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  1. Oh, I know!! You have the patience of a saint sometimes. Seriously. 🙄 Girl yes!!
  2. Why you be giving out our secrets!!!? Let them sit here and wonder what we are up to! I think I need to send a task force to hunt you down lol 😂
  3. Just some words of encouragement and positive vibes here: I occasionally read these threads and do enjoy sometimes reading some of your perspectives on things.
  4. Shoot. Are you saying that I have been using SL wrong all this time? Over the years I have been bonding with people that hate the same things that I do! And finding our common enemies. Like the Lindens. Well now don't I feel awkward. I thought I had legitimate friendships formed! Might have to start all over now. My bad.
  5. Of course, it's me! If you see both my accounts have very few forum posts? Even this avatar, I have no forum picture. I just happened to be commenting using whatever avatar I was logged into at the time.
  6. Looking for DJ & voice host for adult event being held on Nov 20th at 3pm slt. This is a paid gig plus you earn 100% tips! If you are available and are experienced, please message Shadow Gartner inworld for more details!
  7. Hi everyone, I wanted to give my personal review of PsiPrint's work. I found one of his builds on Marketplace and knew immediately that he had talent. I purchased this item and asked him if he could expand on this and make me a custom item for my space. We agreed on a price, some ideas for the build and then he immediatly went to work. In about a week or so he created a piece for me and I absolutely love it! PsiPrint is not only professional, detail oriented and hard working, he will also make sure you are completely satisfied and check in on you to make sure all is right. The building you see in the pictures is open to the public at a very ADULT sim. Feel free to drop by and look around. I also enjoy talking about the process in relation to working with him, so please ask me questions should you want to. D.R Warehouse: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lino/252/235/2991
  8. Security Position. Paid Weekly. Please IM Shadow Gartner. Requirements: -- Your avatar must be 100 days or older. -- Good grasp of the English language. -- A polished appearance! MESH CLOTHING/or MESH BODY is required! No default skin, shape, or hair. -- Must be confident, polite and outgoing with people!
  9. Hey Rolig, Yes, I had seen that script but as I am not a scripter I wasn't sure as it was working lol. Also, I don't think it shows in land settings when someone has purchased a pass. But I think you're right. I am going to continue to test it out and expand on this script. Thanks so much for your help!
  10. Sorry if this sounds vauge.. Is there a way to create an object that a guest pays that then automatically adds them to the land as a paying guest with a timed pass?
  11. LaTreece28 wrote: Want a kind man who must have his own land and house and can look after me and my baby T’Rondé, he is 1 and a real cutie.. 
  12. Hello! Looking for experienced Host/Hostess to work one night a week at Dickriders Warehouse. Person must be able to voice and enjoy very adult x-rated events. You would be in charge of entertaining guests on voice and perhaps participating. You would be paid per event + 100% tips. If you are interested please IM inworld to discuss.
  13. ★The Penthouse Playroom ★ is hiring voice greeter/hostess. Flexible hours. Must be friendly, outgoing, sexually confident. 100% of your tips + paid wage.. If you are interested Please contact Shadow Gartner inworld. Thanks!
  14. ★The Penthouse Playroom ★ is hiring dancers and Escorts. Limited spots! 100% of your tips + a small bonus. If you are interested Please contact Shadow Gartner inworld. Thanks!
  15. Hiring paid positions for hardcore bdsm hangout. Paid salary +100% tips! We are looking for people to work anytime after 7pm eastern. Males, Females, Transgender etc. Submissive or dominant personality types welcome. Here are the following qualities we are looking for: * Must be able to voice greetings on local * Must be HIGHLY sexual, flirtatious and confident * Must be reliable, friendly and outgoing. If you feel you would match this position send me an IM or notecard inworld to discuss details. Only accepting 2 to 3 people as it's a small hangout!
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