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  1. @mac Zeminobaif you are interested in telling your story get in touch with me >>> i am doing a video series called "Love Made in SL" >>>> ping me in world anytime
  2. @Cricket Lefavre and @Pippa Kessel & @Jen Noel >>> we are turning this into a SERIES >>> if you are still interested please set a time at http://calendly.com/draxtor and I fill you in on production logistics
  3. @Cricket Lefavre thx so much for posting >>> please ping me at drax@draxtor.com and we set up a meet in world i am finalizing the rough concept this weekend = there may be room!!!
  4. @Elora Lunasea >>> still interested ? We are almost done planning logistics = it will be so awesome !!! Message in-world sent >>> please "book" a quick check-in and I tell you more details in-world >>> http://calendly.com/draxtor
  5. @Jen Noel >>> thank you = totally interested! Maybe we DO MORE than initially planned WONDERFUL! I am pinging you in-world at this avatar name yes?
  6. @Calisto Hinterland I will ping you tomorrow to see if we can meet up and set parameters for the production of this video = thank you so much for your story !!!!
  7. @Lily Swindlehurst received = thank you so much! I am on the road with family this weekend >>> replied via offline message looking forward!
  8. @Pippa Kessel wow this is an awesome story !!! Please email me as soon as you can and we set up a meeting and see how we can weave this into the larger narrative! My email is in my profile
  9. Elora thank you so much for your message here = we can totally work out a visual approach to this where I accommodate everyone
  10. Hi all, I am doing a VERY special Valentine's Day video profiling THREE couples who fell in love through Second Life & stayed together. Who has great stories and is cool with being on camera? CONTACT ME as soon as you can here or in-world ! The turnaround on this video is fast & deadline for identifying the protagonists is JANUARY 18th. It will be in my typical style meaning: privacy preserved by NOT mentioning any real life names or location. If you feel uneasy appearing in front of the [real life] camera = let us talk and see if we find a workaround. Some RL footage weaved into these videos is very powerful I found but I completely understand the apprehension here and I am committed to giving an equal voice to folks who only want to speak via their avatar embodiment. Thank you!! DD PS: if you are not familiar with my videos here is the full playlist http://bit.ly/draxfiles & the recent feature length documentary can be seen at http://draxtor.com/ourdigitalselves
  11. Hey everyone, what a pleasure to have Aki, Medhue and Mahadma on the podcast: http://draxfiles.com/2016/02/12/show-103-project-bento/ If anyone would like to come on a future live show about Bento, please contact me! Abramelin Wolfe who was tied up MoCapping has confirmed his appearance to make up for missing this show
  12. Hey everyone, just wanted to bring your attention to our little mini documentary on the development process of Project Bento, a bit behind the scenes footage of the collaboration between Lindens, Residents and Moles. Please check it out and perhaps respond to some of the inquiries of SL enthusiasts who may be a bit confused on the status of Bento and where the train is headed [thx Cathy & Mahadma for jumping in on questions right away!] I do hope the video wets the appetite of the community to participate in creating AND for the "non-creatives" [is there such a thing?] to help publicize the efforts Thx everyone for participating in making the vid!
  13. We discussed education in Second Life with RL educator & Miss Virtual Puerto Rico in SL, Silly Avro, on the Drax Files Radio Hour today. Interview starts at around 23 minutes in. Yes, the show title is provocative for a reason but please take note of the great depth and practicality Silly approaches the matter: http://draxfiles.com/2015/02/27/show-57-dancing-with-the-power-points/
  14. i know what u mean .... now i have to go to back crying....but seriously: there was a screening at VAI and there was a mixed reality press event with Gentle in Berlin and one in Munich where she was only virtually. it was grassroots and a lot of work by the director Daniel and myself - not much other help. Kudos to ZDF though who stuck through thick and thin producing this and financing - they got new blood in that organisation and they are fighting an uphill battle!!!
  15. As someone who has lobbied hard to make this film available FIRST online [new media style] I was and still am frustrated that the distributor is going the old school route of negotiating with each national TV market plus festivals...this needs to be in the hands of the people via download or streaming - so while I do not want to encourage STEALING content I am glad someone put it up on YouTube. Let's keep it there
  16. We are currently in post-production for the SL/WoW doc "Login2Life" and for a crucial machinima scene we need a wheelchair dance animation! Any talented animators out there or general leads where to get one? I looked all over the [market]place and elsewhere and there are only a few at Virtual Ability Island. Please ping me here or in-world! THank you!! More info the movie is at http://www.login2life.net
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