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  1. Hey it is BIG world out there! Especially when we start counting Metaverses and Massive networks of digital spaces. Sometimes it can be lonely while we travel through these empty mediums. “Story Time” aims to bring a little light of love and foster togetherness with our fellow sentient beings. Each event we will listen to captivating stories and have a chance to exercise one of our core values “TALK”. First meet will be on Sunday 11/06/2016 at 6 PM Pacific Time. Event Schedule: First 15 Minutes – News, Story Introductions, and Small Talk.Next 30 Minutes – Featured Story Time. Feel free to make comments during the showLast 15 Minutes – Plot Discussion and Free Talk.*Talk will be in the form of text chatting. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deep%20Blue%20Lagoon/182/62/22
  2. Usually when during my music performances I would wear iconic outfits that is unique to my style. People that know me from the gatherings expect a certain appearance.
  3. Thats pretty neat, my friend has been thinking of doing stand up comedy. It would be interesting to see the feedbacks from the audience.
  4. Sim crossing during sailing trips are sometimes really trippy. There was a time when my friend who was controlling the ship had crashed and ended up in a void during a sim cross and her body was still there and kept on rolling. We ended up sailing for 5-6 sims like if nothing happened.
  5. Diversity in interests and opinions is great for friendship because it encourages discussion.
  6. Sometimes my friends and I would ride our motorcycles on different Road Routes and explore the continent.
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