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  1. I don't know if this is the best forum for this question, and if someone else knows where it belongs, feel free to move it. But, I have this problem with strange "ghost prims" showing up in the bottom SW corner of my sim. They cannot be seen, not even while revealing transparency, and they act phantom, but they can be selected. And, you can see their shape and size, as well as other prim parameters. But, if you return them, whole link sets from over 1000 meters away get returned. These prims appear as single prims, but are somehow associated with other whole linksets elsewhere
  2. Yes, Qie, I am trying to avoid using auto-return here. I have a sci-fi role play sim and some of the players want/need to have a tp pad in the region, even though they don't rent here. I don't mind accomodating that kind of thing, if I can. But, auto-return would not allow that. So, I am implementing my own configurable auto-return. I get your point about relying too much on scripted defenses. So, do you have any suggestions of how to defend against script lag attacks?
  3. Thanks, for that bit of code, arton.
  4. Let me suggest this approach, because it has worked well for me in the past: Use a script to record the position and rotation of the cars relative to the rezzer and then use an on_rez event to trigger the car to move to that relative position when it is rezzed. I use a positioning script to do the job: integer crate_channel=-14200;integer crate_listen_handle;integer count;vector rez_pos;vector my_pos;vector owner_pos;vector offset;rotation my_rot;rotation owner_rot;default{ state_entry() { string crate_name = llGetObjectName(); if (!~llSubStringIndex(crate_name, "VEHI
  5. Thanks, Rolig. The system is scripted so that it can detect CasperLet rent boxes and automatically add residents to the access list, along with additional tenants that the renters may have added to share their prim allowance. It also supports a non-resident prim limit that is definable in the configuration notecard for the system. Every five seconds, the system scans the region for prims by owner and filters out staff, residents, and renters, and considers only prim usage by non-residents. If a non-resident exceeds the established non-resident prim limit, their prims are returned to them a
  6. Thanks, Rolig. So, do you have any suggestions of what I might monitor to detect griefing avatars/objects that are stalling a region?
  7. I'm working on a new security system to protect my sim from griefing and I want to be able to detect griefing levels of script time; but, I don't have a feel for what that level might be. So, can anyone tell me how much script time is generally considered so excessive as to constitute griefing? The recent attacks have involved avatars rezzing all the available prims in the region, launching particle attacks to crash video cards, and using scripts that cripple the region - including the security system. So, I really need to be able to detect and eliminate this particular type of threat. The
  8. It seems to me, that adding the used memory to the available memory should result in a total that is 64k (in a mono script). But, it doesn't. I have a script that reports 3946 bytes of free memory, but when I substitute the llGetUsedMemory command for the llGetFreeMemory command I get 41674 bytes of memory used. Why don't these two numbers add up to 64k? Thanks, for any insight you can offer into this discrepancy.
  9. If I add someone to the Land Pass List using llAddToLandPassList is that the same thing as adding them to the Allowed Residents list?
  10. I think I may have gathered insight into what may be causing the problem. The requests stop when it tries to process group owned objects. That is to say, when it gets to the key of the Group Name that is the owner of prims in the region, it stops. I think what is happening is that I am issuing a llRequestAgentData request, but passing a group key, rather than an avatar key to the function, resulting in it not returning anything, and stopping the loop from continuing to bump ahead to the next records in the list. But, I don't know how to detect that so I can intercept it and filter it out
  11. Thanks, Rolig, but I added a llSleep(0.5) before each and every dataserver request and it plods along much more slowly, but only up to 74. I still can't get it to process the entire list up to the 92 records it has in it. Any other suggestions?
  12. I'm working on a security relay that is accessed remotely by a HUD and one of the functions I am trying to implement is to be able to get a parcel prim count by owners report. Getting that and passing it to the user's screen is not a problem. But, I am also trying to build a list of full agent names to be used in a menu to allow returning of objects by owner. This, of course, requires the dataserver to retrieve the DATA_NAME information. I'm using this bit of code to initiate the parcel prim count by owners report: prim_owners = llGetParcelPrimOwners( llGetPos()
  13. I'm working on a security relay and I want to be able to both ban an avatar and return their objects in the same step. There are no examples provided for the command, so I was wondering if someone could tell me how this command should be used for my purposes. The security relay is to be deeded to a group on group owned land, so I need the relay to always have the permissions it needs without having to ask every time. And, once the relay is deeded to a group, I need to be able to reset the script and grant permissions. Thanks.
  14. That depends on whether you have the following: * - Modify rights to the script for the raffle board. and/or * - The ability to capture the winners UUID. If you have either of those, you can write a script that will give the inventory item to the winner - assuming there is only one prize in inventory to be given. If there is more than one prize, you will need a way to know which prize to give.
  15. Look up message boards on the Marketplace and filter for full perm. I came across this one for L$1 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Blue-Running-Light-scrolling-message-board-Display/2459425
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