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  1. I want to release my houseboat so I can get a house but too scared to risk it! Was so hard to get one with time differences.
  2. 😂 I am in exactly the same (house)boat. I have one, and I was surprised to get it randomly, manually on my phone, without even refreshing. This is why I wondered if it was getting easier (or if I just won the lottery). Glad you have a home RaeLee and don’t feel bad about wanting to swap it! I suspect once it is a little easier to nab something there will be a fair bit of it going around (myself included!)
  3. How long have you been waiting for a home? Are you hanging out for something in particular? I’m curious as to whether it is getting easier or harder for people to get one. (And I absolutely hear you about the community chat. 🙄)
  4. Don’t forget, auto refresh is also picking up the keyword when the lockout page pops up. It has the word “Bellisseria” and just about every other keyword you would use in it.
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