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  1. I don't have that data either. LL does have a LOT of it though and we address our video stuff accordingly. I think we might do a live show where we illuminate this more. Again I encourage folks to get in touch with me, check out ALL the very different video formats our time produces and suggest ideas.
  2. Hi Alexandria, my Twitter is my private place where I share my passions for a lot of different things. It is not confined to SL activities by any means. And please do not misrepresent our interaction on this forum? I am more than happy to work with you on a piece about your passion in SL. The submission guidelines are well established through LL [where I am not an employee] and you can reach me via madeinsl@draxtor.com. Looking forward to hearing from you
  3. The door is WIDE open and we constantly do outreach [Strawberry, I and others] but we can only respond to people who come forward. As for style I would encourage you to check out the full offerings of videos including the ones that do NOT feature real life footage. And in regards to what "most people in SL" want = with all due respect I disagree with your opinion. I think it is pretty unknowable what "people" actually want. And that is true for any gigantic place with countless subcultures and micro niches
  4. That is too bad. LL is investing a lot in video since last year and our door is wide open for all sorts of stories. It is quite exciting to be able to tell them
  5. I should add that the film contains a lot more than just sex but it was very important to us to show the sex "industry" in a objective light without the stigma attached to it by other media
  6. Ah I see. Are you familiar with all of the work I do for the official channel and my own? I was not aware that "all my works" do that If you like to email me and suggest a framing please do. Would love to hear from talented storytellers = madeinsl@draxtor.com
  7. I did a feature documentary about that in 2011 which was very successful and seen around the globe. Highly recommend = it is called "Login2Life"
  8. @mac Zeminobaif you are interested in telling your story get in touch with me >>> i am doing a video series called "Love Made in SL" >>>> ping me in world anytime
  9. @Cricket Lefavre and @Pippa Kessel & @Jen Noel >>> we are turning this into a SERIES >>> if you are still interested please set a time at http://calendly.com/draxtor and I fill you in on production logistics
  10. @Cricket Lefavre thx so much for posting >>> please ping me at drax@draxtor.com and we set up a meet in world i am finalizing the rough concept this weekend = there may be room!!!
  11. @Elora Lunasea >>> still interested ? We are almost done planning logistics = it will be so awesome !!! Message in-world sent >>> please "book" a quick check-in and I tell you more details in-world >>> http://calendly.com/draxtor
  12. @Jen Noel >>> thank you = totally interested! Maybe we DO MORE than initially planned WONDERFUL! I am pinging you in-world at this avatar name yes?
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