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  1. I'm not sure if I understand the question correctly but, are you talking as in a blog of your own or in the forums? If you are talking on a blog, then yes. It's done all the time and if you do a search or go to the Resident Run Websites, which can be found here: http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/forums/rrwebsites you will see that there is a nice handful of sites that do just that. If you are talking on the forums, you may want to double check the forum rules about that.
  2. I have to agree. The amount of Bandwidth that is used and the resulting bill that comes from it is just really pricey sometimes. I had to switch over to a package deal, so help cut the costs of my bandwidth from SL.
  3. With more ablity to customize and some of the features being familiar to those that used Snowglobe, like I did, it makes me seriously consider giving the new viewer another try.
  4. I was actually more into Snowglobe while others were having their fun with Emerald. I did try Emerald on my computer and found back then that it just seemed to lag me down too much. That was quite awhile ago and eventually I did keep Emerald on my computer when it seemed to work a little faster, for a change of looks. I have to admit, I do enjoy the option of getting that warning that someone is writing to you. I love to hunt and I do not always watch my IM's, so having that little warning helped me answer my friends a little faster. Snowglobe viewer that I had used, is now no longer going to be updated and alas, I still have not been able to get use to the viewer 2.0 configuration. When I decided to try other viewers, I gave a few a try, including Phoenix, Kristen's and Ascent, to name a few. Phoenix was not bad and rezzed nice for me but, I had issues with voice on that one every so often. I found Kristen's just not to my liking at all and had it off my machine after only 20 minutes. I keep Emergence on but, otherwise the one I use alot is Ascent. I like the way it works and suits me well. In the end, the viewer that you use should be the one that suits you the best and be the one that you feel the most comfortable with.
  5. I went and did some looking around and it seems that the owners are swallowing the whole spin and running with it. Going over to their company website, there is a write about and introduction to their shiny new viewer with some mention about LL. After reading a statement by Brian Schuster, the CEO of Utherverse, I have to admit that I was shaking my head and laughing at his foolishness and idiocy. Modular Systems has been officially invited to participate with Utherverse, the company behind the VWW, in advising on new viewer features and possibly on future client development. "This is an enthusiastic group of developers who also love spending time in virtual worlds. They know what a Viewer needs to do to make the user happy because they use it themselves," said Brian Shuster, CEO of Utherverse. "It's shocking that their talents weren't properly appreciated by Linden, but the popularity of their work speaks for itself. We are very happy to have started up a new relationship with Modular Systems developers." After reading this, I'm going to reserve any sympathy I may have felt for them and instead just sit back with my popcorn, to watch the show that eventually commences.
  6. Well, the saying does go that a sucker is born every minute. In all fairness though, if you have read Annabelle's blog and her writtings on the Emerald blog, she does spin it like they were innocent of any wrong doing and treated unfairly. I am going to imagine that she probably gave the other world her spin of things and convinced them that none of what happened here was true. She tries to make it sound like LL was jealous of them and did it out of spite, which as we know is not the case but, according to her own words, that is how she tries to make it sound in the blogs. Personally, if I owned that world, I would want nothing to do with anyone who has a back story like theirs. They will learn probably in the future, exactly what they have gotten themselves into, going with the Emerald viewer and that team.
  7. They do have premium accounts there, along with the $1000L sign up bonus and the $300L stipend. http://teen.secondlife.com/pricing Since they have a structure that is like ours, the Linden homes would be a nice touch for the teen grid, IMO My daughter is on the teen grid and I know that her friends and her have been complaining about the Search feature being glitchy. Sometimes it works and sometimes they crash. We've attempted to use different viewers to see if that was the issue and it doesn't really make a difference but, I will be interested Avatar if you get a response from your ticket, since this does appear to be an ongoing issue. PS. went back to look at the pricing on SL teen and noticed that though they have the signing bonus and the stipend there, there is no mention of the 512sq/m free land that we have here. It would be a double bonus then for them if the Linden home idea was made available to them, a free house and some free land. Message was edited by: Leigh Baily - to add the PS portion of the message
  8. That is good to hear. When I seen the Dell logo; near the Alienware laptop that I seen, I wondered if they were suddenly very restrictive now, as well.
  9. Thank you, most of you have given me quite a bit of very good information to assist me in this and I look forward to eventually having a brand new laptop. The reason I'm looking for a laptop and not a tower, is because I need and require the mobility that a laptop affords me. Thank you also Veritable for the recommendation for the cooling pad..I've been looking all over for a really great one that actually will do the job of cooling, instead of just blowing air around without really helping cool off the laptop (my previous attempts with a cooling pad, obviously did not go well) For Alienware, I do have a question..with those, are able to use other manufacturers products, ie. printers..or their name brand items only? Does anyone have one of these? No, I'm not getting one of those but, I did see it in my search and did wonder at that.
  10. Well, my present laptop has bite the bullet and I'm in the market for a new one now.  After looking around and reading the forums I know that there is a few things to avoid (graphic cards).  The question I have is, what would be the best make and what are the best specs that I am looking for, that will run SL nice and smoothly?
  11. Leigh Baily


    Hi Ellaa, Have you tried out SnowGlobe viewer yet? I use that one for one of the computers that I use. It seems to run much better with the SnowGlobe viewer than the SL viewer. It's still laggy but it does not crash as often and the viewer seems to be alot easier to run. A couple of my friends even gave it a try for their laptops and they found that it ran nice and smooth for them. Here is the link...give it a try and see if it helps at all... http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Snowglobe
  12. Sadly, they only let me mark only one answer as correct and 2 as helpful. Everyone has given me some great information and a terrific point to start from. Thank you so much for the info and we will be seeing you soon, attempting to create things that are recognizable.
  13. I've been in SL now for a year, enjoying everything there is to enjoy.  Lately though, a friend of mine and myself have started to become interested in how things are made, how to build and create.  My question though is, where do we start?  We are beginners and from what I have seen so far there is tons of different groups but, does anyone have ones that they would recommend that is good for beginners?  Also any tips would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for any help. 
  14. I can understand the reasoning behind wanting to track what customers are interested in and what they are not interested in but, after awhile the $1L demos does add up. Is there not a better way for them to track, than charging for the demos? I have started to steer clear more of the designers that do charge because it has started to really add up now and I wish they would come up with another method of tracking.
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