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  1. That's fantastic, thank you all for sharing and ofc thanks to LL for this absolutely great job!
  2. She fixed something, well all resolved now for me and you, wow! She was so fast and kind… great!
  3. Yes I know, but it worked for resident name only after I reset it, so I guess they are connected in some way...
  4. I wish to send a hug to Dyna Mole: she called me for helping cause she read my post, thank you very much Dyna, we have a great Linden team!
  5. Did you reset the house controller as Patch suggested? Just click and hold the mailbox for more than 2 seconds.
  6. Thank you all for being so kind in answering and helping, but I can assure you that I did the correct procedure, missed anything, it worked for him before I reset, while didn't work for the resident surname, now it's the contrary: works for resident and not for him, the only difference from now and before was the dot, the panel didn't sign the dot before, now it does, so I thougth could be that the cause: I have not the dot in my profile, shouldn't be there for the correct SL name? I mean for let others know my true name...
  7. I did Kaylee and reset again the controller, no way; the oldest avatars have not the dot, like me, my name has no dot, idk why I have not and you have… lol
  8. I reset the house controller and it works now for avatars with "resident" surname, but doesn't work for others: my partner has not a dot between name and surname, but the controller insert it so he cannot be recognized and cannot operate with the house controller. Anyother else has this issue? I will write to the support anyway.
  9. Gives a towel to Dyna and all the little moles for wiping the sweat, also a basket of fruit and a bottle of water for recovering energies cause they are working really fast! Thank you
  10. It is the perfect setting that makes us comfty and allow others enjoy the place. Thank you Patch :))
  11. Thank you Dina, It is clear now
  12. This is a point to clarify, the rules in the info land of the new homes still say that you can have a skybox above 2000 m.
  13. (I know that this is not completely relevant to the new home conversations, but I don't like to see incorrect information being repeated.) Ty for telling, I left my old Linden Home some time ago for using my 1024 sqm in mainland buying a parcel as the new homes were not ready yet; so LL already increased the prims, that is very good anyway cause in every other parcel you have to count the house prims, moreover you have a better house now, this fact confirm also that LL take care of us Premium members (you did good to clarify, but I didn't repeat this information, I just wrote one time, I guess you mean to be read by many people, it is ok cause your correction doesn't affect the good opinion people have about the work LL is doing, and confirms mine. )
  14. you get 351 prims to use and a nice house, mine is Winchester and has a land impact of 249, so it is all very good I think
  15. You remember right, but there is a difference: the old houses are smaller, have less prims and allow only 117 prims to use.
  16. Thank you Abnor for this very clear and useful post, I hope everything is clear for all now; I totally agree with the way LL is doing and with their aim, I noticed that the houses prims are not counted in the parcels and this is a great gift that everyone surely can appreciate, so thank you LL friends for your amazing work!
  17. I really appreciate what Linden Lab did and is still doing: Bellisseria is a living continent where people can enjoy their favourite activities; the rezzing zones are also spaces where people can meet others interested in the same activity and socialize, so I have to thank our Linden friends for their great work. I cannot understand instead who doesn't like flying or sailing and driving, that is their right ofc, but is not fair to complain for having what they don't need, as it is others right to enjoy the place at the best. Anyway I am waiting for a houseboat, I hope they will come soon, cannot wait … laughs
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