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  1. LL can do everything, but a while back they decided that it was much more fun to do the exact opposite of what you expect from them.
  2. Sennheiser PC 161 http://www.sennheiserusa.com/pc-headsets-pro-gaming-skype-voip_500926
  3. Etwas mehr Infos wären hilfreich. Was hast Du für einen Rechner? (CPU,RAM,Grafikkarte) Welches Betriebssystem benutzt Du? Welchen Viewer benutzt Du?
  4. You should always leave an open listener if you want to control your object with a HUD. But make sure not to use the public channel 0 as the others mentioned. Because the listener will check every chat on its' targetchannel. I use to generate the listener channels from the object owner key. Add integer channel; to your script header. Then in your state_entry()- event add this: channel=-(integer)("0x"+llGetSubString((string)llGetOwner(),0,7)); Make sure to reset the script either on owner changes or better on rez or it will always use the old channel for every owner.
  5. Scriptsize is not that important. There are big scripts out there that don't do anything when being idle and therefor don't add to scriptlag at all. And there are scripts that are really small but are working all the time. It mostly depends of what a script does and less of its' size.
  6. For Android you can use "Mobile Grid Client" which is a text-client. It has a 14 day trial periiod so you can test it. It works for me. After the trial-period expired you have to get a license inworld which is $L250/month for a standard and $L450/month for a pro license.
  7. I tried it with 3.5g... forget it, it's no fun at all. The world will never rez and prepare for some heavy rubberbanding.
  8. Switch the orientation system from global to local in the building window.
  9. Phoenix gives you multiple attachments, display name and everything else.
  10. As mentioned before, downgrade to a basic account. A friend of mine just did that today because the Lindens all of a sudden couldn't use his payment info which was okay for years. And he didn't want to get blocked or whatever only because they messed up their system.
  11. Thanks. I decided to let the one in the kart sit there. Clients should see that I don´t only put up a poster to buy a bear but also lead by example.
  12. Thanks for the bear but I think I don´t understand. I´m not disappointed because I didn´t get a bear but because I got the money resent. I only bought the bear to support those poor people in Japan. Thanks for the bear anyway. *beams happily while cuddling the bear* I try to buy another one and hope that this time they keep the money. Not much sense in raising funds and then sending them back. I would have donated even if I didn´t get anything in return too.
  13. l´d show my Linden Relief Bear too if the Marketplace didn´t tell me that the item could not be delievered and I didn´t get my money sent back. That´s ironic, isn´t it!
  14. There should be an option to redeliver a purchased item on the website. Greetings, Aria
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