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  1. OMG! Chloe I have been stalking that plot forever!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! My forever home xx
  2. Is anyone else having problems accessing the LP? It just won’t load for me. Update: all good. It was my device apparently.
  3. My beautiful old home. Was tempted to grab it back! Loved this place so much ❤️
  4. In a couple of minutes I’ll be releasing my dream home (trad) in Oldridge. It has Uninterrupted water views on two sides of Millers Pond. I loved this place so much and if you derender the hedges it looks like a huge space. Unbelievably pretty. I am only giving it up to try and land a decent Victorian so good luck and I hope whoever gets it loves it as much as I have!
  5. Just released a trad facing a beach. Doesn’t appear to be any takers! On the LP now if anyone is looking for one.
  6. I used to live on the SS Galaxy! My partner at the time and I rented a cabin for a while. We dined with the Captain. It was a highlight from about 10 years ago. So happy to see it near Bellisseria. The last time I saw it it needed a bit of a facelift inside! There was a bowling alley, the ballroom, several dining areas and the cinema. What a great hang out if these spots were functional.
  7. Thanks so much Rae! You were the first person I wanted to tell - I was so happy you were inworld when I caught it! X
  8. Thanks for the group invitation Alumna. I accepted because I want to keep in touch with all of you on here but I am so pleased to say I am out of the lottery and no longer a Bellihopper!!! Managed to snag a beauty that backs onto a river in Oldbridge (water views on two sides) so no more late nights for me! (Except to decorate ;)) I’ll have you all over for a BBQ when I’m settled! ❤️
  9. Yes. Use Bellisseria, although I am finding that by the time the alarm sounds it is usually too late. Manual refreshing seems to work better when you have the time.
  10. I’ve got 3 in the last few days (2 were the same one). Very sporadic though.
  11. I caught it. It was the one I released earlier. Released again.
  12. Caught a houseboat on Doran about 10 mins ago. Nice outlook but very laggy and in a highly concentrated Houseboat area. Released but hasn’t gone straight back into the pool. Hopefully someone with a better connection can enjoy it.
  13. Weird! Hope it gets sorted. Looks like a beautiful area for what it’s worth!
  14. Did you manage to sort it out? I’m assuming relogging didn’t help?
  15. I can’t believe this. Nearly 3am here. Couldn’t sleep so checked forum again and I MISSED IT!! Gonna cry myself to sleep now 😭
  16. Is there any sign of any movement guys? Moles in chat? Derrick and Patch? Red lines gone? I think I’m gonna have to hit the sack and give up the chase.
  17. I was doing neither so happy to have a different answer to try! It may have been where I was going wrong.
  18. I wasn’t quick enough for either. I’ve got 3 devices here working hard but no luck yet!
  19. Just to clarify, what should I be doing when I get the sold out page? Do I refresh or choose another option?
  20. The ones with the blue rims don’t have the prim count sorted yet. There is still LI allocated to the plot.
  21. This is my last day of a week’s holiday. I’ve spent each of the release days (evening my time) playing this lottery. If I don’t get one tonight not sure when I’ll get another chance to dedicate any time to it, so fingers crossed something comes up before I go to bed!
  22. I can’t understand why I’m not even seeing the abandons. Is it because of the refresh limits and just having to be at exactly the right spot at the right time in the refresh timer?
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