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  1. The "tax man " already has access to your private information. And they have the authority to go look into whatever they think they do not know. That said, they are not allowed to deliver the personal information they have about individuals or groups to any doubleclick.com, dick or schmarry. You are comparing apples and oranges. Repeating previously made points and generating an extreme number of comments to a single thread is far less informative that then an extreme number of posts repeatedly making the same complaints coming from many different individuals. Please collect your thoughts,
  2. Amanda, Please, I would like to know 1. Do the programmers call the shots at Linden Labs? 2. If programmers do not run Linden Labs, do the people who *do run Linden labs read the forums or otherwise take the pulse of the SL community? 3. Who is in charge of determining what things get worked on by the programming staff? Thank you.
  3. It seems that LL staff are way into Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps yous spend so much time there you don't have time for SL... I dunno. But I do wonder. Why else would you assume everyone has/wants/uses Facebook and Twitter? Perhaps you don't realize... people in SL are into SL.
  4. Why is it the routine (and I have watched for years) for LL to not respond to their customer's concerns? I mean how about "the reason we are doing it this way is because" followed by an explanation. No response says "we don't care what you think". Why does LL not involve their customers with decisions concerning future development before turning out product that ends up angering a large portion of their customer base? Surely you cannot argue (I mean you cheerleaders), that LL has its fingers on the pulse of the Internet and profitability. Is it really the LL company culture that you know what
  5. Changing the Events Listing entry system without calling for comments, and without announcement is not Customer Support. Once more you have let people who do not know the ramifications of what they do alter a tool and once again that change is for the worse. "Events" are fundamental to SL. Viewer 2 and that awful website 'interface' (where the name of the user who is looking for information and probably already knows their own name is the largest item taking up the top so you have to scroll down etc) have COST the communities that depend on events listings dearly. There are courses and books
  6. These responses are mostly filled with people of all account types complaining about poor or non existent service. Question. If Basic members can't get support now, then how will not giving Basic members support mean that you will be better able to support directly paying members, who also complain of poor support while your policy has been to support Basic members? If, as a Basic member, I pay <> $70US in Lindies to a Premium member, who counts on my payments to make payments to you.... and I have a issue that I cannot have addressed by reading,.. Doesn't this relegate support of som
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