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  1. I really don’t know but there are another 5 that are ready to go.
  2. I’m sooo tired. Need to sleep but have a feeling as soon as I do there will be more releases.
  3. There were two moles earlier - Quartz and Alotta. Patch also made an appearance in the chat.
  4. Walrus Beach. Yep they all look ready to go! Surely they are not releasing all of them? That would be super cool. Especially if it happens before I fall asleep!
  5. I hope you’re wrong. It’s already late for me I couldn’t see any lettering at Edgar. It looks ready to go so I’m hopeful.
  6. Just caught one in Sainte Helene. Will have a look around but I think I might be letting this one go.
  7. I may live to regret this but just a heads up - I will be releasing a traditional home in Wolfboro at 3am SL time. It is a lovely neighbourhood, not bad lag and a large area around the house for add-ons etc. I am going to try for one of the newer regions and hope for one closer to the coast. Fingers crossed for me, and good luck to whoever gets this house. I hope you love it!
  8. I’m on Wolfboro. But I explore everywhere. I really love Oldridge/Fangor and Foxbridge. One day when the hype dies down I may try for one in those areas but for now I’m content with the one I’ve got
  9. I stumbled across yours during my regular walks around the neighbourhood Frigga. What an amazing location! Well done
  10. Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing you round the neighbourhood
  11. Just got a traditional home in Wolfboro. So happy. No auto refresh. Just logged in and bam! There it was. Not letting go of this one for a while! But just goes to show, it can happen anytime.
  12. There was a houseboat not long before that house too. I think they must be abandons before the release.
  13. It’s not spelled wrong. The region is called Bellisseria. A home on the region is a “Bellisserian home”. Residents are probably Bellisserians too!
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