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  1. I am not saying necessarily getting the stipend or even the land per se...but I do believe there should be some folks that spend the same or more amount of money as each other...in your example of rice and peaches you are right...2 people choose to spend money differently but its still going to the same store... I understand folks heightened emotions about this topic...i guess what I don't seem to get is why when we all shopping at the same store why there aren't different type of frequent shopper rewards....but hey at the end of the day.it will be what it will be...I just wondered why no one ever seemed to think about those that are spending money differently enjoying certain aspects Thank you everyone for your response and as I said if anyone can explain the monetary difference when its all going to the same place for example). Premium members have a 75% rate of purchasing more lindens than a non premium so that is why and such.)..hey that makes simple business sense..but I have never seen numbers like that come out
  2. I guess is there should be some sort of perk for purchasing lindens upwards of certain amount many people don't want 90% of what premium offers..but for example the groups..which seems to be the biggest issue at hand...so why can't those who pay the same amount of money be allowed some benefits at the end of the day..or if you spend double that on lindens as example then you can be allowed others as well...Maybe it is a silly way to think about it..but at the end of the day if we are choosing to spend money shouldn't all be treated somewhat equally... I am on a fixed income and I budget for what I spend on LL and to spend 99$ a year to get most things I don't need or use....vs spend that on lindens for almost all I need (except the group space and maybe teleport things on the rare occasion) I have to make the money make sense..and to me it just doesn't make sense why if 2 people go to LL and say here is 100$ one buys premium one buys lindens why there should be a different treatment. I am not saying entitlement since both are paying money ...just something as a hey thanks for the support. At the end of the day its basically saying at least in the way I think its using a one size fits all option in a world that definitely one size doesn't fit all...people have different needs and wants so why give perks to only those that fit in certain categories and spend vs all that spend the same amount of money..if I am missing something with my 100$-100$ comparison I would love to be informed of the difference I am always willing to learn...and not afraid to admit I mis understood something..just wanting to give a different point of view is all.
  3. So here is my beef with all of it. I don't want to be premium..I don't have a need for the house or other things that come with it...BUUUUT in a years time I easily spend that much in lindens to pay my land, buy stuff and so forth...so...what I don't understand is with all these fees and stuff...and trying to force our hands to go premium to get these "special things" does nothing to reward those that do spend sometimes much more than "premium" folks do (not always) what I don't see being SOOO difficult is setting up lets say a rolling calendar year...and if in the last 12 months you spend XX$ on lindens you are granted premium rights or once you spend $$ on lindens you are granted premium rights for one year...the money is the same does it really matter if it comes in from someone paying 1yr premium or someone uploading 200$ worth of lindens...I get that I enjoy many wonderful things for free as I am a basic member...and it is also why I don't mind buying lindens to support the game as well as the creators and land owners that can do a lot more than I can..but I would bet ...you guys make much more money on that and would encourage linden purchases that way which would increase the general economy in SL which we know has been struggling for years instead of all this other pricing junk that you are doing...just my thoughts....
  4. I was just wondering with all the land changes that are being made, is there any chance of an increase of the prim ceiling. I enjoy the ability to have the additional prims. However it would be nice to build even 500m-1000m higher. Is there a reason there has not been a change to this limitation or are there any plans to change it in the near future. As someone who enjoys riding bike tracks and roads, I would love to see what builders can create with more space. Thanks!!!
  5. My question I guess may be pretty simplisitc however it is one that I have heard in many discussion I have had with folks regarding secondlife With the implemtaion of the all mesh platform coming out, will the current platform loose all support? Will it be pulled entirely? Will we have any ability for those of us who have been a part of secondlife for many years have the ability to bring over cherished items or pictures from the current platform to the new..or will just be lost because of an update. I guess this is concerning since I have many items customized for me that I would hate to loose them all..as well as I know of many builders who use others pieces(with permission and ment for building of course) That would loose many items they have spent long hours on since they are not the creators of each item on..but the creator of putting the all together. So I would like to know in general the plan for the current platform. Thank you so much if you take the time to answer my little question. --||-
  6. I am aware that operators are allowed to continue through the approval process BUT..per the skilled gaming policy that was only if apps were put in BEFORE Sept. 1. I am asking how we know who put in before and who was after.
  7. So my question is that I have personally come across sims with games still on them that are a- not approved or b-not listed as skilled gaming region. I submit an a/r report under gaming to report these regions..and go back a few days later and nothing has changed. Where is the fairness to all of those that have done everything right. LL has made these folks pay for managing and policing their sims, and the others still be allowed to go. Also..since this change was not done as a TOS change there was no major announcement..nothing on the log in screens nothing to tell folks who may be wandering on to these sims unaware and just for fun putting 10L into a machine. Will their accounts be deleted or subject to something...or will the land owner who has them out and shouldn't be held acountable. There is too much that is up in there air..or hasn't been done to inform us consumers. My other example would be there has been NO update to the list of approved operators or creators but we also can't see what has been denied..or what is even pending that was put in before the deadline. I am a very informed user but...I sure as heck don't want to be held accountable for someone elses actions. Please answer the points that I have put into this thread...and tell me when there will be an official TOS update that we will have to click on so people wont loose their accounts and have NO Clue as to why. Thank you
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