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  1. the last time ,, i done all the suggested solution ,, i chek my modem , i took off any firewall ,, i flushed dns but it all ddnt work , then i stopped trying to log in ,, then one evening try log in and all of a sudden i was in .. now it happen again DNS and i already tried what i can do.. but still nothin ALL I WANT AS OF NOW IS TO KNOW IF THERE'S POSSIBLE WAY I CAN SEND IM TO ALL MY FRIENDS WHICH i'M SEEING ONLINE IN MY DASHBOARD
  2. i need to flush my dns ,, but dunno how to go to dos prompt help
  3. someone answered ,, here it is try There are some ideas in this KB's article about DNS login issues: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Troubleshooting_DN​S_login_issues See if that helps. ♦Aventura y Viajes ♦Manuales .....
  4. i had check my firewall its fine and also my modem,, still cant log in,, my last resource is flushing my dns in the command prompt.. hope it will work .
  5. my thanks to u irene .. i will try this
  6. hey ,, am new i started last march 8,, i was log in last april 7 , a friend try to tp me and it turn out its an adult place then my screen froze so i try to refresh but since then i cant log in..evrytime i try this message appear " DNS could not resolve the host name".. can anyone out there help me
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