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  1. Henry.Darkthief wrote: Isn't a 24 in SL actually a 6264 after the Lindex exchange rate? Actually I was speaking RL. And was referring to a case of beer..lol. But if Bob just wants 2.5 guess I get the rest of the case then.
  2. I will try tomorrow. If this works I would so buy you a 24. I have been going nuts for 2 months having to borrow Linden off of friends..and I "hate" borrowing money. I have quite a bit of funds to pay back when I buy my linden tomorrow lol.
  3. Unklebob.Hotaling wrote: However Mastercard VanillaCards (also pre-paid giftcards) while not supported also do work and are what I use as my payment method, I enter the info and within 1-10mins they are approved, ready for use inworld. They are widely available (from 7-11, Moneymart, etc) and come in $25, $50, $100 amounts. If you're looking to use such a thing, that's what i'd recommend. /me waves from Ontario as well to Unklebob and Giselle. Thank you so much Unklebob. I will have to look into these cards..I hope they are available here too. I used a credit card from muchmusic but they changed how to load the card. My SL rent is due so I need to do something lol. Gift cards so guessing they don't need a lot of info to buy one..I hope Message was edited by: Morrigan Blackadder---Just saw Giselles post about routing through Paypal. I will keep that in mind when I get one tomorrow ty
  4. Hi Elijah, I have to agree with you. I know I'm bound to get a negative response from at least one person for saying that, but that seems to be the course of this forum. The Q&A are meant to do just that, but many reply with rude comments that are of course not helpful. I have done my fair share in responding to these posts negatively and wish now I haven't. Best thing to do is bypass the comments that are not helpful, pretend you didn't see it. And don't respond, that is where the flaming starts. Most do it to defend themselves then wind up at the same level of the person that put the negative reply. Ok done with my 2L worth ~Morri~
  5. Larryk.Dagger wrote: He would join any free-to-join group we were in and tell all sorts of lies to everyone in group chat about her and I until finally we either quit the group so that the others in the groups would not have to put up with him, or he got kicked out by the owner or officers of the group. Now, the major problem we were having is that, when we would mute him or he got kicked out of a group, he would just create a new ALT and start in again. I think the best option for the group harassment is to hide your groups from your profile, both you and your partner should do this. Go to each group your in and uncheck to show in profile. Your groups won't be seen by anyone. I'm sorry your going through this, it's not fair to you or your partner. Her ex needs to learn to move on. Hope this helps ~Morri~
  6. Incoherendt.Randt wrote: If you have the camera follow distance slider about half way now then you did not really fix it, your view will have exciting new distortions in it. Follow distance slider in preferences changes a debug setting called CameraOffsetScale. All the way to the left in the preferences is 0.5 and zoomed in closer to the avatar. The default is about 1/5 of the way in from the left, at 1.0 in debug. All the way to the right is 3.0 in debug, it pulls the camera very far from the avatar. If the follow distance slider is half way like you said you out it, then CameraOffsetScale is about 1.75 and if that looks normal then you still have Ctrl-0 turned on and did not fix the problen you said you had. To correctly fix the problem: Press Ctrl-9 to get back to the default zoom level. That is really field of view but SL calls it zoom. Put the follow distance slider back on its normal position. If you are not sure about the original spot then go into Debug Settings from the Advanced menu, type CameraOffsetScale in the menu, drag the Debug Settings window up enough that you can see the Reset To Default button and press that, or you can type 1.0 in that box. I did the Ctrl-9. I did the esc key several times. It did...nothing. I am now zoomed out and can see my av, and that is what I wanted to do. I will play with the debug settings when my coffee kicks in and I log in. And I said I wanted to get my view back. It's not perfect I know but it was a quick fix, my av is recovering from bruises banging into walls lol. I said I wanted to "see"..and now I can. ~Morri~
  7. Jak.Canning wrote: You can adjust the camera settings in preferences under Input & Camera. Have you tried that? Thank you so much Jak! That did the trick. Input & Camera....camera follow distance. I put it back to 0.50 and back to normal Thank you for taking the time for your response. You stopped me from going nuts lol Morri
  8. Well I'm baffled. I took a profile pic and used the (control + 0) shortcut to take a close pic. Now my camera is focused over my avs head. It's not mouselook but pretty close. And mouselook...makes me nauseous. lol I was on a photostudio stand but now I am walking aimlessly because I can't "see" Any help would be greatly appreciated this is driving me nuts. I just want the normal view back. Never trying that trick again. Thanks Morri 
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