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  1. So what do i have to do if its in the virus vault? My plugin is still missing and i cant watch or stream any media. Also did this happen to anybody else?
  2. While I was online in SL, I clicked on my tv just to play a music video and then my avg has detected a threat called SLplugin.exe. I moved it to the virus vault and now when i log back into SL, a notification poped up saying that the there is no media plugin. This never happened to me before the update. any suggestions?
  3. I Tried downloading it again and now it won't even download the viewer and it comes up saying that the files of this content could not be changed.
  4. Yesterday i was online and all of a sudden my computer told me i have a threat from second life. The threat was removed and now the media plugin could not be found, so i cant stream any videos in SL. Now when i uninstalled the program and during reinstallation at the end it gave me another threat and could not reinstall the viewer. Please help.
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