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  1. I saw the trailer for this movie which made me decide to create an avatar to see what SL is all about!
  2. Wow you guys have been extremely helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question!! Hopefully I will get the hang of everything soon! Seriously though, I'm sincerely grateful for all of the advice!
  3. thanks again for all the advice! it has made me feel a lot more comfortable with this whole new world!!
  4. thank yo so much for getting back to me! that is definitely reassuring. also, do you know of somewhere i can go that isn't the tutorial place that won't kick me out when i teleport there....somewhere that lots of newbies go to?
  5. Hi there! So I just started today and I've been doing some browsing on blogs to find out what I need to know. One question I do have is if spending actual money will really make second life a lot more fun or whatever. I mean, this is a free service, right? Does buying the Linden Dollars really make that much of a difference?? Thank you so much!!
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