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  1. Well at least it is not a barium isotope, odd you should need that, seems most of you wont be getting anywhere near 96, do you know what a barium isotope is, and to think your gov have added it to jet fuel, none so blind as those that can see, the silence of the lambs, lol.
  2. I think Ron Paul is the only candidate for many reasons, but the main one is that he wants to reintroduce the Glass–Steagall Act, this has so many implications, don't know if he has thought them through, he probably has from the USA's point of view, but it will make the NWO a goal unachievable, it will also allow the US to write of a lot of the debt as being illegal, this will have a huge knock on affects that the banks don't dare talk about, so much so that if he was elected they are sure to have him killed before he can reintroduce it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glass%E2%80%93Steagall_Act
  3. It seems many of you didn't like my view of content creators that sell, ok why not give them away, all I have heard here is how people are being hit by the lindens going into competition with them, well the lindens went into competition with me, forced me to fight them, that is life here, one must swallow that and move on not cry about it, market place has killed the malls, I know how they can be revived but it is impossible to share because of the competition that exist between creators, this clearly shows that your view as to why creators are here is wrong, this thread shows all traders here are here for profit.
  4. lol, get real, those that create and sell are here for the money, end off, I am sure if monkeys could talk then they would give a good reason for every action, now we have gone full circle and gone back to the first post that started this banter
  5. That's ok, this thread is about the malls being dead, the fact that you seem to have got involved is odd to say the least, but you were the only one to respond to what I said about traders being hostile, but I know how to revive the malls, but I want 1% of every thing they sell, that's all, I can and will do it on my own.
  6. lol, that's ok, to you this is a social network, but I know how to break the hold that market place has.
  7. Any ideas I have are mine, I am neither benevolent or malevolent, I work on cold logic, I am fair and keep to my side of the bargain.
  8. Relationships mean nothing, only if you are weak, to survive now in this world you must take the lead, not worry about those around you, cos they will follow if they see you are strong and right, you can dislike me now cos you don't see tomorrow, but don't assume that you know what is right, the world is shaped by those that take tomorrow and not those that waited for their mates.
  9. There are to many traders, those that have planned for that will survive, those that think they can still make a living and expand are going to die, a period of humility is going you teach you just that, humility, thing is most of you think you are gods, lol, and are you for in a shock, no the one that cuts deepest and eats worms will live, the rest will die. Many of you are to lazy to change, lots to arrogant, but that's ok, don't you think that you should be the first to fall, I remember some years ago I had an add at sweethearts, 2000 lindens a month, when the owner saw I was getting business from it he put it up to 8000 lindens a month, just one add(1 prim), lol, good to hear he has gone, oops I am lucinda bulloch toe rag.
  10. Malls are dead, any sim that use to pay for it with malls will suffer, there has to be a new way to raise money, a new way to bring people inworld to shop and away from market place, I have an idea that I will be trying soon, but we traders are hostile to each other and wont help each other, I think my way will work, would work better if all did the same, but we wont, so I will go alone and try.
  11. If the universe(matter and life) is a singularity and we are DNA(finite number) then death is truly an illusion as life is, that can be proved with mathematics, don't need gods or heaven, but that would mean no hell or souls, cos how could a soul exist in a singularity, only a single expression(pattern of harmonics) of time and space can, even though repeated it will have no links to to any other expression outside its own time/space harmonic, Ms Houston as an energy pattern is part of the singularity as we all are, including every atom, memory is not held in the singularity as memory is a fixed pattern, so when her DNA is repeated she will have no idea of what any other pattern had. Elements = balls of matter with a hamonic that allows them to clump and make the universe DNA = balls of matter with a harmonic that allows them to clump and make life. there are many other things, but none of them are fixed and they all grow and decay
  12. Well you seemed to have answered it yourself, you didn't say that in the first post, web sites and inworld servers are ok for log on stuff, or setup stuff, but once the fighting starts they should be avoided and you should think about direct person to person connections as your last option suggest.
  13. I make combat systems, the way your suggesting seems a nightmare, don't matter if its a web or inworld server will take for ever in a combat situation, as you are a competitor I should not help you, but you should think a bit more out of the box, cos you don't need any webs or servers if you approach it from another angle, so if you don't use webs or servers how can you do it, that's what I think you should think about. About combat makers, most other makers of combat systems did it because THEY wanted an advantage, they rigged it so they would do well, example, Karl the owner of nord was the most respected fighter in sl, he made the nord combat meter, after he left it was found to have a secret heal, so it turned out he made the meter so he appeared to be a top fighter, if you make meters then you must give up fighting or all will think you have done as Karl did, if I fight I only use DCS, I never fight in my own. But all the ways you describe above will not work in a combat situation.
  14. Biscuits make a nice cheesecake base or any base, don't mix well with jelly can make it gritty, but with a solid sauce they are great, good with egg custard the setting type, mix in small lumps of chocolate then caramelize the top with sugar, nice sweet.
  15. Well I have had very bad experiences with biscuits and dunking, I seem to dunk to long and the dunked bit disappears, then I can't drink the tea cos its like drinking gravel, so I find biscuits very skittish things and should be left to those that don't mind drinking gravel.
  16. As the post does not mention biscuit I assume it can mean anything, I love chilled milk, don't know why, but over any other drink even tea I would prefer chilled milk, biscuits are very bad for you, they are all fat and sugar.
  17. Yes October 4bc, that was the date of the census, all people had to be in there home town during October 4bc to be counted and taxed, was a new tax system bought in by Augustus, he changed lots of things including the calendar 4 years later. The ruling families control all sides, the funded and created the left and the right, they funded Stalin and they funded hilter, they make money from any strife, strife needs loans and arms, they supply both.
  18. Ever since man has been subject to society certain rules have been true An Agreed Collective, advances and wealth is spread about(wealth moves down) A Forced Collective, regresses and wealth concentrates in the hands of the few(wealth moves up) Fair(agreed) Competition, advances and wealth is spread about(wealth moves down) Unfair(forced) Competition, regresses and wealth concentrates in the hands of the few(wealth moves up) Most of you have seen this as boom and bust, but it is a lot more simple than that, when the top have felt that they are losing their position they make laws to tighten things up, they restrict money or rights, this forces regression(bust) and they regain back their wealth and a little bit more, when they feel that they can't gain anymore then they relax money and rights so creating a boom, this cost them at first but as they control the money supply this will all come back with interest, plus when the bust comes they can buy up assets for pennies on the dollar, then they start the cycle all over again, Sometimes they go to far and have to move country and change their names, but they have been doing this for at least 3000 years, same group of families, can be traced right back to the 18th dynasty, were the exact same thing happen to the known world and they got chased out, they settled in eastern Europe after being chased across the black sea, our royal family is one of these families. You like every one else is a victim, money is being squeezed and they are feeding extracting assets for pennies on the dollar, this will carry on till they can feed no more, linden labs is just trying to survive in this feeding frenzy, they may go bust, then they will become food for them and be sold for pennies on the dollar, like i said this has gone on for 1000's of years, they were the bankers for the rise and fall and stripping of the roman empire and every one to date, including the british empire, they are now feeding on the US empire. money is shrinking and debt expanding, that has always been a sign they are feeding. when money expands and debt shrinks then there will be some crumbs for you.
  19. The first recording of the birth is about 4000bc, Mary was a human female, she was liked by one of the gods, he mated with her and produced the first modern man, in the story a god means a person from the stars and not some mythical being, there were 13 of these gods and they all mated with the females here and created the first 13 families of modern man, the story is on many tablets from about 4000 bc in Iraq, since the Iraq war the USA have disallowed any further digging and the church is not happy about these tablets, last I heard nearly all these tablets were collected up and taken to Israel and the Vatican, only in the last few years has the language on these tablets been understood, it seems that the Hebrews copied these stories edited them a bit so it looked as if they were about them and added them to their bible, but the story's come from 1000's of years before the Hebrews. The reason the gods came here was for gold, they traded gold in their world, we did not use gold or have any use for it, but they taught us how to farm and gave us weapons in exchange for gold, all these stories can be found in the middle east now that the languages have been deciphered. Also they found an exact Jesus story to from about 1000 bc, even the same dates, this guy was born 25th of dec, he had 12 followers, healed the sick and was nailed to a cross at Easter time and rose 3 days later, his name was mithras a Persian, why the hebrews should want to steal a very old story and make out it is modern i dont know, but they wont now let people look at the tablets. PS an even older city was found from 10,000 bc, the odd thing about this city it has carvings that are of things that were not there,the city is in southern turkey, but war has stopped all digs there, this city has things on the walls that are amazing, but it could be years before anyone gets to dig, last i heard there was a small team there, but it is US, so the church will have the last say as to what we will be allowed to know.
  20. I think the people of the USA lost control in the 1950's, some presidents have tried, but the church, corps and banks are to powerful, I think they have done as they did years before in Europe taken over, the history of this goes back over 6000 years and is down to one family, the 18th dynasty Egypt, their rules and financial system is what is in place to day, the church was their creation to, but we wont go there, but the lords prayer is on the 18th dynasty walls and it is signed by its author, pharaoh, the system they introduced is the system we use today, it puts gold at the center, go further back in history and you can find a culture the same in 4000bc, they have even more writings and tell more of the story as to why we use gold, but we have had the same group with the same system coming into power and out again for the last 10000 years, the use of usury or compound interest has always been its down fall, that is when the ruling families have extracted all the wealth & gold.
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