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  1. ***** Hippie said: Is that enough? ***** Probably. Can I keep the change? ********** /me thinks he might splash out on a couple of cans of ginger beer if the fun run to it becase they go well with mushy peas unless you get sick. **********
  2. ***** Conlaoch said: Anyone looked at your profile settings, yet? They show "IP Address of Last Visit" ***** No problem for me, I have to use a proxy (here's an example list - http://www.proxywebsites.biz/popular-proxies.php - but there are loads around and I cycle through them to find the current fast ones) to bypass my employer's restrictions anyway so LL (and Redzone) don;t have any useful information about where I am in the world. ********** So they can't send a big order in to my local chippy which might mean it runs out of the Thursday Night Special Supper before I get there. **********
  3. ***** Hippi said: Hey Supperfan! May I have a helping of your cod and chips, with a side of mushy peas? **** No you can not! ***** Go and buy your own! ********** If you give me the cash I'll get a "Buy One Get One For Half The Price" If you like. It's the same deal as I saw in a shoe shop the other day, but that confused me. **********
  4. ***** My bad! All those other guys will have been using Viewer 2 then so it's not your fault and there is nothing you can do about it. ********** I suggest you forget your misery and cheer yourself up with a Thursday Night Special Supper from your local chippy. **********
  5. ***** You are probably using Viewer 2 aren't you. ********** Licking my lips at the prospect of that Thursday Night Special Supper. **********
  6. ***** That's no good. They have swearing and rude pictures. ***** I just need to know how I can tell if an avatar is really a woman. ********** I don't care about the sex of the cod that I am going to eat tonight, although I want one that has been battered. **********
  7. ***** I'm so excited that I might pe... ***** ...sorry, I have to go and change. ********** I'll wash my hands too before I start on my Super Thursday Special Cod Supper. **********
  8. ***** I have looked all over the new site and even tried to ask questions in the Answers tab but they got swallowed in some black hole maybe because it had the three letters 'ess' 'eee' and 'ecks' in them which I have spelt out here to avoid this being deleted. ***** Does anybody have an idea where I can learn more about "relations" in SL? ***** I know where i can get a great Thursday Night Special Fish Supper! My local chippy!
  9. ***** I have a simpler system of folders ***** - Clothed - Naked ***** But then, I'm a "blocke". ********** For supper, I like my cod clothed in an outer layer of beer batter. A big fillet, not cod balls. **********
  10. ***** Suspiria said: SecondLife Forums Feedback ***** After Irene had asked where she should start a thread about JIRAs. ***** I don't think a forum about Feedback is the right place to announce and discuss JIRAs. There should be somewhere else where opinions regarding JIRAs can be discussed. A single Feedback thread is almost impossible to hold a sensible discussion in and is bound to turn into just a list of gripes by individuals. ********** It would be like asking Heston Blumenthal to cook fish suppers for the whole of the Household Cavalry in your local chippy, which would get in the way o
  11. ***** I don't know about a General Discussions forum, but can we have a forum where we can ask questions about adult issues like sex and relationships and bdsm and Gor and whether you should teach kids to crumple toilet paper up before using it or fold it over and keep it smooth and flat. ***** I have tried several times to ask a simple question in the Answers section (it has to be simple because you can only use 100 characters there which is less even than the Twitter simpletons are allowed) about 'ess' 'eee' 'ecks' (spelt out because I am worried this post may just disappear into the same bl
  12. ***** Irene Muni said: Buf... I don't know if "Entertainment" is the correct subforum to inform the community about a new JIRA request. But I cannot find a subforum for that ***** I can't find forums that seem to be right for the questions I want to ask. I have even tried (three times!) to ask in the Answers part of this site where I can ask questions about SL 'ess' 'eee' 'ecks' (spelt out because I am worried that it might be the word itself that gets the whole post deleted) but the questions don;t appear. ***** I think I will ask in the Forum Feedback section. ********** Cod, chips and mushy
  13. ***** I believe from your involvement in the Spanish forum that English is not your first language Irene so can I ask if the JIRA is against "Ranks" in the Forum or have you made a mistake and it is actually against "Rants" here? ********** I like lots of vinegar on my fish and chips supper but I put the salt on first so it gets dissolved. **********
  14. ***** Isn;t having different classes of residents with different powers exactly the sort of behaviour which would get you ARd for marginalisation if you weren't a Linden? ********** They can;t take my fish and chips supper away from me though. **********
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