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  1. Due to an act of Congress earlier this year that limits rental assistance to those under the USDA Rural Development contracts, my rent has went up USD$350 in the real world, up to USD$950 on Oct. 1st. This is a sad part of what is hasppening, since we relied so much on rental assistance to help fund our SL experience. In effect, before the 9th of September, we must get out from under the tier. We will only keep a few small parcels in the region of Glinda. If anyone wants any of the parcels that I have in Elmaer, please let Larre leborski or FractalPsyAnnie Resident know ASAP. This goes for a few parcels in Glida as well. The 1/4th sim that belongs to the Zendwellers will be returned to them after the current rent week is up. And I say thank you guys so much for the awesome times here. I will really miss all that I was capable of doing here in SL. May peace be with you all.
  2. Hi guys, letting you know that there is a new Fun House going up on our place in the region of Glinda. meanwhile, we have placed several rooms on our platform in the middle of the region. One is a brand new 420 room, specifically made for the unofficial holiday today. Please tale a look at the video below, and visit the SLURL to get a nice look at it, as well as other rooms destined for the main Fun House, and please let me know what you think below. Cheers! SLURL to location
  3. Yep.. this Authentication thingamajig is still going on, and Mesh is working perfectly for me except that the LODs that I set one mesh to turns my Mesh object into a triangle after I zoom out of it. Since then I use higher LODs with my mesh objects.:matte-motes-asleep-2:
  4. Indeed.. Thats excellent news for my place over in Glinda. Hopefully all turns out well, and I have no clue as to why I keep getting these Authentication requests when I visit here. Thx so much guys!!
  5. Well, Here's my story: In February 2010, I bought some roadside land in Samoa, a PG (General) rated sim, and created a group for the management of it. When I heard that the grids were about to merge, I sold my land in Samoa and moved to Glinda, a Mature (or Moderate) rated sim. After that I looked into an even larger piece of land there to crate a Sandbox. The neighboring sim, which is Farstone, also has a sandbox which that sim is PG (General) rated. So now there is an opportunity for teens to build in Farstone, while the adults can build in Glinda (Mature or Moderate) without interference from the Teen community, so from there thats the only really big change that has happened to me with the grids merging. :smileywink:
  6. Indeed.. lets hope that they get these Megaprims enabled soon. Would love to build a much better (and more physics compatible) Skybox. Even tho I hardly ever use any megs over the size of 32m, it would be nice to be able to adjust them much better than having to deal with the older, more unpredictable ones, which should be removed (and I will delete mine after the Megaprims are enabled), etc. Many skybox freebies use these older megaprims as well, and that can also be unpredictable. Lets keep supporting those at LL in their endeavors to try to make these megaprims possible. and keep me updated!! Peace..
  7. One thing I really hope for is that LL does not delete all of the profiles from all the other 90 or so virtual worlds. Avatars united was originally a place where residents of multiple virtual worlds could communicate with each other and share their inworld experiences. Thats my 2 cents worth.. Peace!!
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