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  1. 9648 m2 with 3312 prims on big, beautiful mainlnd parcel surrounded by Linden river with direct ocean access and an old-time wooden bridge, as well as being also bordered by a Linden Road - 3x Linden protected - discounted just 0.75L/m2 - just 7200L for the whole thing. Flat green grass.
  2. triple x3 linden protected land - water, wooden bridge, road, green grass, flat land, large parcel, mainland, commercial land, residential land, cheap land, linden protected, beautiful quiet sim, large lot 27,328 m2 with 9,382 prims, discounted - excellent price - contact drewdetoit resident ("Drew Hart") for more information or to discuss. Lowered price to just 1 linden per meter2 - 27,328 Lindens for one of the best mainland parcels! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Missauke/45/200/110 triple 3 linden protected land - water, wooden bridge, road http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Missauke/45/200/110
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