain point, that you feel like it is an expense you are willing to pay like the tickets for a movie. For instance, at the point when you found a certain skin or a particular avatar, that's not being given away for free, but it is something you would feel it represents you, and would say more about yourself than your present look. There might be a point, you feel like you need a place for yourself, and you feel like renting land or a house, but that might be more than buying tickets, because you'll have to pay recurrent fees to support it. But all those decitions can wait, until you feel you need those things. And might be in years from now. There is people that never bought lindens, and been here for years. There is people that worked to make lindens before ever buying. And there is people that the first thing they did after rezzing was buying L$. It's a very personal choice, and if you have doubts, don't do it.
  4. Make sure that your trading limits haven't been reseted when you updated your credit card info: https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/describe-limits.php
  5. If you never bought lindens before, your limit to buy L$ is only u$30, that would be around L$7500. Take a look at this page while you are logged, the limits that applies to you should be highlighted. https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/describe-limits.php If that's not the answer, probably you need to call support Billing support phone numbers Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long-Distance 703.286.6277 Local Toll-Free numbersFrance: 0805.101.490 Germany: 0800.664.5510 Japan: 0066.33.132.830 Portugal: 800.814.450 Spain: 800.300.560 UK: 0800.048.4646 Support is in English Only 
  6. Perhaps the sign is not your parcel but in a neighbour parcel. Right click on it, select edit, by the arrows position you should be able to realize if the object it is actually inside your parcel. If it's not, then you'd have to contact the neighbour parcel owner and ask him/her to return it. Another option is that the sim or your client are slow refreshing, First try relogging, if that doesn't work, you might need a sim restart. To have your sim restarted if it is mainland, you'll have to submit a ticket, if it's a private sim, you'll have to ask a estate manager or the sim owner to restart it.
  7. Hello Cheval! There is a list of alternative viewers here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory At the bottom on the list there are some non-graphical viewers that might work as you are looking for.
  8. Pamela: I read your post about you ARing someone. What you mention about merchants is a different issue than what Chelsea mentions about customers. I agree that for different reasons, specially when it comes to arguments about content theft, there should be a chance to reach a real person. Althoe, I don't know how that works with international regulations, and I always suspected that LL tries to avoid at all costs falling in those situations. And actually, I wonder if what it is necessary is that you are able to identify a real person behind a merchant or what would be necesary is that LL acts in some matters as more actively against common frauds, like content theft, land lords that suddenly re-sell land, and some other activities where they actually could take action but look somewhere else and leave the people standing in the void and not knowing where to go or what to do, or who to trust. There are people in SL that scammed and kept scamming without LL taking an action until it was too late, or until voluntarily deleted their accounts and are probably repeating same or different practices. If you remember the banks, there had to be many frauds, and LL doing nothing about until they definitly closed the non-recognized ones. And at all costs they avoided to intervene in the fraud claims of different people. Or they are too soft and look somewhere else, or they ban the activity and avoid the situation, but they rarely offer a sanction to an avatar commiting fraud, name it merchant, landlord, bank, etc. That lack of LL intervention is the major cause for people tagging certain groups of "suspicios" when they shouldn't. Now limiting the access to the marketplace to people that has the ability to buy lindens inside SL, like Chelsea sugested is acompletle different matter.
  9. Gracias Wara, están muy buenos. Lo que te dice Cat lo noté también en el último, no en el del televisor, más que el volumen de la música, creo que es que es muy aguda y se mezcla mucho con tu voz creo..
  10. About the payment info on file: as Josh has standed, is not always easy to have payment info on file, not for every country. If you check in Answers, you'll see alot of people, not only in Southamerica, that had problems when PayPal was blocked for people outside US. But even with PayPal enabled, it doesn't cover all the countries, nor all the possible payment methods people in the different countries is used to or allowed by goverment laws to. There are also Recognized Exchanges, and they exist precisely for this reason, some people uses them to trade L$ for RL money of different currencies, and some sell lindens through phone credits. The people using this exchages won't have payment info in their files, althoe they might still have access to more money than people with payment info. People with no payment info, might be alts of people with info that only bother using one account to buy L$. Also, as Josh also standed, people without access to L$ using RL money might offer in sl services and products as a way to access lindens. Assuming PIOF is the way to know if someone has money and might be a potential customer is quite innacurate, and borderline to discriminatory as Josh pointed out, the same as assuming something just because someone has a certain skin color, or practices a certain religion, or is female, or is male, or has certain sex-preferences, or lives in a certain country. I don't fully agree with what Josh sais about the elitism in SL, but I line up with his ideas in general, and I'll give you a little to think about if you are starting to tag people just because the payment info on file: there are several countries around the world, including Europe and US going through economical crisis, this means there is people lossing their job, and having dificulties to finding a job, with their jobs, loosing they are loosing their credit cards that once granted them having payment information on file. Those people, if ever joined sl, or been granted access to the marketplace should be requested newer payment information? should them be also banned from SL because they won't be potential customers anymore and they might become contents thieves in their need of an income? And how about people that made a RL income from SL, they are few but there are some, even some merchants stand that in their profiles, or in their stores policies, they have payment info on file because they use SL as a way to extract funds to their real lives, that means they earn more than what they spend, they are potential customers as long as they are still able to mantain a good balance between what they spend and what they earn, should their incomes be put under the microscope to see if they are true valuable customers or not? And back to the freebies issue: for what I seen you sell decor and items for houses, to have a house you need a land to rezz it, to have land you requiere a place that is mostly given in exchange of lindens, or you have a friend with a house that pays the lindens, and that allows you to rezz the items. In either case, the most probable is this person has an income, or friends with an income, that will see the object that you given away. So the purpose of advertising your store with your item, if you are labeled as creator of the item, is reached anyways.
  11. Hi Chosen. Thanks for going through the pain of reading my post, while reading your reply I realized I made more than the spelling and grammar mistakes I already fixed, and sometimes simply used the wrong terms. I spent quite a while trying to post quoting you and explaining step by step, but apparently results in a very very long text and when I try to post it I got all kinds of warnings. So, sadly, I'll summarize. First and perhaps most important, because I believe it took you, and probably others, a lot of work trying to figure out what I was trying to say (it was late last night when I wrote it, and some neuron in my brain was crashed), I meant to say "baked texture" whenever I said UV map, so I was trying to explain that the same texture you can use in several different prims (I know each sculpts requires only one) is not re-usable when you replace it with a texture with shadows baked into it, because the shadows for one prim hardly match another when you change its shape (i.e..: from sphere to cube). Even thou, you managed to answer me! and that's amazing in itself :smileyvery-happy: True, what you stand about the different stages content creators went through, the Linden Lab was part of that learning process also, and I have absolutely nothing against "amateur" content creators, quite the contrary, I've seen over the years talented people that had a "second chance" making a career here, without previous practice in a certain area, and successfully compete with others that were experienced professionals in the same subject. I think that is perhaps one the biggest values of SL. Specially when it comes to arts, skilled artists tend to be undervalued in RL, many people prefers to have in their RL other sources of income and relegate art, in SL some of them shine and marvel with their "relegated" skills, or at least they find a place to show them. That's perhaps also the main reason I wouldn't change SL for World of Warcraft of anything of the likes. Others, (perhaps like you?) come here with a well worth background,, and a worthy set of advices of what to do and what not to, and what might be done, or a simple answer to why this works better than that, those are indispensable for speeding up our learning curve too. Now to the more interesting point: textures with baked shadows or not. Before reading you, and for the last few months since I came back (I spent around a year away) I been blaming textures for lag, and I had the feeling the lag in some areas rises in exponential scale, so I blamed shades, if I spend a good while rezzing a place, and when I finally see it, I find walls and objects with a good amount of shadow baked textures, I tend to blame them. This is a one side perception, it could be the same lag that was there before, could be my computer, could be my IP provider, could be a hundred reasons, but that got into my head and was the reason of this post, and the reason I also started building what you might call "cartoonish" objects. I thought dynamic shadows were more common too, now I have to rethink the whole concept... but I also like your alternatives (multiple textures in a larger one, which I already considered) and the additional prim. I knew that last "trick" but I never pondered it too much, or considered it a way to improve the efficiency of the textures rezzing process, I even have an objection to it, some buildings rezz completely and you keep seeing them gray and having no clue what are them because that shadow texture might delay more rezzing (due to the use a big resolution texture on it instead of the low res? too many different textures for shadows similar to too many baked textures?) I'll certainly have to experiment more with this. And finally, your answer to the settings question... Oh my!!! I thought I had a cool computer but now I have had a glimpse of what being a digital god might be!!!!:smileyvery-happy: I design software and hardware in RL, but I never been above 2 monitors in my life, I don't think I'd ever even feel comfortable, I sometimes loose myself in one alone :smileytongue: I'll have to be happy to try different client settings with what I have. Thanks for your reply Chosen! It's most appreciated.
  12. I like that idea, if I delay too much to teleport, then I choose not to go But my question, is more building oriented, what I have to consider when building? a user that will see the lowest quality possible of everything, and needs the shadows to be stressed and exagerated for them to see some realism on the scene? or a user that will see the scene at full client quality, without excess of details added to replace client quality? I feel it is a vicious cicle, if there are too many textures used merely to replace what client can do and does, but people lowers it because at full quality it is slower, but at same time it is slower because we have to render too many. There shouldn't be some general criteria for this? there is an accepted criteria for this and I am missing it?
  13. The post about building codes has inspired me to ask about something that is bugging me lately. I noticed that every day more builders include "shaded" o "shadowed" textures in their building, houses and stores but what called more of my attention, is that I can see that effect in almost every new item. I think that trend started with the sculpties mostly, it's not too difficult to include ambient occlusion in a texture, or even shadows. In the "old" times, we didn't had reflection and shadows, I don't remember if we had them by the time the sculpties came to life into sl, but certainly we do now! Problem: you need a decent video card, a decent computer, etc, to be able to appreciate those client-side capabilities. With textures seems easier... But... a few things I noticed too: 1) some sculpties could be easily textured with a single texture, flat ones specially, and some shapes too, but if I use ambient occlusion, I most likely need to generate a uv map for that certain sculpt, that when deformed a bit won't look that nice, this causes some buildings that require more than one prim with the same texture if to require a different texture for it, and in the client side, a lot of rezzing time. 2) some builders tend to use (I think it is quite popular) one texture with darkened borders, and you can see it in different stretching sizes in same building, so the borders match, but the deformation of the patterns is visible. 3)abuse of shadows: this is, in places like a building outdoors that isn't occluded by any building at all, and wouldn't be occluded because it is too tall, and it is surrounded by a significantly void area, still it haa textures with shadows, in some cases I'd think the person who rezzed the building didn't payed attention to that detail, or the builder had some other landscape in mind, but the more I look around, I see this as a tendency, and I see quality buildings with this kind of details that make me wonder: why? why?! I assume most of this details and buildings are made considering a vast majority of users use the client in lower quality settings, and in those cases most buildings might look better, but is this an improvement? what should be the client settings and performance settings took in consideration when making a "quality building" for everybody to enjoy? ETA: corrected spelling and grammar mistakes (english is not my first language sorry!)
  14. Perhaps a section of the wiki dedicated to "optimal measures" for certain builings, avatars, etc. As pointed out before, buildings try to match the camera, then avatars, and so on. Now we have "Linden Houses" for instance, and we always had default avatars, the creators involved in those proyects could write down, and perhaps submit to community discussion, the measures they took, the considerations they made for them, etc.
  15. I cannot agree more! It would be interesting to know what avatar makers have to say about too.
  16. Catwise tu enojo me hizo reir :smileyvery-happy: pero no te me vayas a enojar más. Creo que los Linden, como mucha gente en muchas empresas, creen que administración nueva significa tirar al tacho todo lo viejo y mostrar que ellos destacan por ejemplo "por cambiarnos la forma de caminar", sin mirar mucho lo que anda y lo que no, buscan hacer un cambio tremendo que muestre su paso por ahí. Todavía no me animé a probar el viewer nuevo, lo voy a testear este fin de semana si me hago un rato, pero me alusino que va a pasar como con el viewer 2, que es desastroso, pero ellos contentos igual... ¿y quién les pidió semejante cambio? me perdí un año de SL, a lo mejor hubo muchos reclamando un viewer con busqueda integrada, perfiles web y todo eso... Sabés qué me llamó todavía más la atención? que alguien en el foro en inglés preguntaba por qué en el modo básico por qué no dejaban guardar landmarks y linkearlas al perfil de facebook, y yo digo ¿a la mayoría no le dá terror que con eso del facebook desaparezca la privacidad de SL? capaz que la próxima que escuchamos es que el próximo cliente te actualiza automáticamente el facebook y hace públicas todas tus landmarks sin preguntar ni nada, porque lo que la mayoría piensa no cuenta, la idea ingeniosa de uno aislado parece que es la que llevan a cabo siempre...
  17. Interesting subject! I tend to work on scale, I take a reasonable SL avatar height as base (around 2mts), and I more or less trying to use proportions starting there to my buildings. It's true, the camera doesn't help always, and buidings can look too closed, but at same time, if you'd were to use mouselook the idea would be more realistic, but none does that I know... The alternative, some creators prefer, is oversized buildings, I understand that when it comes to houses and stores, but I don't understand why oversized furniture, gigantic beds, chairs that any avatar might look like a dwarf with their legs hanging mtrs above the floor. Is there a reason for that?
  18. I changed some of my products price from L$30 to L$1 to start a bargain. When I go to my store and try to filter for the items in the L$0-10 to check they are OK, they aren't there, but they remain in the L$11-L$100 section. Anyonelse has had this and knows how long it delays? EDIT(10hs later): I tried Irene's solution, I cleaned my cache, relogged, and even checked the marketplace from my cellphone (I never did that before, so there wasn't anything on the cache), still I only see 6 listings of L$0 that I had from scratch when I choose the L$0-L$10 and the items at L$1 continue listed in the last category, even they are ordered wrong if I try sorting them by price. Sorry Irene! I thought myself your idea was good, but apparently it is something else somewhere else. Do you see correctly the L$1 items, or you just see the candles?
  19. If you are newly-rezzed, you are probably at a location like help island, those places are very laggy, there are too many avatars. So do as Storm sugests and make sure you have avatar impostors checked, also put the drawing distance to the very minimun. Continue on like if you'd see your avatar, teleport somewhere else and see what happens there.
  20. Domitan: Three different ideas that crossed my mind, I think the third is the most likely to consider 1) I assume you already checked it, but... Are you sure you have enough disc space? 2) I haven't used linux in ages (around 10 years), but I remember it used to have a partition or folder to manage dinamic memory (may be someone with more knowledge of linux can shed some light around it), and it had to have a size more or less related to your RAM size (like same or even four times it), if your disk is managing 1GB of data, I'd think the dynamic memory, pagination unit, is managing that amount, and more because your PC is not only running SL, as I said I don't know if that's still used but if it is, I'd consider making it larger to allow it to manage the 1GB you are using for SL. 3) What you say of the wind reminds me something else, objects that move forces client side updates, it is a trick fairly used to work around client-side rotation that tend to stop updating, so we add a little movement or rotation to force the client to update and continue showing it as rotating. As every trick it might have its downside, if you'd have several objects in a sim that besides rezzing are requiring to update, and these updates are too offen, client could be stuck continuously updating those same objects instead of rezzing the remaing ones. To see if this is the reason, you could lower your view distance to a fairly low level, and walk around the sim, it should rezz as you walk, and when you reach an object that cause troubles then you'd delay on that one or the ones around it. If you have something like flying birds, rotating toys, orbs, etc, those ones should be your first suspects.
  21. SID Riler wrote: I didn't read your text cause it was too much, but I did read a few words necessary to know that you were supposedly ban unfairly from a club or place, I hope all works out, places have rules as some other posters said, and some clubs/ places do not even have traffic enough to have rules, and they still have rules, people likes rules, and of course if you want to be in a place and enjoy it, sometimes you have to abide by the rules, even when some of them are nonsense In real life if a person becomes agressive and may be physical, you call the police, security, etc, even if your place doesn't state you might. In SL, fortunatly a person cannot become physically agressive (other than may be grieffing), you don't have police either, but you have the tools to excersise security actions. The other difference with RL, is that perhaps if a customer sais something inappropiate, we might try to remain calm avoiding a worse situation with agression, violence scalating (the police or security delays in arriving, it might be obvious when you go to the phone and call them) which doesn't mean it is aprooved, or accepted, because "the customer is always right", in SL the system allows a faster way around the problem. And finally, something VERY important, almost all of us come to SL as a relief, a hobby, our little private paradise outside the noisy, agressive real world, and we are not to tollerate agressions from strangers, being verbally agressive in SL is sort of the same as being physically agressive in RL. If you feel like needing to release that negative energy you can always join some roleplay and be the "bad" in it, but a DJ in a club is there to share some fun, some relax time, and what's most important to take in accounting, most SL DJs, singers, actors, content creators, are mostly something else in RL, they are amateurs, and their efforts for doing something, share something that they might never share in RL deserves to be always respected and appreciated, if you don't like it, then don't tip them or buy their contents, if you have a constructive critics to say send an IM, they might well always appreciate it in order to learn, but don't heckle them in public, it is rude and might hurt their feelings.
  22. You can check it here: https://secondlife.com/my/account/landfees.php?lang=en
  23. If you are outside of US, PayPal is no longer available. It is only available for users that been using it, as long as they don't update their payment info. You can read more about here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Local_Payments_FAQ
  24. I think I read someone else sugesting that to someone with a problem, what's the difference Peewee with HTTP and "non HTTP"? I'm clueless on that
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