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  1. I saw lot of people make money with skin / cloth making and script making. My question is, is a preson able to make profit somehow with web development skills?
  2. a topic already opend for this, right under your question..... http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/DNS-could-not-resolve-host-name-i-can-log-in/td-p/1887649
  3. i thought its only me, i was scared a bit, coz the grid status says nothing about it
  4. Hello folsk, 4 hours before i had no problems, now when i try to log on i get the following error when trying to log in DNS could not resolve host name i can log in Tried with 3 different viewers same error, tried with my alt avatar same error, tried with phone same error, could someone give me a hint? Thank you so much
  5. I just arrived home, thanks for the replies i will connect as soo as possible
  6. Hi My name is Core Ahren, and i play second life for almost 2 and a half years now, and i am looking for a Bouncer job. I have experiences. .- Managed 1 club - Hosted 2 clubs - And was a bouncer for one club for one year Sadly these closed in time. Please connect me if you have an offer. Thank you Core
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