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  1. I have been having the same issues .. Despite above and beyond client side it work to try and help find out what this bug is and how to fix it. I have been a resident since 2004 I am in the hopes as a premium account that the last 8 months will help yield some sort of fix for those of us that with infinite patience are tested. Please everyone speak up about your dns issues so that it can be shown its not an isolated event but rather for the bug that it is.
  2. it is 3/5/2013 and I am having this dns issue with no fix, reguardless of all the things I have tried that have been suggested. I pay monthly for my access I want compensation for not being able to use a service I pay for. phoenix viewer works but no other viewer will load and let me in world. LL needs to fix this or if any one has any ideas please let me know as I have exosted all the possibilities there are and now that LL has decided to tell me oh its a bug please try ths and this , all of which are repeats of what I have already done as well as the first message I sent I gave a screenshot of the error, and they now ask for a screen shot, I wonder if they read the history at all... I am tired of this round and round.
  3. I as well can not log onto secondlife using any other viewers then phoenix but now that I uninstalled it to have a clean install as no other veiwers would log on, giving me the dns can not fin host name error,. I have internet connectivity and connection , yet I still can not connect to sl .Help please fix this!!!
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